Getting a washer and a dryer as separate commodities might end up being a pain as both separately costs way more than you would want to pay. Being the two key components of one single process of laundry, you will always need to buy them together. Stackable washer and dryer units are the solution here.

With features that can match the separately sold units, these combo sets prove to be the right product for your needs, satisfying both quality and affordability. The washer-dryer unit becomes a piece of very handy laundry equipment at home as the stacked version will require only half the space as the normal duo of the separate machines. Stackable washer and dryer combos have become very popular, and many companies offer their version of well-functioning units.

5 Factors to Consider Before Getting a Stacked Washer Dryer

stackable washer and dryer


While buying this combination of a product you should know the key features that you need in the machine to make your experience smooth and easy. Some of the factors would include:

  1. The set’s size: Before you start looking at your possibilities, you need to know where this set will go in your home. Measuring the area it will occupy can give you an idea of the type of set that will fit in properly. The height of the set should also be considered, since shorter members of the family may find it difficult to utilize.
  2. The capacity of the machines: the sizes will vary from compact to standard size to a larger capacity. Depending on your needs and the number of people who will be using it, you can decide to choose the right capacity. 
  3. Fuel type: There are two types of stackable washer-dryers on the market. One requires electricity, while the other, gas. A 240-volt power outlet is required for an electrically powered washer dryer stack, although a gas-powered one can be used if you have a gas line. The advantages of a gas-powered stackable washer and dryer set include being gentle and nicer for the clothing while also being less expensive to operate. When compared to electrically powered stackable washers, it is more expensive to buy one.
  4. Water and energy consumed: With the growing need to save the environment, you should also look out for the energy star certificate on these devices. Low energy consumption is a better quality in machines.
  5. Unique features: Some of the brands add in several smart features that make the process of washing clothes better. You can look out for features such as steam settings, dryer syncing, and self-cleaning settings in case you need one with them.

Top 8 Picks for a Stackable Washer Dryer Unit

1. Samsung WF45R6100AP & DVE45R6100P 

stackable washer and dryer


Even though the brand has released several models of similar technology, this is one of the best stackable washer and dryers. It features a total of 4.5 cubic feet of washer capacity with a total of 10 different wash cycles you can choose from. 

The cycles come with the added features of speed wash and five temperature levels. From your delicates to bedding, this machine will be able to wash it clean. The steam function in the set offers the benefit of removing tough stains that are usually difficult to remove. 

The dryer in the combo comes with a reversible door that lets you put in your laundry in whichever way you like. it has a capacity of 7.5 cubic feet and features a light that lets you know that the laundry is done. 

The steam function here does the job of getting out the wrinkles and preventing them, saving you ample time on ironing the clothes yourself. The combo is available in both electrically fuelled and gas-fuelled versions. 

2. LG Electronics WKEX299HWA Laundry Center

stackable washer and dryer


The LG Electronics laundry center comes with a washer capacity of 4.5 cubic feet and a dryer capacity of 7.4 cubic feet. The stacked washer dryer features ThinQ smart technology which lets the users have an eye on the washer and dryer when it runs a cycle, remotely. 

It is compatible with home smart devices such as Alexa and Google Assistant which lets the users use the voice control option as well. The Control panel of the set is given in the center, between the washer and dryer. The use of tempered glass doors extends the set towards the durability factor with added aesthetics as well. 

It also has additional features such as a wrinkle control setting, Tub clean self-cleaning cycle, and a true balance anti-vibration system. The LG Electronics also alters the users of any duct clogging that happens over time through indicators in the machine. 

Keeping in mind the impact on the environment and energy use, it is energy-star qualified as well. The only drawback to this unit is the absence of reversible doors which would increase convenience.


stackable washer and dryer


The GE GFW850 PNG stacked washer dryer combo is best suitable for families that have loads of laundry to do in one go. It features a whopping 5 cubic feet of drum space in the washer and 7.8 cubic feet in the dryer. 

You will be able to choose from an option range of 12 different cycles with one wash and dry cycle that dries small rounds of laundry. Once the washer cycle is over you can transfer the clothes to the dryer and select the option you need or you can let the duo select the right one for you.

The smart combo also comes with the feature of built-in wifi which lets you have control over the cycles and get the update of it remotely. It can be connected to home smart devices as well. The indoor venting system present on the washer prevents molds from growing inside. Extra precaution is taken to ward off bacteria with the addition of Microban technology to the gasket, drain, and dispenser systems.

With all its benefits comes the drawback of having to master the smart technologies it possesses. Secondly, the operations may become a little noisy at times, which may be unpleasant to users.

4. GE GFW550SSNWW Washer and GFD55ESSNWW Dryer

stackable washer and dryer


The GE GFW550SSNWW washer dryer stackable set comes with a 4.8 cubic foot front load washer and a 7.8 cubic foot smart electric dryer. It has the patented balancing technology which keeps the clothes inside in a balanced state. 

It reduces the vibrations due to the process of a quieter cycle. The vent system in the washer is odor blocked and has Microban technology that is built in to keep the interiors clean. The GE’s Reversible door, adds to the convenience of using the unit with a 20-minute quick wash setting available as well. 

The dryer can run a quick dry cycle of 23 mins or less when needed for a small batch of laundry. There are also sanitize cycles, eco dry energy-saving cycles, and five various drying temperatures. 

The GE dryer also has a reversible door for a feature with LED internal lighting, 4-way venting flexibility, and a sensor installed in the vent to detect potential problems. The washer and dryer both have built-in wifi, which allows them to sync and be managed remotely via smartphones. It is on the higher end of the price range and lacks a steam option.

5. Electrolux EFLS527UIW Washer and EFME527UIW Dryer

stackable washer and dryer


The Electrolux features a front load washer of 4.3 cubic foot capacity and an 8.0 cubic foot dryer. It provides 8 different wash cycles and additional features of steam, handwash, fast wash and sanitize. 

Features such as temperature regulation, automatic water level adjustment, adaptive dispensers compatible with liquid detergent and detergent packs make every wash cycle happen thoroughly. Other features include electronic LED controls and a stainless steel tub.

The dryer has a similar 8 options for a drying cycle and 5 temperature settings to choose from, in combination making the apt environment for each type of clothing to dry. The steam option prevents and takes off the wrinkles and a refresh option to refresh clothes in a 10 minutes cycle. 

The luxury quiet sound package installed, manages to reduce the dryer noise to a minimum. Given that, the quality of the machines and features places it on the higher end of the price spectrum.

6. GE Unitized Spacemaker Stack Laundry

stackable washer and dryer


The GE Unitized Spacemaker stacked washer dryer features a 2.3 cubic feet washer and a 4.4 cubic feet dryer which becomes perfect for someone who is living alone or with one other person. 

Featuring 12 different wash cycles it lets you choose and customize each load according to the type, color, and soil level. Due to its size being slim it can be fit into smaller spaces and is deemed perfect for small apartments. 

It also has rotary electromechanical controls with 6 wash/rinse temperatures. Additional features such as 1 wash/spin speed combo, auto load sensing, and cycle status lights are also provided for ease of use. 

7. LG Studio WashTower Washer Dryer Combo

stackable washer and dryer


Taking into account the factor of conserving energy, this model is made with a front-load feature making it energy star certified. It features TurboWash 360 which uses 5 jets to wash one load in a time of 30 minutes with TurboSteam included. The users can manage the function of the combo with LG ThinQ app along with syncing both the machines for custom washes.

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8. Frigidaire Washer Dryer White Electric Stack 

stackable washer and dryer


Frigidaire is a set that closely resembles a traditional washer dryer but is presented uniquely. It has a top load washer with an agitator, making it suitable for heavy-duty washes. The max fill feature allows it to fully cover the clothing with water for big loads. It also lets the user choose from 10 wash and 6 dryer cycles. 

While all of these options are presented to give you features that add to the experience of getting your laundry done right, you need to choose the one you need. 

Some features of these washer dryer stackable sets might be unnecessary to you and some might be more important. So always go ahead with the one that meets your laundry, spatial and budget needs, and that will be the top one for you.

stackable washer and dryer



  • Do all electricity-powered washer dryer units have a single plug?

No. The stackable washer dryer units that have separate machines need two plugs, one for each unit. Although, the stackable combo that comes as a single unit only needs one. 

  • What is the height of a washer dryer stackable unit?

The dimensions of the unit differ from model to brand. On a generic note, the height of the stackable unit can range from 74 1/4″ to 78 7/8″

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