Plumbing is a very demanding job that requires cutting, tightening, pressing and lots more. Earlier there were limited tools to complete the work, but now thanks to technology, there are more advanced tools available in the market to accomplish the work in a short duration. A large number of tools are available in the market, and so it becomes challenging to find out what to pick and what to leave. So, today we are going to help you with the most essential and plumbing tools and equipment that will help you to complete the task in less time. 


The foremost important part of the plumbing equipment kit is the wrench. It is available in different sizes with a particular assign task for each one. Let’s find out different wrenches and their usage:

Basin Wrench

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A Basin wrench is also called a sink wrench. The main feature of this wrench is that it is used in the confined space to set fasteners. This T-shaped tool is used especially for faucets where it becomes difficult to reach the deep recessed area.

Pipe Wrench

pipe wrench for plumbing tools and equipments


A pipe wrench is the largest wrench in plumber tools. The purpose of the pipe wrench is to loosen or tighten the pipe joints. Under the pipe wrench category, there are several types of wrenches, but the basic one is the straight pipe wrench. Other types include offset wrench which is generally used for the awkward angles or spots, while compound leverage pipe wrench gives extra leverage and used for seized joints. For extremely tight pipes, one can take the help of a chain pipe wrench, and strap pipe wrench comes into use when pipes are plated polished, or plastic. 

Faucet Key

faucet key for plumbing tools and equipment


Traditionally, it is not considered as a part of the wrench family, but it is highly useful and a critical piece of hardware nevertheless. The X shaped key is specially designed to open and close sillcocks & spigots. There are different types of faucet key like 4-n-1, 5-n-1, 10-n-1, and 5-n-1. 

Adjustable Wrench

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It is an open-end movable jaw wrench used for tightening or loosening the hexagonal nuts and pipe fitting. Also, it requires more space, or in simple words, it is not used for the confined space due to its movable jaw factor. It is available in different types of sizes, but the most common are 6 and 10 versions. 

Pipe Work

Different types of tools are used for the pipework, have a look at the following plumbing tools and equipment required for the pipework:

Plumber’s Torch

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Plumber’s torch is another essential part of the plumbing tool kit. With the help of this, one can join different joints in the minimum time and effort. Basically, there are four types of the torch, i.e. brazing torch, propane torch, Oxy-Acetylene welding, and Mapp gas torch. With the help of a torch, the plumber can apply intense heat for soldering and sealing up pipes.  


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Hacksaw is generally associate with the carpenter as they are use by them to cut wood; however, it is consider an important part of the plumbing business. A plumber uses it to cut metal, pipes, and other types of hardware. With the sharpen blade, the task becomes easy and quite fast.   

Thread Sealing Tape

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Thread sealing tape is known by other names like Teflon tape, PTFE, or plumber’s tape. The purpose of the thread sealing tape is use to provide lubrication and sealant for the pipe thread. The high-quality tape is resistant to low as well as high temperature and helps to prevent leakage and never dries out. 

Plastic and Tube Cutters

Plastic and Tube CuttersSource:

If you are a professional plumber who is constantly in need to deal with plastic and tube cutting, then, chances are, you might be facing the problem of accurate cutting. One can make the use of plastic and tube cutters for the perfect cutting. There are varieties of tube and plastic pipe cutters to ease down your work. Based on your needs and scale of work, you can use the best one for you. Some of the most popular tools include ratchet tube cutter, copper tubing, steel pipe cutter, all-purpose saw, and PVC tubing cutter.


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Like other tools, pliers is the most important part of the plumber’s toolbox. Use for gripping, cutting, and bending wires. Design to hold the hot objects safely. Base on different purposes, there are different types of pliers, i.e. crimping plier, slip joint plier, locking plier and many more. It can be use in place of a wrench to loosen or tighten nuts, especially in some cases where bolts and nuts are too small.  

Clearing Blockage

Sometimes the problem is a stubborn clog inside the pipes that refuses to clear the path. But thanks to the plumber’s advance tools it becomes possible to clear the path for the free flow. Let’s delve more information about such wonderful & best plumbing tools and equipment:

Snake Machine

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When it becomes difficult to reach deep inside the pipe, a snake machine is use. Some people also refer to it as toilet jack. With the help of it, plumber clears the clogged drain pipe for free flow.  


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A plunger is the most common tool own by the plumber but even use by the homeowner. The reason being, it helps them to clear the blockage by using a plunger without taking professional help. It consists of a rubber suction cup with an attach stick which is use to clear the blockage in the path. With the force of compression and suction, it becomes easy to loosen the clog and clear the path. 

Hand Auger 

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A hand auger is one of the most versatile tools use by the plumber. This circular handheld device is driven deep to clear the clogs. Not only plumbing, but it is also use for environment construction, halt drilling, mining and lots more. There are different types of hand auger available in the market, based on your need you can choose the best one. 

Safety is the Main Concern

Plumbing is not associate with high risk, but sometimes accidents happen. To lower down the risk, a plumber should always wear protective devices as safety is the priority. Let’s have a look at the different types of safety devices:


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In the role of the plumber, one needs to carefully examine soldering, leaks and other things that might be subject to danger, especially for eyes. To protect the eye from any accident, make sure to wear goggles to lower down the risk. There is specific eyewear to carry out the plumbing task.


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As a plumber has to touch and examine many expose things, it becomes dangerous for life without wearing gloves. There are different types of gloves available in the market based on the task. The ideal glove should allow a better grip on things while wet, able to protect hands, seems comfortable to wear, and many other features.

Heat Shields

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If soldering is a regular part of your duty, then heat shield is a must thing in the plumbing tool kit. Shield helps to protect the plumber and surroundings from catching fire and other damages to self and property. Based on your needs, you can buy the best from a plethora of heat shields. 

Other Essentials


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The drilling is just a part of the regular duty of the plumber. This hole making tool helps in making holes within no time. There are different types of drills available in the market, base on your need, you can invest in the right kind of drill machine. 


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Now many plumbers consider it an essential part of their toolkit. The camera tether device helps you see the exact condition inside the pipes of the drains and sewer lines. Their smaller size makes it an ideal choice to carry out the process with ease. 


These are some of the best plumbing tools and equipment every plumber must possess to carry out the work with ease and safety. These plumbing tools and equipment help you complete the task in a speedy way than the traditional method. Keep reading HomeDesignNow for all such informative blogs.