Exterior lighting around residential spaces is just as important as interior decorative lighting. Around homes and many other residential spaces, various reasons need to have a safe and secure lighting system around night hours. LED wall packs are compact outdoor security light fixtures.

These lights are called wall packs because they are mounted on any gated residence’s exterior boundary walls. LED wall packs are called security lights for the fact that they are installed for enhanced visibility as well as around blind corners for security lighting.

The few reasons why LED wall packs are highly favorable of use in residential areas are:

1. Higher Lumen Output

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The brightness of any LED fixture is measured in lumens. Lumens are brighter than watts. LED-wall packs have a higher lumen output than those operated by traditional lamps. They consume high energy for more brightness whereas LEDs consume only a bit of energy and produce better illumination.

2. Various Cutoff Designs

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LED-wall packs are available in several cut-off designs. These cut-off designs implement several benefits of outdoor lighting. The cut off designs are:

Full Cut Off

They optimize the lighting by directing it downwards and outwards. The lens directs light out of the fixture to maximize the distance between each fixture. The full cutoff fixture is highly beneficial to use in areas under the dark sky compliance rule as it eliminates the undesirable glow.

Forward Throw Wall Packs

As the name suggests they throw light forward and outwards, the lens directs the light outwards in a circular pattern. This cutoff design is highly impactful when the goal is to maximize the lighting output. These cut-off designs are suitable for installing near entrances, boundary walls, etc.

Up/down Wall Packs

Up/down wall packs are rotatable and throw light either up or down. They are highly useful fixtures in facade lighting around important building areas. They are mostly used in gardens, near entrances, or the lining of the wall for an ambient outlook.

These are the main designs of wall packs that make them very appropriate and economical for residential areas.

3. Adjustable Beam Spread

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Not just the cutoff designs but these light fixtures are available in a variety of adjustable beam angles for the adequate spread of light. It is quite important to know the beam spread of the lens used in a wall pack fixture. Since these fixtures are surface mounted on walls it is of relative importance that the beam spread complies with the mounting height of the fixture.

The beam spread determines the output of light whether it is more like a floodlight or a spotlight fixture. The beam spread is adjustable to be a narrow spotlight to a wide floodlight.

4. Energy Efficient

LED Wall Packs

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LED wall packs are highly energy efficient. They help save on a lot of electrical energy consumption while being highly compact outdoor fixtures. When choosing wall packs there’s an array of options in terms of sizes, lumen output, beam angle, and mounting height.

These fixtures have a tough outer made up of die-cast aluminum which is epoxy coated and is highly resistant to harsh environmental factors. It can withstand extreme temperatures while working very efficiently.

Moreover, LED wall packs consume very little energy and produce bright and adequate amounts of uniform light. They have a built-in heat sink through which the little amount of heat that is produced is dissipated out of the fixture.

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5. Eco-Friendly

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LED-wall packs being compact and highly economic fixtures are also very eco-friendly.

The cut-off designs ensure little to no light pollution despite them being outdoor light fixtures. While around residential areas they serve as security lights as well as facade lights for decorative reasons. The light does not contain any toxic chemicals like mercury so they are safe even if they break.

LEDs’ light distribution pattern is uniform and in a well-distributed pattern to serve the outdoor lighting layout. It is glare-free and does not cause any obstruction in routine activities around the area.
These lights are safe to recycle and replace once they expire or face any accident.


LED wall packs are a highly effective lighting solution for exterior lighting around homes. They enhance the ambiance, safety, security of the area. Moreover, these lights are just as bright as any other outdoor light fixture.

Despite being smaller in size there are a handful of ways in which these lights serve the purpose of outdoor lighting layout in a cost-effective and environment-friendly manner. Almost all of these fixtures are IP rated and they last long enough while reducing the costs of maintenance and replacement.

A most common application of these wall packs is around entrances, in gardens, on exterior walls, around boundaries, around security cameras, etc.

Nowadays most wall packs are equipped with photocells for maximum energy savings where they automatically turn off and recharge during the day and stay on during dark hours.