Anxiety, stress, tiredness, if you are relocating, these issues must be your all-time companion nowadays. If you follow an organized way, you can easily pack and move without wasting time and effort. So if you have got the keys to your new home, it’s time to plan the move. We know you are busy but take few minutes to read this article to help you in the moving process. Even professional movers have approved these packing and moving tips.

1. Create a Moving Budget

Packing and Moving Tips


First of all, set a realistic moving budget before putting your hands in the relocating process. Use a notepad or budgeting application, but make sure you have left enough room for the miscellaneous items you will need to buy after shifting to a new home. Some people make this mistake by not creating a budget, and as a result, they end up paying more than they could afford.

2. Draft a Moving Check List

A checklist helps the most in organizing the timeline and the stuff according to priority. The visual details of packing and moving tips will make it convenient for you to handle the process. The timeline depends on the notice that is given at the time of agreement. Some will have few days; others will have few months to move.

3. Gather Free Boxes

Packing and Moving Tips


You must not have thrown those appliance boxes, as these resources are life-saving in such situations. There is no safer option other than original boxes to shift your TV and other expensive appliances. If you are the one who keeps all those cartons in the store, then you are on the safe side but if you had thrown them out, get ready to make efforts in finding free boxes or spend money to buy them.

Before choosing to purchase new ones, ask everyone on your friend list and family if they have some excess boxes. To make your shifting more cost-efficient, we suggest your blankets, clothes, and other fabrics to cushion the appliances. Avoid spending too much on bubble wraps.

4. Find Affordable Mover

Packing and Moving Tips


By affordable, we do not mean unprofessional mover. Do not compromise the quality to save few bucks. Low-standard movers treat your expensive furniture and other stuff like garbage.

Thirty-one million people in the USA relocate each year. The moving industry is worth $86 billion, more than anyone can imagine. But it is not compulsory to hire a mover if you have willing friends and family to help you move. If that is not the option, take out your phone and start searching for the best mover in the town.

Hiring a professional mover if you have enough budget will be your best decision during this stressful time. They can lower a significant portion of your burden, and you can focus more on the planning part.

5. Declutter the Stuff

If not all, most of us have this terrible habit of gathering stuff that we may never use in our entire life, but throwing them is a nightmare. If you want to save yourself some extra minutes and lessen your workload, you must get rid of everything you do not use. Getting rid not always mean throwing away your stuff; you can organize all the stuff in three categories:

  • Things that you want to keep
  • Stuff that you must throw
  • Lastly, items that you can donate or sell.

You could also opt for a self storage unit in case you have valuables that are too precious to be thrown away.

6. Do Not Overload the Boxes

Packing and Moving Tips


To reduce the number of boxes, some people overload the few that they want to carry. It is a flop idea. Use as many boxes as necessary to move the stuff efficiently. The lighter the box easier it is for you to take. An ideal weight would be 50 to 60 pounds per box. It will be easy to lift, and your items will also remain safe.

7. Take Photos Before Packing and Place Sticky Notes on the Boxes

Whether you are doing it yourself or hiring a professional to move your goods to a new location, it is advisable to take pictures before packing. Usually, the movers sign a compensation agreement in case of any mishap. You must have proof in the form of images to claim the compensation.

Use different color notes for the three categories that are mentioned above in this article. Write the list of the items that each box carries and pace it on the box to know which package contains what stuff. All these tips will be constructive while unpacking.

Moreover, their images and sticky notes will also help you unpack when you forget what is where. You will be sure that you haven’t left anything in your old house.

Final Words

It’s better to follow these packing and moving tips which are mentioned above for a smooth shifting process. It would be best to keep in mind some more tips: do not forget to bring door stoppers, place heavy items in small boxes, and wrap the tape around objects that spill.

Finally, keep the boxes safely after unpacking to use them in the future. We wish you happy packing and moving and wonderful life in your new home.