The front door is a focal point of a home. As being the face of the house, it gives the first impression of your house. All the positive energies came through the main door. A door provides security to the house and enables you to close that doorway for privacy, environmental, or security reasons. When guests come to your home, the first thing they see is the main door design. There is a surprising variety of doors with different shapes and sizes. Here we are providing a complete guide to the main gate from their types, styles to what materials you should use for the door.

Here are detailed guidelines for the main door designs for home


First starting with the types of the main door they are divided into three categories

     1. Single Door

Single Door


     2. Double Door

Double Door


     3. Single Door with sidelights

Single Door with sidelights


Front Door Configurations

There are various types of door configurations available in the market. Here are some examples-

  1. Four panels
  2. Six panels textured
  3. Two-panel half lite
  4. Four panels half-moon
  5.  Full lite 
  6.  Rockport five-panel textured


There are endless options when it comes to the styles of the door. You can choose any of them and give your house an extra personality.  Each one is as unique as the next and gives your home the beauty factor it requires. Here are some styles of doors :

  1. Rustic Style Main Door Design

The rustic door will give an even bolder effect to your exterior. Use concrete as a material in your outdoor exterior to achieve an industrial look. 



  1. Modern Style Main Door Design

The modern door design is all about minimalism. These types of doors have less but effective design elements to them.



  1. Mid-Century Style Main Door Design

A mid-century door gives the Scandinavian vibes to your home. Use natural shades of orange and green with wood. 



  1. Contemporary Style Main Door Design

To gain that contemporary modern look, choose a door with Horizontal wood panels and style with a long black handle.  Warm chevron wood panels provide a break from ordinary horizontal and vertical wood panels.



  1. Carriage Front Door With Sidelights

Sidelights are long vertical windows that are placed on the side of the door. They have glass panels. Carriage doors are handcrafted, and they look pretty with sidelights.

Carriage Front Door With Sidelights


  1. Dutch Style Main Door Design

Dutch-style doors are also known as split or half doors. In this style, the door is divided horizontally, so that you can open the top and bottom independently.

Dutch main door


  1. Double Front Wood Door

The double front door is a simple wooden door with two vertical openings. There are many varieties of double doors from where you can choose the perfect one for your home.

Double Front Wood Door


  1. Beach Door

A beach door is perfect for your beach house. They add a creative design element to your residence.

Beach Door


  1. The Arched Mediterranean Style Main Door Design

Arched Mediterranean doors have the arched or half-moon style top. They are unique and beautiful looking.


  1. Glass Style Main Door Design

The main door with glass has both advantages and disadvantages. With a glass panel in the door, it provides more light in the front entry area. But the problem is that people can see inside your house, which may be a privacy concern for you.

Glass Main Door


So, you should always consider the main door design of your home when deciding to get a door with glass or not.


Homeowners can go as big and bold as they want but always make sure the front door has the right dimension. People choose a standard-sized front door, but if the standard door doesn’t work for you. Then you can also customize the door with any proportions.


There are two aspects to the door swing; they are:

     1. Inward

inward opening door


     2. Outward

Left or right handle placement on the door dictates the direction of the swing. People commonly use an inward swing front door, but you can choose any one depending on the space.

outward opening door



The material of the door should be of good quality so it can endure all the weather conditions and remain in good condition for many years. Some materials like wood are expensive, but fiberglass and glass are less expensive.

Door materials include:

  1. Fiberglass
  2. Steel
  3. Solid Wood
  4. Glass 
  5. Wood and Glass Combination
  6. Wood and Iron Combination
  7. Fiberglass and Glass

Door decor

Every door has three main elements when it comes to its decor. They are:

  1. Color

You can color your door in different and vibrant colors. There are thousands of color options available in the market. You can also remodel your old entrance door by painting it with vibrant colors. 

Vibrant color doors


     2. Panels

Panels or cut design in the door also add an extra unique factor to an ordinary-looking door.




Finishing the door is also an essential thing to keep in mind. A multi-tone finish and nicely polished door perfectly suit your home with any style.

Multi-tone Door finishing


You can add an extra door to your existing door. It is known as the double door concept; it creates a guarded entrance, but it looks attractive. An oversized heightened door also looks breathtaking, and also it makes entryways look larger than they are. Use different shapes and sizes of handles to make your door stand out. Visit Homedesignnow for more details.