We, humans, have a nasty habit to focus on what we don’t have rather than just appreciating what actually we have. So if you are the one who has limited kitchen space, then you have landed upon the right post. There are lots of ways to increase storage in your kitchen without spending a fortune. So, today we have scoured the internet to find out the small kitchen storage ideas exclusively for you. 

Are you ready to dive into finding out the best solution for your tiny kitchen space? 

Happily Yes Right?

Slide-out Preparation Station

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The first smart and best kitchen solution is the slide-out of the preparation station. Here you can build drawers like butcher block board to serve the purpose of chopping as well as space-saving. You can even ask the professional to provide a hole over the trash can to dump peels, right away after chopping. Isn’t it cool? 

Hang a Pegboard

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Make the best of your empty wall by hanging a pegboard. In this board, you can hang pots, canisters, pan, and other utensils to hold. Instead of going for shelves, it is the best option to get an affordable and functional way to fight the limited space option. 

Downsize Furniture

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Small furniture looks not only cute but also highly functional. Bring a half-moon breakfast table to save the space and serve the purpose. You can set the table against the wall as it is one of the best and smart ideas. 

Shelves Under the Island Countertops

small kitchen storage ideas

Source: lowes.com

Add extra space to your kitchen by introducing the shelves under the island countertops. Here you can add crockery, dishes, magazines, cookbooks and other utensils that are required on a frequent basis.

The Space Above the Fridge

small kitchen storage ideasSource: otterrun.info

Make the best use of the extra space above the refrigerator by building a storage space where you can store extra things like utensils, equipment that might not be required frequently. 

Cubbies at The Kitchen Entrance

small kitchen storage ideasSource: alfredthe.me

Add cubbies at the kitchen entrance to solve the problem of limited space. It is the best place to store vases, cookbooks, extra utensils and lots more. You can decorate cubbies in a very creative way to make it an ambience of the kitchen. 

Make the Best Use of Window

small kitchen storage ideasSource: pinterest.com

Another fantastic kitchen storage idea for the limited space in the window. You can hang the collection of pots and pans with the help of pop-y orange handles to make it a focal point of the kitchen. And this way it becomes the focal point of the kitchen.

Introduce Free Shelving Stand

small kitchen storage ideasSource: shoppy.sg

Say goodbye to the worries of limited kitchen space by being smart and introduce a free shelving stand made of metal in the kitchen. You can place pans, pots, appliances, and everything. The metal stand gives industrial type kitchen settings. The best thing about this stand is that you can remove it, whenever needed. 

Things Over Stove

small kitchen storage ideasSource: zolvers.com

You might not think the space above the stove as the storage space. You can make the best use of that unused and extra space by putting pot rail on it to hang cooking utensils and larger cookware. But it is only effective if your kitchen does not have hood, otherwise read further to spot more storage ideas.

Magnetic Knife Rack

small-kitchen-storage-ideasSource: ouddy.com

Every square inch is precious when you have limited space in the kitchen. With the help of a magnetic knife strip, you can arrange all knives and cutlery on the wall. Arrange them in ascending or descending order to maximise the usage of limited space. So do you have any other arrangements in mind for cutlery? 

Introduce Toe-kick Drawers

small kitchen storage ideas

Source: pinterest.com

Don’t have any space to store the serving platters, muffin tins and lots more extra then toe-kick drawers can be your saviour. But this works if you are planning to build new cabinets for the kitchen. So, do you think this idea useful for you?  

Make the Best Use of Sides of the Cabinet

Source: herdofsheep.com

If you are not really confident about hanging cutleries on the wall or any cabinets, then how about making the best use of sides of the cabinet? With the help of pot rail, you can make the best use of the spaces. 

Pantry Between Studssmall kitchen storage ideas

Source: hgtv.com

If you don’t want to compromise on your walking space or don’t wish for hang shelves, then try pantry between studs to solve the space query. Here you can use studs to store spices, tea and other tiny stuff of your kitchen inventories.

Bottom of The Cabinet

small kitchen storage ideasSource: uchus.info

The bottom of the cabinet can be another key to unlock the space question. Don’t worry; we are here to answer your question on how to hold mugs or other things at the bottom of the cabinet. So your answer is the hook or magnetic strips to make a floating storage space. Three cheers to this amazing small kitchen storage ideas

Make the Best Use of Door

small kitchen storage ideas

Source: thingiverse.com

If you are not leaving any stone unturned when it comes to resolving the storage problem, then why are you showing pity on kitchen cabinet doors? Take the help of hooks and caddies to hang extras things like grocery bags, gloves, and other light-weighted stuff. This way, you can, not only solve the problem of storage but also get a clutter-free look.

Plastic wall pocket

small kitchen storage ideasSource: stanford.edu

Small pantry items create a mess in the kitchen, so to store them you don’t have to spend a fortune as a plastic wall pocket can quickly solve your problem. You can hang them wherever and anywhere. Isn’t it a fantastic idea to save space and money?  

Magnetic Spice Rack

small kitchen storage ideasSource: pinterest.com

Make the best use of the fridge by using its sides as a storage station. Place the magnetic rack on the side of the fridge to store spices or light-weighted stuff. The best part is you can add as many racks you need. 

Save the Space

We hope that you no longer will cry about the limited kitchen space after reading the post. Make the best small kitchen storage ideas to store more in less space. Please share with us your kitchen storage ideas small spaces in the comment section below. For all the smart tips and ideas, keep coming to HomeDesignNow.