Congratulations, you have finally begun the journey towards purchasing your first or next home, and we could not be happier for you.

Now the real work begins. We cannot overstate how much of an essential purchase a home is for the vast majority of us fortunate enough to own a home.

A home is perhaps the most important and expensive purchase we will ever make during our lifetimes.

This article will help you get the best value for your money as you begin this important and incredible journey. 

Make Realistic Plans

Purchasing a Home


A common mistake many people make is overestimating how much they can spend on a home, and it almost always ends badly.

Sit down with your partner and other relevant stakeholders such as financial planners and older kids. Set a plan for how much the household is willing to spend, such as:

  • How much over the budget you can afford to spend.
  • The size of the home you need or want.
  • Which locations are ideal?

Ensure that you think about everything important and possible when making plans. 

Get Professional Help

We cannot overstate how vital getting input from professionals is during the process of buying a home.

A few of the professionals relevant to you when you are ready to invest in a home include financial planners, real estate professionals such as Arnold Property, and surveyors.

Professional help is perhaps the most surefire way to ensure that you invest in a home that you will be happy with today and ten years in the future.

It is in your best interest to find professionals you trust and let them help you make important decisions because they do that for a living. 

Build or Buy?

This is a decision that a considerable number of Australians need to make. Even though the vast majority will invest in an already built home or apartment, for various reasons, many choose to build their home from scratch.

Deciding to build or buy a home is one of the first and most important decisions that you will need to make.

We cannot deny that building your own home from scratch is a fantastic experience, and few people get to experience the beauty of building a house

Property Value

Purchasing a Home


Your new home is a crucial investment. You should be interested in whether such a huge investment will increase or decrease in value.

A few indicators will help you ascertain whether a neighbourhood is on its way up or is about to experience a decline.

These factors may not always be evident to most of us. Still, real estate professionals such as Arnold Property can help you spot unique homes in excellent neighbourhoods at unbelievable prices.

Commute Times

The importance of estimating the amount of time it will take you and your loved ones to commute to school and work is an essential factor to think about when purchasing a home.

When considering homes, pay close attention to how long it will take for you to commute to places such as the city centre, airport, work, and school.

Failure to consider commute times might mean that you end up living in a home that is not convenient to commute to and from.

It is always a good idea to go with homes that are reasonably close to the city or significant transport infrastructures


Purchasing a Home


Looking out for schools around potential neighbourhoods is not just for parents, but also for those expecting to have kids soon.  

Research the quality of local schools around neighbourhoods you are considering because you can never tell whether you will decide to have kids in the future.

Additionally, homes situated close to outstanding primary schools tend to improve in value because parents are always interested in educating themselves about local schools. 

Community Life

When considering homes to invest in, consider taking the community and local life into account. Doing this is sure to have a considerable effect on your experience.

Would you like to live in a lively neighbourhood, or do you prefer living in a quiet area filled with minivans and large families?

We advise you to reach out to experienced professionals when considering buying a home. You will likely live in your chosen home for a considerable amount of time.

Why not do all that is necessary to make the most of your experience?