Modern-day kitchens in the UK have evolved and they are no longer hidden in a corner of a house. They have taken center stage and are one of the most visited places in a home. If earlier, kitchen design was focused on functionality and organization, it now incorporates myriad design elements to enhance the look and appeal of the place. Here are a few reasons to have a mirror in the kitchen and also a few ways to add them in such a way that it amplifies the look, feel, and style of your cooking place. 

When you talk about new-age kitchen design themes, one element that stands out is contemporary mirrors in the UK. Today, UK interior designers are including mirrors in kitchen design for a touch of glamour and style. And there are several other advantages as well!

Invite Style and Glamour into Your Kitchen

mirror in the kitchen


Today, mirrors are available in different designs, shapes, and sizes. No matter what the theme of your kitchen is, modern or traditional, a mirror is a design element that gels with all types of décor. 

If you have a modern kitchen, mirrors can be the best decorative element. In the UK contemporary mirrors are bring used to add to your kitchen’s vibrancy and make the place stand out doubling up its appeal. Opt for a trendy and elegant design with clean lines that shout sophistication. They also come in different colours and design. You can even shop for art-inspired designs for added attraction. 

If you are a fan of history and look for character behind a design, then you should look at sunburst mirrors. As the term suggests, the design is inspired by the sun and is said to have its roots in history dating back to hundreds of years. The best thing is that a sunburst mirror can accentuate any place and décor. A large sunburst mirror can add detail to your space.  Your kitchen will no longer be the same and do not mind if it becomes the center of attraction of your kitchen, attracting envious queries.  

Mirrors Brighten Up Your Kitchen

Apart from being a lovely design factor, a primary function for which mirrors are used in décor is for its light-reflecting property. Not all kitchens are open and flush with natural light. In such a case, a strategically placed mirror can reflect natural as well as artificial light making the place brighter than it is. It can also lend a relaxing mood to the place.

mirror in the kitchen


You can add mirror splashbacks to bounce of the natural light available in the kitchen and make it more inviting and serene. The ones available now are sturdy and also easy to maintain. There is also an extra advantage of mirror splashbacks and that is, you can keep an eye on what’s going on behind you while you are busy cooking. 

If you are looking for other ways of incorporating mirrors in your kitchen, then opting for mirrors in cabinets is a good idea. Make it a point to place the mirrors opposite the source of light, be it windows or a light fixture, to ensure maximum bouncing of light. 

Make Your Kitchen Look Larger With a Mirror

mirror in the kitchen


Mirrors can create the illusion of expanding space and make your kitchen look less cramped. There are many ways you can use the mirror to lend a spacious look to your kitchen. 

While mirror splashbacks, glass cabinet doors, and mirrors on the wall can help, there also other places in your kitchen you can use the mirror to help you give the feel of space and light. A great idea is to use mirrors in the lining of paneled walls. You can also put up a full-length leaning mirror against a wall or a corner and make a statement while making your kitchen look much larger.  

You can even place the large mirror near the entryway in such a way that it reflects your amazing kitchen appliances. It will also add visual appeal. Though full-length mirrors are an ideal addition to a kitchen, you should check if the frame is sturdy so as to hold the weight of the mirror and help it stand upright. 

Wooden mirrors too work well to make your kitchen more spacious. Place an extra-large wooden mirror either propped on a shelf or hung from a wall for a homier vibe and extra warmth as well. 

Mirrors can be used in delightful ways not just as a décor piece but also for its multiple functions. Get a beautiful mirror inside your kitchen and see how it will transform the look of the place without much effort.