It is natural to wish for a home that feels and looks the absolute best. In every home, the living room plays a vital role. If your living room is cramped and cluttered, you will least like to spend your time there. Unless you use clever decoration tricks to maximize your living room space. It is not an art of magic but it is just smart interior styling and layout strategy. You will make tons of mistakes while decorating the living room. 

With few smart decoration tricks, it will look stylish and spacious. Following are some layout tricks and decor ideas that will make the most of your living room:

Display Artwork Strategically

Living Room Decor Ideas


Use artwork to maximize your living room space.  You can make a gallery wall with different art pieces, posters, and photos. It may seem busy for a small room but it can make your living room feel larger. 

It will work perfectly in a small space if you extend it to the ceiling. If you are not interested in multiple art pieces on the gallery wall then need not worry. You can hang a big canvas wall art.

It is best to decorate an accent wall. It is a smart way to glam up your living room wall.

Use Neutral Color Throughout

Living Room Decor Ideas


To decorate the living room, you need to use a trick to give an illusion of a bigger space. Unlike dark colors, light colors on walls maximize the illusion of space. The lighter shades make an interior feel sophisticated and expensive.

Neutral colors also make the room look open and bright. Traditionally, people paint walls with neutral colors such as white, beige, soft gray. But you can also use muted shades such as pale blue, blush pink, or a subtle green.

These colors can evoke a warm, fresh, and inviting ambiance. Use similar colors on the ceiling to accentuate the sense of intimacy. These light shades bounce of the muted hues amazingly. You can give a touch of vibrant color by adding art pieces with bold colors.

Let the Light Pour in

If your living area has access to natural light, do not block sunlight with dark curtains. Let light come into the living room.

In case, your living room does not have large windows, choose lighter shades in the living room. It will help to maximize the brightness in the space.

Opt for Lightweight Furniture

Living Room Decor Ideas


Choose the living room furniture strategically that accommodates the smaller space. Lightweight furniture items make a living room look spacious and help you achieve the look you desire.

While shopping for furniture, ideally look for furniture with pale colors over darker ones. Select leggy pieces and glass table tops as well as see-through furnishings that make a room look less cluttered.

Add an Illusion of Space with Mirrors

The strategic placement of mirrors is a trick used by most interior designers to open up space. Mirrors are also known as reflectors. They make a room look larger by reflecting the surrounding area. 

Place mirrors carefully to reflect the natural light and make a small living room brighter. They make a boxed-in room feel airy and open, especially when placed smartly. For dramatic effect, hang multiple mirrors to reflect light in the space.

The trick is to place a large or various mirror on the adjacent wall to the biggest window. It will reflect the most of light and add depth in space all at once. 

If the living room is short on windows, place a tall mirror behind furniture. It creates the visual impression of a room opening up beyond.

Choose a Large Rug

Living Room Decor Ideas


Choose a large rug in a bold pattern for the living room floor. It is an effective trick to make the living area feel bigger. It also makes the room functional and stylish as well as provides a platform for furnishings.

Unlike small rugs, it provides the deception of additional width and length. It gives a tiny space a feeling of structure. Make sure to team pick a rug larger than the sofa and matching chairs. 

Do not extend the edges of that rug to the walls. It keeps the furniture from a feel like a jumble.

Hang Light and High Curtains

Living Room Decor Ideas


If you want to completely transform your living room without doing any changes, then change the curtains. Curtains can bring color, pattern as well as texture to a living room. Think about the area before purchasing the curtains.

Purchase lightweight fabric as it allows more light in the room. Pick white or pale colors for the best results. They let in natural light and improve the brightness in a room.

If you are lacking in surface area, you can get a lot of use out of high ceilings. Take advantage of vertical space and accentuate tall windows with high drapes. Also, curtains above a window add height and airiness to a small room. 

Use Multipurpose Furniture

Living Room Decor Ideas


To keep space neat, tidy, and organized, pick furniture items with storage space. Various furniture options will help you to store the stuff properly. Look for pieces with something unusual.

For example, coffee tables and trunks with lift tops and hidden storage space, or end tables with drawers. These multipurpose furniture items will give more storage space without taking too much floor space.

You can also purchase a sofa with storage space under the seat. It allows you to clear away the clutter. The tiny living room furniture proves that you can use the right piece in multiple ways to give a stunning look to the room.

Wrapping Up

When you decorate the living room, make sure it doesn’t look overstuffed. Avoid sleek as well as simple and add personal touches. It is important to maximize your living room with décor that reflects your taste and personality.

No matter which styles you blend, contrasting textures and neutral tones will make your living room look stylish.