A pole barn house is a new post frame construction building with no base foundation. The house is built on the poles that must be properly driven into the ground. Various panels of aluminium or steel are later fixed to the poles to construct the house. Nowadays, these buildings are significant for various needs. People mostly use these kinds of construction for agricultural needs.

One of the main advantages of the pole barn is that it is economical and doesn’t cost you much. Farmers require such affordable barns for storing equipment. Also, these work great to shelter livestock of the farmers. If you are curious to know about pole barns in detail, here is an amazing read. The article covers all the important features, continue reading to know more.

What Is a Pole Barn?

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A pole building or pole barn house is the traditional name for a large agricultural structure that has a high ceiling, broad-open spaces but doesn’t have a basement. People use wooden posts in the frame to build the barn.

The laminated posts – as well as roof trusses – are highly engineered prefabricated components. They also help create a durable, economically built structure ideal for anything from a workshop, garage, gym, or hobby shed to a storefront, event center, primary residence, or horse stable.

Barn pole homes usually look simple. Still, the high-quality one is usually well-structured, primarily people use these as their business units or residential units. They also work well to serve as storage spaces. While the outside view of the building may look a bit torn, the inside of the building is entirely open for modifications. The main benefit of it is that you will have enough space for changes. You can choose any design for the barn. Also, there will be more than enough room to do the interior according to your taste.

What Are the Advantages of Pole Barn Houses?

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Barn pole homes have various houses compared to the traditional houses, and these are:

Cost-Saving for Foundations

You may need to do some work on the ground for fixing the poles and building a pole barn home, but the good thing is that the cost of it is very small in comparison to a traditional home. Rather than excavation and concrete filing, all you need to do is dig holes to place the poles that will support the structure.

Energy Efficient

Depending on where you live, a barn pole house will help you save more money from insulation. The building contains fewer thermal breaks, meaning that you need a more minor insulation system for this type of house than a traditional building.

The easy construction with spacious interior can make a simple pole barn house highly versatile. You can also use it for various reasons, such as residential buildings, commercial storage, workshop, gym, and airplane hangar.

Flexible for Any Terrains

A pole barn home is more flexible towards several terrain types than a home that is traditional homes. A simple pole barn house does not need any kind of ground leveling work, meaning that you can save a lot without worrying about the terrains. 

What Is Post-Frame Construction?

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Post-frame construction is an engineered, wood-framed building that fulfills the requirements of UBC and IBC standards. Rather than the usual wood studs or concrete masonry, the post-frame building contains either laminated columns, solid sawn posts, or steel posts. 

Post-frame buildings can be built on various foundations to adapt to different climates and site conditions, including concrete columns and monolithic slabs. You can make it over basements.

You can build the post-frame structure more quickly than other types of buildings, and overall is less expensive. The larger post design and the interlocking frame has the ability to take greater loads but also needs fewer structural materials. Fewer materials can drastically reduce the overall construction costs.

These structures also offer other benefits; buildings space the posts farther apart than studs, creating a large wall cavity. It provides more space for insulation, which can lower the heating and cooling cost throughout the building. Moreover, these types of buildings do not need interior support walls. The large open space inside the home provides more room for doors and windows, lowering the cost.

Quicker construction means that buyers save both money and time on the project. The energy-saving qualities will save money in the long run, and the metal exterior panels need very little maintenance. Also, you can modify the home interior to look just like a traditional home with living quarters.

You do not need to live inside the metal walls but rather choose to do a small makeover. Residential types of pole barn homes are usually indistinguishable from any other house in the neighborhood if you construct it properly.

What Is Stick-Built?

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With stick-frame buildings or stick-built buildings, the majority of components contain the wooden skeleton of the structure constructed on site, piece by piece instead of prefabricated in a factory.

Wall studs are the primary vertical farming element and are usually 16-24 inches on center. For support, the framing system is built over and secured to – a continuous concrete foundation in the form of a basement or crawl space.

Comparison Between Post-Frame and a Stick Frame Construction 

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Post-frame construction is usually for pole barn buildings, and stick-frame construction usually used as houses are essentially different. But not for the ideas you may think.

Unfortunately, people see this exterior of a pole barn as its defining characteristic. But that is not the case. David Bohnhoff, PE, Ph.D., an engineering professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, states that “A post-frame building system can support virtually any type of exterior finish system.” In essence, the difference between a pole barn and a stick-frame building comes down to the respective framing system.

How to Build Your Own Pole Barn House?

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Pole barn homes’ price depends upon the place you are living in, and you can hire a private designer or builder that will supply you with a kit that meets all your desires and requirements. This is a more reliable method to build a home. You will get all the materials that you need to make the home. With a customized option, you will receive the right home for you. 


This process is tedious but rewarding; DIY kits will allow you to construct the entire home on your own. Although it is not an easy process, you may require a friend’s assistance along the way to lend you a hand with roofing or heavier items. There few things you should consider, such as:

Interior Work

The whole interior work will be on you. Choose one of the pole barn house plans that suits best to your style.

Concrete Flooring

Some people want concrete flooring, which needs to be poured in a professional way. Not all homes need this, but this is not suggested for first-timers.


A foundation may be needed, and if you have a homeowner’s association, you should consider relocating.


You can take care of various utilities such as plumbing and electricity but bear in mind that it is a major risk and concern. You may need the help of a professional in the most needed case, and you must consider the permitting process for the local building codes.

DIY kits

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There are several types of DIY kits available, such as:

Wood Pole Barn Kits

Wood pole barn kits are the ones that resemble traditional barns. However, unlike the barns from the past, modern wood kits are of high-quality lumbers. The frames are made of steel so that your house is strong against harsh elements.

Metal Pole Barn Kits

Metal pole barn kits are great if you need a house that does not crack, flake, or split, or combust.

Pole Barn Garage Kits

This type of kit is perfect for a vehicle of different sizes if you live in an area with extreme weather or tend to replace the cars every now and then. Then it is best for you as the cost for constructing a pole barn garage is cheaper than building it from scratch.

Professional Build

If you want to save some amounts on a traditional stick-built home, you may still want to have professional handling of the construction and proper pole barn house plans. A pole barn house provides this advantage.

If you wish to buy the kit and enjoy the professional doing all of the work, it will allow for the construction process to complete quickly and professionally. As mentioned earlier, consider reaching out to some local builders before purchasing any sort of kit and get a quote from them.


A pole barn house is cheap to build while serving all the basic functions of the traditional house. With a professional builder, you can have your exterior done professionally, or you can have the interior, plumbing, and utilities run to the home. It highly depends on your budget. The more your budget, the more you can invest.

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