People, by nature, are curious creatures. Our drive for curiosity draws us to things that are new or appear to be unique, and this is even true for houses around our neighborhood. New homes in our block make us wonder if a house has new owners, is up for sale, or if the current homeowner received some great paycheck.

This is why if you plan to sell your house shortly, it pays to take note of its curb appeal, and one way to do it is to refurbish your roof. This article will explore how roof remodeling can improve your home’s curb appeal.

What is Curb Appeal?

Roof Remodeling


Think of it this way: how would you like your home or property to appear as you approach or leave it? This appeal or marketability of the facade is what we call curb appeal.

Curb appeal is defined as the overall attractiveness of your home or piece of property from a sidewalk perspective.

Your home’s curb appeal is thus the overall combination of the aesthetic interaction between your home’s exterior, including the roof and the sidings. This is also affected by the landscape portion of your property, like the front yard, the patio, or the walkway to your front door.

Your House Roof and Curb Appeal

Did you know your house roof is a major component of curb appeal? There are a couple of reasons why our roof greatly affects curb appeal. One reason is that the roof tends to occupy half or more of the outside surface area in many home exterior designs.

Because of this, roof material, color, and innovation tend to give some “impression” of your home or property as you approach from as far as a couple of blocks away.

The Art of Roofing

When we look at the scenery, an image, or even a painting, we subconsciously let our eyes wander at what we see before us. In design, art, and photography, this overall arrangement of what we see, called composition, directs our line of vision, and our eyes tend to get drawn to a certain “focal point.”

This also is true for home remodeling: the roof tends to give one of the strongest impressions when looking at the curb appeal, either because of its color, material, shape, or overall design.

First Impressions Last

Roof Remodeling


When we look at photographs and images of phones, one of the first things we subconsciously ask is, “how cozy is the house?” Naturally, we try to look for external indicators of comfort, including the house’s roof and how it plays with its overall exterior appearance.

Homes with new or newly-remodeled roofs thus give off a fresh and welcoming look. A house with certain modern features, like solar panels or green roof design, exudes efficiency in energy and economy and a strong grasp for design trends and innovation while being environment-friendly.

Even old or ancestral houses with newly-renovated roofing will remind us of old wine: deliciously warm and well-maintained despite the age.

Symbol of Security

Our foraging ancestors roamed the planet more than a couple of millennia ago without any permanent address. They spent their nights in caves or above high trees, using leaves and branches to build a fire and makeshift roofs to protect them from the elements and predators.

It is no wonder why today, when we look for a home to live in or transfer to, one of the first things we note is the roof. There is something about showing a portion of the roof that makes the home design “complete” and exudes a sense of security, perhaps because our need for safety, warmth, and comfort has been genetically ingrained in us humans.

Longer Lifespan

Home has two lifespans, one relating to functionality and the other relating to curbing appeal. While your home may appear functional 一, it may have a complete roof, walls, floors, and different sections of the house 一 its curb appeal is what gives that “promise” to realtors and prospective home buyers that the house will still stand for a long while. Simply put, it’s the packaging that attracts more prospects in the market.

Getting your roof done increases a house’s curb appeal because it makes it appear new, promising a longer lifespan for your home. Having a professional roof remodelling by Mighty Dog Roofing of Central Atlanta and other similar contractors, on the other hand, increases the chances of the “longer home lifespan” promise being realized. This is because expert roofers have company and branding standards that they need to follow.

Roof Remodeling for Greater Curb Appeal

Roof Remodeling


Increasing your home’s curb appeal through your roof requires planning and skill. While you may be able to carry out the planning part, it is better to have it done by a professional roofer for many reasons:


Professional roofers are trained, experienced, and regularly updated on roofing trends, practices, and regulations. They can even give you expert advice on what material to use to optimum effect and other matters related to roofing.

Resource Connection

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Roofing companies know where to get the various materials you will need to get your roof fixed.

Proper Documentation

Besides being properly insured and licensed, roof contractors can help you with any roofing documentation you will need for your local housing or homeowners association.

Quality and Longevity

Like any business, roofing companies have a brand to uphold. They thus make sure the roofing they make not only suits their customers’ taste and helps improve the overall curb appeal but also that the roof lasts a long time.


Expert roofers will save you not just your finances by making sure you get the most out of the roof for a long time; they also save you time. Rather than spending your hours working on your roof, you get to use it for other important things like preparing for a family event, sealing a couple more business deals, or simply spending it for a much-needed rest.

Take Your Roof Remodeling to Another Level

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Remodelling your roof to increase curb appeal is more than just designing it to look new. Making sure that all its features and functions are seen or get hinted at a glance from the sidewalk requires some research and creativity to achieve an aesthetically pleasing.

Type and Design

It is always safe to stick to the original house plan when working on your home’s roofing, especially if your property happens to be one of those chic traditional all-American homes and you wish to have it that way. Traditional home designs are classic so long as the property appears well-maintained and newly constructed.

When redesigning your house so it will “pop out” in your neighborhood, pay attention to the architecture of your home and ensure that your roofing materials matches the overall concept. You may blend a couple of architectural designs for your home exterior, but the overall impact is to be so that one supports the other.

The architecture you use on your roof need not be of the exact style as the rest of the house, but it has to have a matching architecture somewhere. For example, your roof and sidings may be French-inspired and made of slate and tiles, but your windows and front porch could be traditional.


Roof Remodeling


When choosing materials for your roof, be sure to consider your local climate. You will want to use roofing material that will help you conserve energy inside your home while at the same time withstand the weather elements in the long term.

Traditional materials add an air of classic sophistication while withstanding the extremities of local weather. Clay and asphalt tiles are good roofing materials and add more to your home’s curb appeal than metal, but if you want to take roofing to it to an even higher level, go for slate, which lasts longer.

Additional Features

Perhaps the easiest way to remodel your house roof is to adapt its original design, but with architecture and home design innovations, you might want to dare take a few steps. You could, for example, incorporate energy-saving solar panels  tiles on your roof or transform them from metal roofing into the latest green “living” roof. The important thing is to make sure that these incorporations and more “modern” changes in your roof design complement the overall aesthetic of your home and give it a distinctive identity.


The house’s roof is an indispensable portion of our homes because it helps protect us from external elements. This ever-present function of the house makes what also makes us occasionally take it for granted because, after all, no house is a complete building without a roof.

Contrary to that, however, the roof plays an important role in our home’s curb appeal. It projects the house’s integrity and capacity to protect those living in it and completes the overall exterior aesthetics of our home. This is why it’s important to have our roofing regularly maintained and consider its design, material, and additional features when remodelling.

After all, first impressions do last.