Improving your outdoor space is essentially all about bringing your living room outside. You want it to be inspiring, inviting, and comfortable for you and your guests to have a great conversation in a welcoming setting. Slight changes such as setting mood lighting, adding fresh flowers and potted plants, or even incorporating accent pieces can make a significant difference in a small space like a veranda, porch, or patio. Do not, however, feel overwhelmed by the size of your space. Below are a few helpful tips to enhance your outdoor living space on a budget.

Flowers and Potted Plants

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Usually, the most well-designed rooms feature fresh flowers. Why don’t you go ahead and display them on your patio? Instead of going to the local shop weekly, all to display a flashy bouquet. You can display a succulent garden or a potted plant that will last long with proper care.

Succulent gardens are quite ideal as they are beautiful, inexpensive, and require minimal attention. Mini succulents can be purchased in either flea markets or grocery stores.  If looking to expand your garden without taking up much space, wall planters are terrific but if looking for something simpler, drill planters into a wooden pallet and place them against your house.

Additionally, you can try inexpensive ferns and larger leafy plants to add a lush green feel. This will go a long way in breathing new life into a forgotten patio area. You can never have enough greenery on your patio.

Add Comfy Seating

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One of the most important features to include in your outdoor living space is outdoor seating. You’re unlikely to make full use of your outdoor space without seating in your backyard. You may spend a good chunk of money to get reclining chairs or an outdoor sofa. 

Benches, pillows, and rocking chairs are excellent pieces to create a cozy space for you. Stylish and modern outdoor designer coffee tables are a good option to spruce up space. You can choose from the round, square, and rectangle designs.

Consider also making your day bed with a wooden pallet for a great cheap outdoor seating idea. You however need to first consider how you will use your outdoor space before you begin your makeover to avoid ending up with outdoor furniture you don’t use and more importantly, to save you money in the long run.

Make Use of Color

Using color can also transform your home just as a lick of paint indoors can breathe new life into it. Using color in your space is a low-budget way to transform sheds and old fences Black is a highly recommended color by garden designers. The idea here is that the wood texture ensures that black is not one-dimensional and not too dense as well. Black also provides the perfect invisible backdrop for flowers and plants.

Additionally, it contrasts well with paving slabs or light-colored gravel chippings for a vibrant and fresh look that’s also super striking. Good thing; it’s easy to brighten up your space with some colorful plant pots, cushions, and other accessories with this kind of minimal palette.

Upcycle Old Items

Upcycling old items is a great way to add a quirky and unique touch to your outdoor living room. You may use an old bookcase as a home for a vegetable patch or turn an old bath or sink into planters. Old industrial-sized food cans can be turned into colorful and fun planters as they make adorable centerpieces.

Lay Down an Outdoor Rug

Consider getting an outdoor rug to Jazz up your patio space without necessarily having major renovations. This is an inexpensive way to change up space without having to go through the process of staining or painting a deck as well as a great way of popping color and texture in your yard.

Put the rug in an open area where you can see it entirely on the patio floor for maximum impact. Remember to measure your space and choose the correct rug size. More importantly, pick the right style to match your patio. Get the most bang for your buck with an eye-catching outdoor rug and set the stage.


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Lighting is a vital element as it helps set the mood not just outdoors but in any room. Lights add sparkle and ambiance to any room. This is a plus for outdoor hangouts in the evenings as they are more convenient. The combined cost of purchasing light fixtures and hiring an electrician to install outdoor lighting can get pricey.

To cut down on the costs, you can place tea lights in some sand-filled mason jars. Go ahead and place them all around your space. Get more creative and make your own mason jar knotted lanterns. Also, backyard fire pits do make great DIY projects and add warmth on top of the light to your backyard or patio design.

Battery-powered lanterns, solar lights, candles, and string lights are good options too. However, do not rely on your back porch light only to provide the lighting you need, especially if you have a large backyard.

Build a Pergola

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If you are looking for beautiful yet inexpensive ways to update your backyard, pergolas are a perfect idea. Extend your living space to your yard by adding a patio pergola that is attached to the house. Start by clearing out an area on a deck or in your yard and build your pergola. Installing a clear pergola roof may be the best decision you may make. This will turn your yard into an all-season chill spot.

Add a few Accessories

Freshen up your patio with tablecloths, throw pillows, and seat cushions. These may give a completely different feel and look to your patio and a much-needed pop of color for less. 

Outdoor space feels more like home with curtains and throws pillows that add comfort and color. Go ahead and make your own rustic-chic throw pillows and stencil them with your favorite designs. DIY or buy accessories to suit the overall look you are looking for.

Final Remarks

Changing your outdoor space doesn’t mean spending a lot. You can makeover your yard with a few inexpensive supplies, a little elbow grease, and lots of creativity. Go ahead and create a bomb outdoor living space on a budget!