Building a house is a really complicated job but selecting a particular style is even tougher. Building your dream house is quite similar to getting married…because it happens only for one time and remains forever!! Right? Because there are numerous styles to chose from, so it is very difficult. If you’re living in a countryside house or colonial house, you know how many variations are there in the past decades in terms of architecture and designs. Let’s talk about one of the best house style ranch style house. 

Many people want to transform their old houses into new modern ones whereas some people love specifically these types of old-style homes. These houses are very spacious and also very practical when it comes to living. That’s why they are very popular not only in the united states but also all around the globe.  

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So, have you heard of the Ranch style or you’ve seen many beautiful houses in your neighborhood and always wondered how you can achieve a ranch style home? We got answers to every question that you have in your mind. First, you have to understand about this style, like what is it? To get a piece of in-depth knowledge, read the blog till the end to get a fair idea about ranch style house. Today we are going to explain every little detail about ranch style homes

What is a Ranch Style House?

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Dated back in the 20th century, these houses are the real example of mixing modern ideas into traditional ones. Even today you see a lot of houses with this style. The thing is the house may get old, but this style is evergreen... people just love the simplicity and formal living of these houses.  

The standard features of a ranch house are that it has long roofs and close to the ground profile with a wide-open layout. These open spaces create a very casual and informal living style which American people do love. 

History of Ranch Style House

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Rambler or Ranch house style originated in the United States as a domestic architectural style. The construction of the ranch house styles started in the 1960s in the US (particularly in the Sun Belt region) but as the years passed the style has slightly changed. People include more drama to their house like diverse roof lines, sunken living rooms, extensive landscaping & grounds, and cathedral ceilings. With all of these features, they created a new version which is known as modern ranch homes.

Standard Characteristics 

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Ranch houses are single-story with “L” or “U” shaped or rectangular layouts. Another common feature is that they all have low-pitched roofs with extended eaves. They also have post and beam ceilings in the interior of the house. Garage and large sliding glass doors and windows are also the central part of this style. 

They have a solid concrete base with some under crawl space. The ranch houses which were built-in between the 1950s to 1960s have an average 1,300 square feet area, which commonly had 3 bedrooms and one shared bathroom in the house. 

But after the 1970s the Ranch houses became very popular among the American people, so they started to construct homes in a much larger area. 

Types of Ranch Houses

You already know about the Spanish Colonial architecture, Ranch style is highly inspired by them and soon became very popular in the States. So like the colonial houses Ranch houses are also of different types. They are mainly classified as: 

1. California Ranch

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A California architect Cliff May constructed the first modern ranch house in 1932. California Ranch houses are the pure form of Ranch styles. They have typical “L” and “U” shaped layouts with a courtyard in the middle. 

2. Sub-urban Ranch

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These styles of houses became popular after the second world war. They are known for their interior boxy designs with an open exterior. 

3. Split-level Ranch

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These houses have more than one story, and stairs interconnect all the levels. Mostly split level ranches have 3 levels, where the living area, kitchen, and dining room are on the ground floor, whereas bedrooms are on the top levels. 

4. Storybook Ranch

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Storybook Ranch is commonly known as Cinderella ranches. They are full of wonderful things in the exterior as well as in the interior of the house. They feature diamond-shaped windows and exposed rafters. 

5. Raised Ranch 

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These types of houses have a ‘Split Entry’ which means there are two stairs direct in front of the main door, in which one staircase is going to the first level, and the other is for the basement. 

Interesting Facts

These houses have beautiful long low pitched rooflines that cover with stones or tiles. They also have deep overhanging eaves which cover the large windows. Stucco, wood, stone, or bricks use as the exterior material of the house. These houses also have an attached garage and back patio. 

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And when you see the interiors, you’ll find that they are typically one-story houses with open concept living areas and usually have 3 bedrooms and one bathroom which is common to everyone. There is always a basement area constructed in the house and mostly used as the extra storage space.

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In short, the whole house adorns with simple but elegant architectural detailing.

So now you know everything about the Ranch style houses and if you want to achieve this look then go ahead. There is no such rule that if you’re going to create this style, you have to implement the whole elements in the house. You can always pick some designs & details and implement them into your new constructing house. For more unique home styles and interior designing and decorations, visit Homedesignnow