Having plants at your home is the best way to change the atmosphere of the house and will change the feel and vibes of the house. It makes people feel better and induces a good smell. There are various types of plants that you can choose for your house, but the one that is trending is considered the best plant is known as Monstera adansonii plant. Many people also call it a Swiss cheese plant or five holes plant. Let’s see monstera adansonii care.

This plant is a relative of a smaller famous plant known as Monstera Deliciosa, which many label as the Monstera obliqua. These types of plants are rare to get. The Propagate Monstera adansonii is famous for its unique appearance. It is a well-loved houseplant which is from the family known as Araceae. 

These types of flowering plants will produce a spadix and a spathe which is known as inflorescence. It is easy to provide swiss cheese vine care; this is why many homeowners love it. They also love to add the touch of South America with the help of this potted indoor plant. This plant almost looks unreal due to the fenestrations, while the surface of the leaves contains a leathery texture and feel. 

It is essential to take care of all types of plants. To help you out, we have this explicit swiss cheese vine plant care. Cheese plant care is essential to keep them young and healthy.

Learn More About Monstera Adansonii

monstera adansonii care

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As mentioned earlier, this plant is known by various names such as the five holes plant, monkey plant, and the swiss cheese plant. This nickname is perfect for the holes that appear wider and wider as the plant grows more. It is from central and South America, which is the origin of this plant. When the plant is in its natural habitat, it tends to love to climb. It will attach itself to the treen branches and the trunks via aerial roots and make it home as it reaches for the sun.

They are flowering jungle plants that will grow deep in the rainforest. It relies on the indirect bright light. As the plant grows, the leaves will evolve into the shape of the heart so that it can maximize the amount of sunlight it can absorb. With the help of their holes, they also catch the sunlight.

Those who think that the holes they have are only for the looks, but they also serve an essential role. The structure of this plant is that it can withstand the high winds and heavy rain by letting them pass through the holes. Since you won’t be growing this plant in a tropical area, the holes will work more as a conversation starter than a survival tactic.

What Are the Light Needs of Monstera Adansonii?

As for the monstera adansonii plant, care is the most convenient plant as they do not need that much maintenance. These plants come from deep within the tropical rainforests. It can survive on the indirect sunlight, which manages to come through the canopies above. For this reason, when you plant it in your house, you should put it in a place where it will get indirect sunlight, bright light.

It is better to put it by the South or north-facing window or about six feet away from the bright window. It is better if you hang it to make adjusting for the light amount easier. There is nothing to worry about if this plant does get too much light when you have it indoors. For many people, it is a very sunny window where it gets an excessive amount of bright and indirect light all summer, and it does not affect the plant in any way.

How Much Water Does Monstera Adansonii Need?

monstera adansonii care

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Like all the other plants, it is tricky to balance water because it is a tough process of moist and dry. The easiest and best way to gauge the watering is to test the top inch of soil. If you see that it is dry, you should water it again. It is not dry. Generally, it is better if you water this plant thoroughly once a week.

However, if you live in a place where it is hot and dry all the time, you should water it twice a week. This case is more likely to occur if you have the plant outside for the growing season. When you put it outside, and it is significantly hot outside, it is better that you water it every few days.

In those areas where it is dry and hot, the soil will suck all of the moisture, which can affect the plant’s life. These are the best Monstera Adansonii care tips, as plants will liven up the place in which it is. You should care for it as your own family because it is the Monstera adansonii care guide.

What to Do If the Leaves of Monstera Adansonii Turn Yellow?

If the leaves of this plant begin to turn yellow, there are chances that you are not watering it correctly. There are lots of lush green houseplants in which the foliage begins to turn yellow when they get an excessive amount of water. It can result in plants beginning to droop and die.

You cannot reverse this problem, but you can fix the damage to the plant. You should ensure that you are easing off the watering. It is better to trim the yellow leaves and look at the roots to ensure there aren’t any mushy, dead, or gray roots.

If you happen to spot any of them, you should trim them off and let the rooting air out for a few hours. It is better to replant them in fresh soil and start watering them a few days later. Monstera adansonii plant care needs attention every few days.

What Are the Soil Needs of Monstera Adansonii?

monstera adansonii care

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This plant requires moisture retention in its soil. For this reason, if you want them to grow in the best condition, you should put them in peat-based potting soil. Peat pots are made for trapping the moisture in the soil without making it soggy.

This soil tends to slowly release the water to the plant. The pot in which you will place the plant should have appropriate drainage as well. It will help you ensure that the excess water does not remain in the pot for too long. Moreover, this plant will grow best with a pH range of about 5.5 to 7.0.

Temperature and Humidity for Monstera Adansonii

Plants that are in the jungle grow best in high temperatures along with extra high humidity. The closer you can create that without turning your house into a greenhouse, the better. Placement plays an essential role in your plant getting enough warmth;

it is better that you choose a well-lit room that will get plenty of heat during the daytime. Ensure that you do it without scorching the plant with direct sunlight. Also, ensure that the temperature is always above 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

Amongst the essential aspects of the monster adansonii care is the humidity. As you know, jungles are high in humidity. For this reason, your swiss cheese plants will thrive on as much moisture in the air as possible.

You can increase the humidity with the help of misting the plant regularly. You should keep it above a pebble water tray or near a humidifier. It is also better to keep in mind that the growing plants together and closer will naturally raise humidity.

Monstera Adansonii Propagation

monstera adansonii care

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Propagating monstera adansonii plants is easy and simple. The most appropriate way to execute it is through stem cuttings and rooting hormones. It will help you to keep the roots from sprouting. On the stems of the plant, you will see that there are nodes. You can use them to know where to cut. With the help of sharp scissors, you should cut right below the node or dip it in the rooting hormone. Now, pant it in moist soil or place it in a water jar.

You should keep the jar in a warm and safe place so that you can give the roots the time to grow. You can make sure that the plants are getting enough moisture. Ensure this by covering the top of the jar with a plastic bag. For this reason, it is the most convenient plant to root and propagate.

After you begin to see the roots, you can take the stems and put them in a fresh peat-based potting soil if you have placed the plant in cutting water. You must keep it out of the direct sunlight. Also, ensure that there is appropriate humidity so that you can help the roots to take hold. If you want to check whether the plant is growing properly, you should tug gently on the stem and check that the roots are anchored.


This is the essential care for monstera adansonii plants; these are durable yet delicate plants. Although they do not need excessive attention, it is better that you check them once every few days. Most homeowners prefer this plant because it is easy to take care of, and for someone new to house planting, this plant is best for beginners.

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