Air conditioning investment is one of the most prime investments for your household. It comes with mixed feelings with happiness and stress for spending huge on equipment. It leaves us with no choice, for an air conditioner has become a necessity for today’s climate. If you want to survive the weather that is sunny, hot, and humid smoothly, then you are left with no choice but to opt for AC installation Tampa. 

So how will you know it is time for a new AC installation? The following signs will help you decide on the new installation process.

Operating Costs

The demand for efficiency levels has increased today, as homeowners want to make a smart long-term investment. It has become a big deciding factor as to save money in the future days. But if you do not understand the concept of efficiency level, then this is the right article for you. 

High-efficiency air conditioners do not come at a cheaper price. Although they may look like a costly affair, they will guarantee to save you loads in the future operating days. Your air conditioner must not just provide you cooling comfort, but also help you save on your pocket. In the end, no matter which or what brand you invest in, you must know to spend money in the right place that must prove its worth in the days ahead. 

New AC Installation


Old Air Conditioner

The air conditioner can last up to 12-15 years if it has properly and well-maintained. If the unit has already reached 10 years’ time, then you will start noticing repairing issues. If the repairing issues can be managed, then you can go ahead operating the old system. But if it constantly gives problems and you end up calling the professionals at least thrice in a year, then it’s time to seek help from the best AC installation services. 

Increased Energy Bills

Your energy bills have increased with time, with no significant changes in the usage, then it is something you must seriously consider. This is a  simple term that means your air conditioner is no longer operating efficiently. Even after many repairs and replacements, you do not find any difference, then it is time to put an end to the old system and invest in a new system that rewards you with high efficiency and low utility bills. 

New AC Installation


Frequent Repairs

If your technician is visiting your place to repair your AC more often than any other family member, then you need to act now. There is no point in coping with your old air conditioner when you are not sure of its reliability. It may give up any time and you will have to look for emergency repairs. Besides, spending little by little for repairs and replacement, you can straightaway invest the whole money in the new air conditioning system. This way, you will be guaranteed reliability, efficiency, comfort, and stress-free operating days.

Abnormal Sounds and Smell

Any abnormal smell or sound is not normal for your air conditioner. It indicates that your AC is having high issues. Sounds like banging, grinding, squeaking, etc. are not normal and indicate that there is a mechanical problem in the air conditioner. If these issues are fixed at a lower price, then you can proceed with the repairs. But if it exceeds and covers half of your new AC investment, then ditch your old unit for a new one.

Similarly, like the abnormal noise, a strange smell is also not welcome. It not only affects the quality of the indoor air but also affects the health of the inmates. The smell can be because of a gas leak, dust, or debris that has been accumulated in the filter or pests or rodents that has made their home in the duct or AC system. Let the professionals inspect the place and repair it. But if after repeated repairs, the smell doesn’t seem to go away, then do not compromise with the inmate’s health and opt for replacement.

You don’t need to consider the replacement option every time you face a repairing issue. But if the problem demands you to spend high on its cost, then you can consider new AC installation. If you are looking for reliable help, then Xpress Quality Services is the right option. Contact at (813) 843-0200 and get all your queries and doubts cleared.