Have you ever heard of loft apartments or houses? These are the latest houses that are commonly seen in urban areas. If you’re unaware of this term, don’t panic, we are here to give you in-depth information on loft house designs.

What is Loft Design?

The term loft is generally used to define the upper portion of the house. This part is not located at a separate level but included in a single level. “In short words, the loft is the direct space under the roof.”

As in the city areas, space is a big concern, and to tackle this problem designers have come with this loft apartment idea, which includes all amenities that a normal apartment space but in a compact form. Today we collect the topmost loft house designs of 2022. so keep on reading.

You can also search for tiny house designs to implement in your house.

Below is the list of the best and most famous loft house designs 2022 in the world: 

1. Loft Duvernay

Loft Duvernay

Source: adsttc.com

Architects: Boom-Town

Location: Montreal, Canada

Area:170.0 m²

Year: 2018

This wonderful loft apartment is situated in an industrial building in Canada. This apartment has tall ceilings, brick walls, and steel structures. In short, it has the perfect industrial vibes. The main area like the kitchen has concrete walls and quartz countertops and other industrial detailings.

2. Loft With Love

loft house designs

Source: pstatic.net

Architects: CMC architects

Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Area: 120.0 m²

Year: 2019

This amazing project is created by CMC architects, which has everything you’ve ever dreamed of. From exposed brick walls, steel staircase to dark black ceiling, it has everything in the loft interior design. The living area features digital cinema technology that is fitted 6 meters up from the ground. Cool right? It also has an outdoor seating space and a terrace next to it. 

3. Crosby Loft Design

Crosby Loft

Source: wp.com

Architects: Crosby Studios

Location: Moscow, Russia

Area: 57.0 m²

Year: 2019

Crosby Studios designed this cute Crosby loft. Do you know what is the specialty of this loft? From the furniture to the paint, everything is in blue color. Sometimes using the same color can be a blunder, but after looking at this, you’ll realize the amazing work of the architects. 

4. Loft Branco 

Loft Branco 

Source: zbudujsamdom.pl

Architects: Play Arquitetura

Location: Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Area: 77.0 m²

Year: 2018

This is an old house that transforms by Play Arquitetura, and you’ll amaze by the end results. It is one of the best loft ideas. This office space has large glass windows and doors for natural lighting. There is also a series of open shelves with wooden cabinets are present in the kitchen. Architects use pink as a pop color to make this space more interesting and fun. 

5. Loft Diego

loft house designs

Source: pinimg.com

Architects: Arquitetura Nacional

Location:  Petropolis, Brazil

Area: 68.0 m²

Year: 2019

The main focus of this house is the pantile-style staircase. As per the client demands, architects keep everything neutral and low but add this steel staircase to add that extra topping and because of this single thing, the interior of the whole house is uplifted. 

6. Studio Loft Design

Studio Loft 

Source: wowowhome.com

Architects: Gasparbonta

Location: Budapest, Hungary

Area: 100.0 m²

Year: 2016

Studio Loft is the house of a businessman that has an interest in artsy things. It has board ware-style windows that give panoramic views of the city. This modern loft interior design features polished concrete floors and solid exposed brick walls. The use of bold colors gives this house a rich and royal look.

7. Candy Loft 

Candy Loft 

Source: amazonaws.com

Architects: StudioAC

Location: Toronto, Canada

Area: 1.686 m²

Year: 2018

StudioAC is a Canadian firm that designed this plush loft. The owner gives the name Candy loft because this was built in a candy factory. Interesting right? The whole apartment is constructed in a small area still, it has sufficient space for two-three people. 

“The upward glow of the lighting highlights the curve overhead as you move through the extruded thresholds,” said a project description.

8. Industrial Loft II Style Design

Industrial Loft II  

Source: roomlook.com

Architects: Diego Revollo Arquitetura

Location: Villa Progredior, Brazil 

Area: 100.0 m²

Year: 2016

In this wonderful loft apartment, you’ll see classic elements that beautifully utilize throughout the house. At the lower level, there is a living room with a kitchen and dining area. All the space divide by wooden partitions, the whole house a contemporary style.  

9. Gym Loft House

loft house designs

Source: dezeen.com

Architects: eklund_terbeek

Location: Rotterdam, Netherlands

Area: 230.0 m²

Year: 2019

Like the candy loft, this loft design is also constructed in a school gymnasium in Rotterdam, and you’ll be surprised to know that it is 100 years old building. This apartment specially designs for a dance teacher, who wants a space, where he can practice. 

Aren’t you mesmerized by these remarkable modern loft house designs? This happens when you look at these beauties, these are spectacular not only in architecture but also in decors. So which one is your favorite one? I hope you’ll get enough inspiration and information about the modern loft houses 2022 and if you are interested in more home architecture and interior decorations, visit homedesignnow