Have you ever wondered why Spanish-style houses are so exciting? Despite its old architecture, Spanish-style houses still look classy and stand out beautifully. The Spanish-style homes are also popular for their warm romantic vibes. You can find an array of Spanish-style homes throughout the southwest region of the United States. The key features of the architecture involve red tile roofs and clean stucco walls. However, you can customize the style as per your living habits. Planning to redo your house, I have come up with amazing Spanish-style homes ideas for you. Continue reading to know more.

Key Characteristics of Spanish Style House

Everything famous around the globe has key characteristics. Interested to know about the features of Spanish colonial houses? Don’t worry! I have spanish style house ideas for you.

Stucco-Clad and Thick Walls:

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One of the unique features of Spanish colonial houses is that they have thick walls. Thick walls help to radiate the heat of the daytime and thus allow the inner walls and rooms to stay cool temperate. It limits the heat during the daytime and maintains the balance when the temperature cools down. These walls get warm during the evening while staying cool in the daytime.

Single Story:

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Did you ever notice that Spanish homes are single-story homes? Yeah! You are right! Spanish colonial architecture follows single-story designs. They are familiar with their ranch-style house with single-story and large spacious rooms. They have extra floors only in rare cases.

Small Windows and Wide Long Doors:

spanish style homes

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One more interesting feature of the Spanish colonial architecture is small Windows while having wide Long Doors. Windows are well equipped with wrought iron grills that allow fresh air to ventilate within the rooms and avoid glass panes. The architecture also suggests the use of wooden barn windows to avoid the heat.

Built with All the Original Components:

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Spanish-style uses the raw elements for its architecture that are classic and original. While some of the houses are made of adobe or mudbrick which is durable and also extremely heavy, others choose coquina rocks. Coquina rocks are firm and people have been using these since1600’s. Moreover, they are thick and density helps the walls to form strong and radiate heat.

Spanish Style Roofs:

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You will typically find barrel roof tiles in earthy and warm colors in Spanish architecture. In traditional homes, such roofs were made up of terracotta clay and slate because of their ability to withstand intense heat. However, today’s tile roofs are made up of concrete, terracotta, and slate roofs. They are environment friendly in addition to being exceptionally durable.

Inner and Extended Courtyards:

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One of the features for which Spanish-style homes are popular is courtyards. These days you won’t find yards more often but Spanish architecture lays stress on the benefits of having courtyards. The architecture maintains the inner courtyard that you can use to host parties, meetings, and celebrations.

Wooden Supporting Beams:

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You can wooden beams to support the exterior walls of the Spanish-style house. Wood beams are steadfast and sturdy and hence Spanish colonial use a lot of them for solid support. People still follow the trend to bring in classy vibes. Modern building practices have made exposed ends of the wooden supports mostly decorative in nature for contemporary construction.

Minimal Orientation:

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If you love simplicity, this is going to be your Spanish colonial character. Spanish architecture believes in minimalist orientation and lays more stress on straightforward and traditional designs. The architecture focuses on intricate detail on the entryways and passageways while keeping private spaces simple and minimalist.

Spanish Style Homes Ideas

The intricate beauties of Spanish architecture with their utmost simplicity are mesmerizing and will take away your hearts. Do you want a Spanish style for your home to turn all your dreams into reality? Here is a list of inspiring Spanish-style home ideas for you.

Lauren Conrad’s Former Pacific Home:

Lauren Conrad’s Former Pacific Home: spanish colonial

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Lauren Conrad’s Former Pacific Home: spanish colonial

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Spanish homes are rectilinear and one such example of this architecture is Lauren Conrad’s Former Pacific Home. This weekend home is in L shape and entertains the lawn of beautiful palm trees. The architecture highlights the use of arches and curves for doors and windows.

Moreover, you will find smooth archway entryways, arcades lining interior courtyards, and cylindrical turrets all over the place. There is mirror work on the arch in the entrance to bring in a definite intricate look while the spark of light that shines through the beautiful glass balconies.

Vince Vaughn’s Former Los Angeles House:

Vince Vaughn’s Former Los Angeles House: spanish colonial

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Vince Vaughn’s Former Los Angeles House: spanish colonial

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Vince Vaughn’s Former Los Angeles House: spanish colonial house

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If you are looking for a beautiful exterior in addition to the interior’s delicate details, Vince Vaughn’s Former Los Angeles House should be your pick. Every feature is raw yet attractive. The architecture makes great use of wooden barns for exterior décor and warmly welcomes people to the conventional worn-out iron bar windows.

The use of natural and local materials emphasizes buildings as being an extension of the surrounding landscape. Moreover, there is a pool close to the entrance of the house and a garden to the side. Choose neutral for the exterior of the house to evoke a warm, cozy feeling while still being grand in size.

Holly Madison’s Former Los Angeles Mansion:

Holly Madison’s Former Los Angeles Mansion: spanish colonial house

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Holly Madison’s Former Los Angeles Mansion: spanish colonial house

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Holly Madison’s Former Los Angeles Mansion: spanish colonial house

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Right from the exteriors to the ornamentation, Holly Madison’s Former Los Angeles Mansion has well utilized the controlled use of orientation. The architecture emphasizes buildings as being an extension of the surrounding landscape with every little thing blending nature in it. You will find sparkling neutral color on the wall while red tilting for the room.

The large window makes the house look more spacious and adds to the beauty of the house. There is also a big pool on the side of the house with tile working on it and a garden in the front.


People in many parts of the world are switching to Spanish-style homes because of their admiring design and great looks. Moreover, the creativity and architecture of these homes have always been practical. Choose one of the above-mentioned Spanish colonial homes that fit your budget right.

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