A table is a necessary thing in every house. On the table, you can put your food, books, keys, and other stuff, and it could be a great decor piece in your home. You can place a table anywhere in the house, like in your living room, kitchen, or bedroom. Decorating your house and finding the ideal table for your space can be a little stressful. Every homeowner wants a perfect table for their home. So here are the unique table designs for you. If you are going to buy a table for your space and had a little confusion about it, here is a complete guide for you to select your dream table.

Types Of Table:

First, figure out which kind of table you required. There are different kinds of desks out there. All of these tables have different purposes.

  1. Coffee Table

A coffee table is generally placed in the living area. You can set your coffee table in front of your couch. It holds your drinks, food, etc. You can also display some books and place small plants to decorate it. 

cofee table

Source: expandfurniture.com

  1. Accent Table

An accent table is used as a name for many types of tables. It is the centerpiece of your home. This table could be an antique, traditional, or modern piece as per your liking.

accent table

Source: overstock.com

  1. Side Table

Side tables are placed side to your sofa or bed. They are easy to pull up. When you want to put your drink while watching tv, then these side tables are handy and useful.

side table

Source: sauder.com

  1. Dining Table

A dining area is a place where you have your meals with your family and friends. People commonly use a four seating dining table, but you can add more chairs as required. Go for a regular dining table, or you can choose a corner breakfast table if you want to save space.

dining table

Source: shivfurniture.co.in

  1. Work Table

 The worktables are highly practical. They don’t necessarily need to look attractive. These kinds of work tables have some holes at the back for cords and also have charging plugs. They came in a variety of sizes and shapes. You can choose between a standing up or a sitting-down table. Depending on your work, you can place these tables either outside or inside your home. 

work table

Source: hivemodern.com


Think about the space where you were going to place the table. Tables came in various shapes and sizes. You can select a table according to your home space. 

  1. Square and Rectangle

Square and rectangle are the most common shapes. Rectangular, shaped tables are perfect for dining because many people can sit around and have food together. Where a small square-shaped table can work as a side table. You can place these tables side to your couch.

rectangle tables

Source: laurameroni.com

  1. Polygon

Polygon shapes are semi-circle, hexagon, Octagon, and many more different forms. If you want to add a fun element to your apartment, then go for unique shaped tables. These unconventionally shaped tables will add drama to your area.

polygon shaped table

Source: overstock.com

  1. Round

Round tables are unique and make the space comfortable. Rounded shapes are not found in traditional unique table designs. Round tables are modern and sophisticated. They have no sharp edges so, it is a good option for families with kids.

round table

Source: inmod.com


  1. Mid-Century Modern

The mid-century table is made from organic material with a modern look. They have clean lines and sharp features.

mid century modern table

Source: walmart.com

  1. Industrial Look

If you are living in an apartment and can’t show the exposed beams and brick walls, then use unexpected materials and elements. Use a rough-looking hardware table as your coffee table. This table will give you an industrial vibe to your apartment.

industrial looking table

Source: etsy.com


There is a variety of materials that are available in the market. You can choose a table with any of these materials and make your home a relaxed and peaceful place.

  1. Wood 

Wood tables are solid, strong, and withstand time. Use different types of wood like oak, pine, and premium wood for the table.  Wood veneer is an extremely thin panel of wood. These panels are added to other materials like plastic or boards to look like solid wood. They are lighter as compared to wood and also less expensive than real wood.

wooden table

Source: akha.com

  1. Marble

Marble is a classic and evergreen beauty. A marble coffee table is perfect for you if you want a classy-looking space. But Marble demands high maintenance, and it only cleaned with approved cleaners. A  Marble table is substantial and also expensive.

marble table

Source: dfs.ie

  1. Glass

Glass is a prevalent material. A glass top will add a surprising element to your ordinary-looking table. It easily blends with the theme of your house. Glass table can be traditional or modern. They are cheap but fragile. It demands regular cleaning because they can quickly get dirty. 

glass table

Source: home-designing.com

  1. Metal

Metal is a dense material. Copper and steel are commonly used metals for a table. With little details of gold and silver, it could be the centerpiece of your house. These metallic tables are heavy and sturdy and could be expensive. 

metal table

Source: kwalitijdopschool.nl

If you want to give your space a new look, then try these coffee table design ideas.

  1. Foosball game coffee table
  2. Stonework coffee table
  3. Mirror coffee table
  4. Tree trunk coffee table
  5. Glass display coffee table

Choose your unique table designs wisely and according to your requirements. If you don’t have a proper sitting area in your home, then use a large dining table. It serves both the purpose of the dining table and also works as a sitting place for the guests. You can use tables that have a storage place in them for space-challenged homes. Browse through Homedesignnow for more amazing ideas.