Even the greatest solid-colour deck stains start to chip away after a while. Remove all of the previous finish, then clean, recondition, and remove stain from your deck to make it seem new again.

The term finish for woods is frequently used to refer to a stain. They are used to enhance the natural beauty of the wood as well as colour it. Stains come in a variety of types, including oil-based and water-based stains.

However, certain strains are more permanent than others, making them difficult to remove from a hardwood deck. The explanation could be due to a variety of factors such as exterior moisture level, weather conditions, or the composition of your wood.

Why Is There a Need to Remove?

If the stain is not removed promptly, it will begin to harm your deck. It’s possible that you’ll have to buy new wood to replace the old. The reason for this is that spilt stain will cause bubbles and blisters while covering your wood fully. Your wood won’t be able to keep its moisture content stable.

However, your wood will grow more sticky and susceptible to mould and mildew. Even if you apply a fresh coat of stain at the end, you will not be able to save yourself. The stain will also make it impossible for the coat to dry.

Strip and Renew Before the New Paint

If your deck’s stain is old and flaking, the first step in restoring it is to remove stain from your deck. Solid-colour stains protect wood decks and look wonderful when they’re new, but even the best solid-colour deck stain fades and wears away over time. They must be scraped and peeled off at this point before the deck can be re-coated. In this article, we’ll show you how to re-stain a deck that has already been stained.

Power Washing 

Remove Stain from Your Deck

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Power washing is a vital step in restoring your wood’s lost lustre. The solid stain on that deck can be removed with the help of a power washer. However, if not applied properly, it can utterly destroy and ruin your hardwood deck. A power washer is a powerful weapon that can even scrape bricks, but in the right hands and with the right pressure, it can be used to clean a deck.

Use a Wood Stripper

Although a pressure wash may be able to remove discolouration off the deck in some cases. Cleaning with a wood stripper for wooden decks is the second step for an old-chipped stain and aged wood.

A stripper is a powdered stain remover that aids in the removal of all dirt, mildew, and stubborn stains from wood. A solution of sodium hydroxide and various surfactants are used in most strippers. They can also be sprayed with a sprayer if mixed with water.

Scrub Off the Solid Colour

Remove Stain from Your Deck

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First, use a paint scraper as a deck remover to scrape off as much of the original solid colour deck stain as possible. Reset any nails or screws that protrude from the wood surface as you scrape it.

After that, use a professional deck stain remover to clean the deck (1 gallon covers 100 sq. ft.). Cover or wet down bushes and grass around the deck with plastic tape, then apply a heavy application of stain remover to the discoloured planks. Using a hard brush and deck finish remover, scrub off the old stain. Allow 15 to 30 minutes for the remover to soften the stain before scrubbing.

Make Sure That You Sand the Wood

Remove Stain from Your Deck

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Allow the deck to dry after rinsing off the residue with a hose. On sections that are badly discoloured or where the stain won’t come off, use a coarse stripping disc. Compared to a belt or orbital sanders, rough discs work much faster. They can be used with angle grinders (which is the quickest choice) or drills (much slower).

Condition the Paint Properly

Remove Stain from Your Deck

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Finally, neutralise the stain remover with a deck brightener/conditioner and clean and restore the wood to a hue that is close to its original. Apply a diluted brightener/conditioner to your hair. To restore the natural wood colour, scrub the decking and thoroughly rinse it.

Re-stain or apply a clear penetrating finish when the wood has dried. Clear finishes reveal more of the original colour of the wood, but they must be redone every year. Solid stains last longer but are more difficult to scrape off.


You can reach your goal by following all of the methods to remove stain from your deck. Make your wood seem elegant and attractive for years with the appropriate use of pressure cleaning and stripping procedures.

Don’t be concerned about the solid stain; you now know that with a little more effort, these stains can be completely removed. Make an effort to tidy it up as quickly as feasible.

Even if you didn’t spill a can and just want to apply a fresh layer of stain to your wood. Following the steps above will give your deck fresh life and provide you with the greatest results.