Have you ever wondered that there are some elements in our home that are so underrated? If we would work on better designs, then those things can upgrade the house’s overall look? Well, we feel the same about the roof as our home is incomplete without a roof. And at the same time, if we would get different roof design ideas, that would work as home décor.

Top Roof Design Ideas For Your Home

Fortunately, there are so many different house roof design patterns that you can check out and every roof is made for a particular type of house so you have to be selective while choosing a unique kind of rooftop for your house. If you are confused about how to get a unique rooftop then we have got you covered as here are some of the best roof design ideas listed below that you need to check out:

Skillion and lean rooftop:

This is one of the best modern roof designs that you can get and since this is slanted at one side so your home would also have high-low walls and if you don’t have any problem with that then you can definitely check this design out as this would make your home look trendy and fashionable at the same time. This roof type can be a great option for houses that are in areas where snow falls. So such a design would not let snow sit on the top of the roof and would fall down.

Roof Design Ideas

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Open gable roof:

Gable roof is so close to our heart rather it reminds us of childhood because as a child almost everyone drew this kind of house with an open gable roof. These are classic roofs for many generations and even now people like such kind of roofs. If you are all about that simplicity then you can also get this kind of roof for your home. And this would get your home an industrial look.

These roofs seem to be like a triangle as both sides of the roof are slanted down with a pointed center so it would not let water or snow store on your roof.

Roof Design Ideas

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Box gable roof:

Box gable is just the same as the open gable. But, it has an extended end at both sides so it actually gives the house an illusion of a big house. This would give your home a modern kind of look. However, the touch of industrial design would still be there. And if you want fusion between modern as well as industrial then you can get this rooftop.

This would make your home look classy and you can, of course, get this rooftop made with a number of different materials however concrete slabs as well as, tin slabs are still the best choice.

Roof Design Ideas

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Dormer type roof design:

Have you ever been to the countryside? If yes then you might have seen this kind of rooftops and it is a classic from the 90’s era and the best thing is that this rooftop is again coming into the trend and if you love those countryside village vibes then you can definitely get such kind of rooftop for your home. Here we can shape the rooftop in several ways. And this made by keeping mud slabs one after the other and mostly they form a slanted structure.

This rooftop actually helps in keeping the room cold and if you do not have A.C and not planning to get one due to the increasing pollution then you can definitely get this rooftop.


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Hip roof:

This is a very unique kind of rooftop and is one of the best modern roof design ideas but this is so simple that you would not have to work on a lot to get such a pattern and since it is easy to get so local workers would also be able to form one for you so you would not even have to invest a lot of money of designers and decorators. Here you would see that the rooftop has a flat surface that would be short. There would be slanting sides of the rooftop that would connect with the roof of the ground floor. So, another room we can form in this way.


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Butterfly roof design:

If you want a unique kind of rooftop that would be rare to find. This kind of rooftop would be perfect for you. If you ever have seen a butterfly with its wings spread then you would be able to have a better idea about this rooftop as it simply looks like the same. Here the roofs can place in a way that would form that shape. So there would be a divider at the center of the rooftop. They make the home look classy and would also last you for a long period of time. Though it is not the best for areas that face rain as well as snowfall almost throughout the time.


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Flat roof design with boundaries:

If you desire to have a terrace on the top of your home then this is the best way to create one. Here you can get your rooftop to make a flat with the help of iron rods, cement, and bricks. Then you can create a short to medium boundary around the roof. So that the terrace space would be safe and you can have a good time out there. Such kind of rooftop is very famous in India and Bangladesh.

Flat roof with boundaries

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Glass rooftop design:

This has to be one of the most beautiful and innovative rooftops that you can even come across. Here the rooftop would be flat and most of the past made up with cement and bricks whereas there would be a hollow at the center where the glass would be set. So that you can lay there in your home and enjoy the view outside. This is best for those who enjoy the night sky.

Glass rooftop

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These were some of the best roof design ideas that you can check out and also you can get any one of the mentioned designs and for more such ideas you can always check out Homedesignnow.