Unwinding in the backyard after a long day of work is made a whole lot better when you have a gorgeously furnished and decorated outdoor space.

While you could go out and buy any old perfect outdoor furniture, we think that if you’re lucky enough to have an outdoor area at your home, you may as well find the perfect furniture and accessories to make it a place you can truly relax and unwind in.

But where do you start?

Well today, we’re here to help make this process a whole lot easier for you. We’ve put together some tips and tricks to make finding the best outdoor furniture for your home no matter the size of your outdoor area.

So, keep reading to learn our best tips and tricks to make the most out of your outdoor area.

It’s All About the Inspiration

perfect outdoor furniture

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Whether you have a clear theme in your head or you have literally no idea where to begin, one of the first things to do is find that inspiration. Your inspiration can be anything and could come from anywhere.

One of our favorite ways to find inspo is to check out Pinterest, Instagram, and TikTok. A lot of people love to show off their homes and DIY abilities, so this is a great place to start.

Trust us, you’re going to find so many things you’ve never even thought about for your home before.

You might find a theme, like Hamptons or Scandinavian style furniture, or perhaps even a color palette might be the thing that inspires you the most. Whatever your inspiration is, it is key to making the rest of this process a lot easier.

Measure Your Space

perfect outdoor furniture

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You are probably pretty keen to just get out there and start buying your furniture and outdoor accessories, and while we get that, there is absolutely no point in doing this unless you actually understand the space you’re working with.

You don’t want to make your outdoor space feel cramped, especially if you have limited space, like a balcony. Outdoor furniture is in many instances, a lot bigger than it looks in a store, so knowing the space you have to work with is integral before you buy anything.

Measure the floor space, measure the height of the area if it is undercover, and make sure you take into consideration any areas that are a bit awkward, like a pillar, or odd shaped corner.

Do Your Research

perfect outdoor furniture

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When it comes to perfect outdoor furniture, it pays to do your research and to not be tempted by the cheapest option. While we all love the idea of saving some cash, outdoor furniture needs to be durable and high quality, and for this, you tend to need to pay a little more.

Make sure you think about your region and its climate because unless you’re taking your furniture inside after each use, it’s going to be exposed to various weather conditions.

Some materials that are great for outdoor furniture include solid timbers, aluminum, stainless and HPL. If something is made of plastic, it is worth asking some more questions about it or checking out the reviews of the products to see how durable they have been for other customers.

Take Your Time

perfect outdoor furniture

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Setting up your home, especially the outdoor area, can be super exciting. However, while you probably just want to do it as fast as possible, we highly recommend taking your time with this project. Take your time to understand the feel and atmosphere you want to create, take the time to understand your area, and do your research. There’s no rush, and it’s definitely not a race, so take your time.

Get Shopping

perfect outdoor furniture

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Once you know what you’re looking for, then it’s time to go shopping. While you’re probably ready to drop some cash, don’t be disappointed if you don’t buy anything on your first shopping trip – this can also be a great time to research and see how realistic your ambitions are.

A great place for outdoor fantastic furniture in Sydney is SLH – they offer designer outdoor furniture made from only the highest quality materials. You can customise many of their pieces to suit your home and you can also shop in their Sydney showroom or online from anywhere in Australia, and their team will work closely with you to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

So, if you’re shopping for outdoor furniture for your home, you know exactly what you need to do!