Are you expecting a child or just became parents of a new baby? If that is the case, congratulations!! “A new baby is like the beginning of all things- wonder, hope, and a dream of possibilities.” Surely before having a baby, we all start our planning like where will be the baby room and commence buying all the baby stuff. Right?

Having a baby is such a wonderful feeling for the parents, but there is also a huge responsibility for them. From securing the house for the baby to decorating the new room for the baby, there are a lot of things that you have to do. So in this to-do list, the first one is the Nursery room for your coming baby or if your kids are already grown-ups and you wish to transform their space, then surely you’ll get inspirations from these kids room wall art ideas.  

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What is a Nursery?

A nursery is a room or place that is especially for toddlers and young kids. It can be a separate room or just a corner in the house. This is where kids grow from a newborn to a teenager, so it should be very special and a space that perfectly describes them. So, today we bring 11 nursery wall decor ideas to help you in decorating your kids’ room

1. Cute Baby Things On the Wall

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Frame your cute baby socks and little clothes and hang all these adorable frames on the wall. They will be evergreen treasure decor in their room. 

2. Select the Right Wall Colors

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Always select a neutral color palette for your infant. Because when babies are born, their eyes are very sensitive, so neutrals colors are really good for them. But if your toddler is a little bit grown-up, then you can use contrasting and bold colors such as red, yellow and other fun shades. 

3. Divide the Wall

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By this, we mean to create a chair rail in the walls. Always paint the lower section of the wall with a darker color and use a lighter shade on the top part that complements the other color well. The dark color will not get dirty as we all know that sometimes kids are messy. 

4. Chalkboard Paint

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Does your toddler love doodling on the wall? Are you tired of cleaning all those doodle marks on the wall? If yes, then try a chalkboard wall. By that we mean, paint the entire wall in chalkboard or writable paint so that you both are happy! Now, your toddler can draw and show his creativity, and you also don’t have to worry about the cleaning. 

5. Pink & Blue Theme

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Girlish Pink or bold Blue? This is a classic theme that is evergreen. Color-coordinate all the decor according to these themes. Pick a pink princess theme for your baby girl and a baby boy blue color for your rising star. 

6. Stickers


Stickers are the safest and easiest option or decor ideas, that you can do it under 15 minutes. Easy to install and easy to remove! Who doesn’t love princess barbie or pandas? Paint or paste these adorable stickers and make your baby’s nursery a magical place. 

7. Display the Toys

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Baby’s first things are always special to our hearts. Right? So, why don’t you embrace them? Place your baby’s first toys on the open shelves to give them some playful inspiration. You can also use them while telling nighttime stories. 

8. Baby Pictures

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Click some (or a ton) pictures of your baby and put them in colorful frames and then hang all of them on the wall. This is a perfect way to adore them cuteness, and this thing perfectly represents that this is their room. 

9. Cartoon Characters Theme

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Growing up, all kids follow a superhero that they admire and love. So, it’s time to bring it outside. Paint the walls of your kid room in these awesome cartoon characters. So whether it is a buzz light year, spiderman or Wonderwoman, make the reel characters into real ones, so that your baby got motivation from them. 

10. Fun Wall Clocks

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Another great nursery wall decor idea is to place a funny character wall clock such as a bunny, bee, and Doremon. This will be such a fun decor for your kids. 

11. Nursery Wall Art

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Who doesn’t love baby quotes? Write quotes like “You’re a gift from God” and “You are our greatest blessing, our gift from above, you are our little angel”. 

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Sometimes the littlest things take up the most room in our heart. Right? So embrace this special moment and build new memories along with them in this awesome parenthood journey. So these are the nursery wall decor ideas, hope you like them and apply them in your baby’s nursery. For more creative and fresh home decor ideas, visit Homedesignnow.