Halloween is on the way and you need to be ready for the occasion but nowadays we no more follow the old traditional Halloween decors anymore rather we get modern Halloween decor for our home. Modern decor ideas are a bit different from that of the old decors bit they serve the purpose well. 

The modern decor would make your home look elegant at the same time and the best thing is that you would get a lot of options here in the case of modern Halloween decor. 

If you are wondering about some of the best modern Halloween decor ideas then here are some of them listed below that you need to check out and at the same time you can also get them done for this Halloween:

Ditch the pumpkin carve and get it painted:

Gone are the days when people used to get their pumpkin carved for Halloween so it is time to think about the pumpkins differently. Even if your way of decoration can change but the link of pumpkins with that of Halloween cannot be denied. Here you can get your pumpkins painted instead of getting them carved so this would make your home look beautiful and this is unique as well. 

pumpkin carving and painting: Halloween decor ideas

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Here you can get it painted according to your preference and there are so many different ideas for the same. If you want to create a candy party look then you have to get your pumpkin painted in pastel color and then draw candies over it. If you wish to give your pumpkin a scary makeover then you can paint it like the face of a ghost and place it on a table. 

The best thing about this decor idea is that you can repurpose those pumpkins for eating after you are done with Halloween which is great.

Modern wreaths:

Things have not changed but the presentation has changed and even here you can use modern ways of creating a wreath for your home. if you would wonder about decor then you would come to know that a wreath is one of the common ways to decorate a home and people use this a lot during autumn and Halloween. 

Halloween wreath decoration: Halloween decor ideas

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Here are so many ways to create a wreath with a modern touch and the good thing is that you can create such wreaths in your home. Here you can go with a black ribbon wreath which seems so classy and at the same time, this is the easiest wreath that you can make in your home. Here you would just need some black ribbons and some glue that’s it. 

Now you have to create small bows with the ribbon and then you have to join all the bows together to form a wreath and then hang it anywhere you want to. To make it creepier, you can also paste some artificial black spiders and that would freak your guests for sure and you can even place some black feather as it also looks spooky.

Moody tablescapes:

Tables capes are amazing and this isn’t scary rather it would make your home look all glamorous and beautiful at the same time. Here you can decorate your table in several ways and that would depend upon your mood and since it is Halloween so you might want to get a Halloween touch on your table and that is how you would get your dining space Halloween ready. 

Halloween tables scapes: Halloween decor ideas

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Here you can start with matching colors and you can limit colors and work with a few of them. Here you can get black-colored pumpkins and to match with that you can have black-colored plates. You can keep spoons and a knife of golden color as it goes well with black and has red flower allover white table cloth. 

This whole setup would prove to be beautiful and your guests would love this for sure. You can even change the look according to your mood and get other combinations.

Table decor things:

Most of the time we invite a guest for dinner during Halloween so your dinner table has to be on point and you have to invest in getting your dinner table Halloween ready. Here you have to invest in table essentials and while you choose them you have to keep Halloween in mind and get things that are inspired by the occasion of Halloween. 

Table decor things: Halloween decor ideas

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Here you can get a skull print or shaped plate for serving your guests and this would please them for sure and this looks cool as well. you can also invest in a good Halloween-themed candle holder and with a modern twist so instead of the traditional candle and the holder you can get LED lights fitted over the candle holder and this would make your dining table look beautiful and of course Halloween ready. 

You even get a table cloth that would have zombies printed on it and this would complete the look of the dining table.

Halloween centerpiece for your home:

The centerpiece is the limelight of the home and as the name suggests you have to keep it at the center of your home so that your guests could see that. The place to keep the centerpiece is the center of the dining table or tea table as that is the place where your guests would hang out with you. 

Halloween centerpiece for home: Halloween decor ideas

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Here you have to make sure that the centerpiece has been the most attractive thing and at the same time, it should be Halloween inspired as well. 

Here you can go with a skull-shaped flower vase as that would give a creepy feeling but would also look good at the same great time. Of course, have to keep some flowers on in the vase and it would be great if you can keep some black and white roses as that would match with the occasion and this would also make your space look luxurious which is great. 

You can also keep one black cat statue or a statue of a witch to create a spooky look.

Create a Halloween buffet:

Food is something that you should not forget in this case and here you would have to get your food made with a Halloween twist and so a Halloween buffet would be perfect in this case.

Halloween buffet: Halloween decor ideas

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Here you have to decorate the table first with a clean table cloth and some candles and flowers and then you can keep all of your food items aligned one after the other and at the end of the table, you can keep some plate so that people can enjoy the buffet.

Wall decor with black bat paper cuts:

Wall decor is very important in this case but if you don’t want to invest in new wallpapers or paints then you can simply cut some bats out of black paper and paste them all over your walls and this would create a spooky feeling.

Wall décor with black bat paper cuts: Halloween decor ideas

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You can also have spider paper cuts at the same time as that would also look scary

An old spooky mirror:

This masterpiece can scare anyone out and this is a very good idea for Halloween. Here you can create this mirror at your home with some additions and like any other ancient mirror; this mirror won’t even be expensive at all. Here you would have to get a huge mirror and then decorate it just like an ancient old mirror. 

An old spooky mirror: Halloween decor ideas

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The best thing about this mirror is that you can even use this after Halloween and if you wish to use this normally then you can even get off the decor after Halloween.

Throw pillow for Halloween:

This is the best way to get your home a modern Halloween decor and this would not even look scary rather it would look cute and perfect for Halloween. Here you have to get some Halloween-themed pillow covers for your home and such pillow covers are easily available in the market or you can even paint white pillow covers to create Halloween pillow covers. 

Throw pillow for Halloween: Halloween decor ideas

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Now you, of course, have to get your pillows those Halloween-themed pillow covers, and place them on your sofa that’s it.

These were some of the best modern Halloween decor ideas that you need to check out and for more such ideas you can browse through Homedesignow.