Look around and you would find so many apartments and that is how apartments are taking over houses moreover nowadays even houses come up with more compact space so the resident hardly gets any extra space to relish and bad décor decision always makes space look messy and short at the same time. while there are so many ways to decorate a big house but the option increases when it comes to small houses rather you would have to selective at the same time so that your décor could not eat up much of your housing space and look beautiful at the same time. If you are looking for some of the best small house design then here are some of them mentioned below that you should consider checking out:

Reduce the dining space:

If you are planning to have a dining room then save up that space as nowadays kitchen cum dining room is on-trend and they make things easy as you would not have to take up edibles from one room to another during every mealtime. Now if you already have your dining space made with your kitchen and feel that space has already become too short and messy then the best idea here is to shrink up the dining setup. Here you should get your hands on shrinkable dining table and chair so when not needed, you can always stack the chairs in such a way that it would look more compact. You can either get this kind of set online or you can even get it made by your local woodworker.

Reduce the dining space

Source: freshome.com

Be resourceful:

You already know that space is less so pounding the space with all new bulky furniture just for the sake of proper placement of things is not a good idea here. This would, however, serve the purpose but at the same time, it would also consume a lot of your space so try to use different things that you already have in your home so that you would not have to invest on other furniture. Here you can keep a chair beside your bed and use it as a side table and this would not only just save up space but at the same time, it would also save some money of yours.

Be resourceful

Source: designplug.co

The use of pocket doors:

Do you live in an apartment where you can rarely get a space of yours instead are you asked to share your room with your cousin but you want a separate room? Well, in this case, a pocket door would help you a lot and if you are confused about it then a pocket door is a small-sized door that is often used to divide two a room into two and it also has a huge glass window that can be opened when needed. The window part of the door lets the two people share light and A.C so you can save up a bit on the electricity bill. If you would need the room to be full at any point of your life then you can simply slide on the door completely.

pocket doors

Source: todd-doors.co.uk

Multipurpose bed:

Multipurpose things would prove to be best for you not only because it would help you save up some space but also because it would help you save up some money. Here you can either get a sofa cum bed furniture or you can also get a wardrobe bed. If you do not have a living room then a sofa cum bed would be perfect for your home as this would turn your bedroom into your living area in seconds. Here you would have to get a foldable sofa which would also work as a bed if you would unfold it and at times you would just have to push everything up to turn it into a sofa again.

Multipurpose bed

Source: pinterest.com

The use of mirror:

Mirror not only make you praise your looks but at the same time, it creates an illusion of a big home so if you have compact space that you cannot help in anyways then just set some mirrors on the wall so that it could at least make people think that the house is not that small. Here you can get your hands on some really cool designer mirrors so along with serving the purpose of the mirror it would also make your small home design beautiful as mirrors are great decor item as well. You can get your hands on the best quality mirror with several designs through both online as well as offline stores at a reasonable price.

use of mirror

Source: livingroomideas.eu

Keep things neutral:

If you would have too many bright elements in your room then those elements would attract eyes so even if your home is not that small then also it would appear smaller so for those having compact rooms, it is better to invest in neutral tones as that would not only make your space look elegant but at the same time it would also create an illusion of a big home. You can use earthy tones as well in your home as that would help to make your home look warm. To add a pop of color you can keep some flowering plants in your home as that would do the job.

neutralSource: idealhome.co.uk

Customized storage:

Getting a wardrobe for storing your clothes or getting an all-new cabinet in the kitchen would just increase the mess if your space is limited so here you can use them under the stair area as that space is mostly unused so you would not only be able to utilize that space but at the same time you would also be able to save up some space in your usual rooms.

Customized storage

Source: extraspace.com

Add up wall shelves:

Getting table or drawer for keeping your stuff would actually eat up a lot of your space whereas you can get some wall shelves for storing up your usual things so that floor space would be saved and your home would look organized and would appear bigger.

wall shelvesSource: amazon.com

These were some of the best small house design ideas that you can consider checking out and for more such amazing ideas you can stick to Homedesignnow.