Modern Rustic is a new trend that is followed by everyone. From Pinterest to Instagram, you’ll see these awesomely decorated homes with modern rustic decor. And if you are also influenced by this style and want to decorate your home in the same manner, then this blog surely gonna help you out.

What are Modern Rustic Designs?

“Rustic means a farmhouse and vintage kinda vibe with some modern elements.” It basically means natural, old, and rough. So many styles come under this like Coastal, Tuscan, Cottage, and Lodge. 

Because sometimes, it is hard to get the right decor items for your place, but today we’ve rounded up a list of modern rustic decor ideas and inspirations for every corner of the house. From bathroom to kitchen decors, here in this blog, you’ll find everything. So keep reading this piece of content at the end to find some useful tips on how you can implement these or other modern rustic decor ideas in your home. 

So one by one look at every part of the house and learn how we can make it pretty with the charming modern rustic decors


The living room is a place where we hang out with our friends and family, so it should be welcoming and cozy enough to spend a lot of hours. So if you’re going for a modern rustic theme for your house then you can place these things to get the look: 

1. Bar Cart

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Do you love collecting wine? This bar cart will definitely help you with that. You can place a wooden bar cart in the living space, this one also has rollers, so it is easy to move into various places. You can use different kinds of woods like pine wood, and mango wood to get a real rustic look. 

2. Glass Vases

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Place these oblong and quirky glass vases on the side tables. Small decors like this one can make all the things come together.

3. Modern Furniture 

Modern Furniture Source:

An effective way to bring rustic ambiance is to furnish your living area with mid-century furniture pieces. Rustic furniture mostly consists of wood elements, so buy those pieces that have a little bit of wood to match up the theme. 

4. Cozy Rugs

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Buy some soft textural rugs in cream, scarlet, & maroon colors and try to layer them to get a more intense look. You can find these types of carpets easily in the target and home center. 


After the living room, the bedroom is the most important place in the house (because we get sweet sleep in there). So decorate it with these rustic decors: 

5. Wood Planks

Wood PlanksSource:

If your budget allows you, then this is a very warm and cozy way to bring a rustic feel into your bedroom. Cover the entire walls or just one accent wall with reclaimed wooden planks. 

6. Velvet Armchair

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The velvet chair in the bedroom will give a stately and luxurious look. It is a perfect modern rustic decor


Don’t forget the kitchen, it is as important as the other parts of the house. If you’re confused about which decor will work the best, don’t worry, just take a look at these: 

7. Charming Metal Canisters

Charming Metal CanistersSource:

How cute are these metal canisters! They are an ideal foil for your kitchen if you’re going for a rustic theme. You can find many color options in them, choose according to the rest of the pieces. 

8. Wooden Dinner Table


What is better than an old-fashioned wooden dining table in your dining area? Nothing right? Just place a massive one, which is painted in warm colors like deep reds and orange. 

9. Copper Cookware

Copper CookwareSource:

Add copper cookware to the kitchen utensils. They are very decorative and functional too, and also they bring the perfect feel into your cooking place. 


Don’t forget to decorate your outdoor space, it is a place where you do your barbeque parties. Decorate it with these awesome ideas: 

10. Rolling Canvas Cart

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You can use these types of rolling carts in your outdoors as they are convenient and also goes very well with the theme. 

11. Wooden Pendant Lamp

Wooden Pendant LampSource:

A wooden lamp perfectly embraces the sleek rustic vibes. Place this in your outdoor lounge area. Use yellow light bulbs instead of LED lights to get the real effect. 


  • Try to layer out things as they bring the real rustic factor to your house. Use layering effect in rugs, pillows, and curtains. 
  • You have seen all-white interiors in the old rustic houses, so you can also make your interiors that way. 
  • Use little detailing in black accent colors to uplift the whole look. 
  • Use warm colors such as deep reds, burgundy, and various shades of grey. 

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I hope these modern rustic decor ideas help you out in decorating your place. These ideas are elegant and super simple to implement. If you’re unable to buy specific modern rustic decor, you can always go thrift shopping. There you can find the real mind-blowing decor pieces, which are also in your budget. For more interesting home decorating ideas, visit Homedesignnow.