If you have recently moved into a fixer-upper, it’s probably not just the house you need to spruce up. Quite often, fixer-uppers also have lawns that have not been tended to in a long while — they’re often dirty and overgrown. Taming yard appearance is undoubtedly going to be a challenge.

Taking on the task of making an unruly lawn presentable is not going to be easy, but with these tips from experts in lawn care in Red Oak, TX, you can turn this project into a well-organized and even enjoyable one. Here are six great tips to follow.

1. Decide on how many lawn care tasks you can regularly and reasonably manage

lawn care tasks

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Yards need consistent maintenance. Otherwise, they will revert to their unruly state quickly, so think carefully about how you (and perhaps your household, too) will be able to keep up with necessary lawn care. Ask yourselves how much you can do on a regular basis, or if you’re even up to it.

If your lawn is too big, consider decreasing its size by creating a concrete pavement, or turning one portion of the yard into a Japanese sand garden. Concrete and sand do not need much maintenance, after all. You should also consider getting rid of shrubs and trees, particularly if you have no idea how to take care of them or you find them too to be much work for you.

2. Find pros who can help

Taming Yard

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If you will be changing the size of your lawn, employing experienced landscapers and lawn care experts will be quite helpful. Lawn care specialists can clean up the yard and make sure that everything’s in the right size and shape. 

Meanwhile, landscapers can design the outdoor space to make lawn care easier for you to stay on top of. They can add structural implements such as a shed, gazebo, or fountain, as well as seating areas that just need some sweeping instead of dedicated plant care. Along with this, they can create a layout that can reduce the amount of time you dedicate to care and maintenance of the yard. Let’s see garden maintenance tips from Houston arborists.

3. Create a Clean Slate

Taming Yard

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One of the best strategies for taming a wild lawn is to get rid of all the weeds and old grass to make way for new turf. Most of the time, starting with a clean slate is just the way to go. It will put you in better control of what grows in your garden

Additionally, this will allow you to finally achieve what you really want for your outdoor space in terms of function and appearance. Say, if you want to make sure that you have green grass all year round, you can install grass species that are endemic to the area. Typically, they will not only require less care, but they will also thrive much better.

4. Replace Grass

Taming Yard

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Another idea to consider if you want to make the yard more manageable is to replace grass with something else. To be honest, the grass is not always that easy to care for, and if you are all about making lawn care easier to do, perhaps you’ll be better off with grass alternatives. Other types of vegetation grow faster, without needing much attention, but are equally visually delightful.

Moss is one of the best alternatives to grass. This is the right replacement for some because they need almost no care. They do not require fertilizers and watering because they get their sustenance from the air. They also come in different species, and you can easily find a type of moss that is perfect for your climate.

Other fantastic grass alternatives are Blue Star Creeper, Elfin Thyme, and Green Carpet Rupturewort. These grass substitutes are hardy, drought-tolerant, pet-friendly, and they even change colors with the seasons. Plus, instead of growing too tall, they spread out more. Therefore, containing them is more about side-trimming instead of regular mowing.

5. Plant with Pest Control in Mind

Pest Control

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One of the common problems that come with an overgrown yard is the presence of pests. All kinds of little creepers and fliers take refuge in the tangle of weeds and debris build-up.

A cleanup is definitely the best thing to do to drive away from the tiny inhabitants of your yard, but you can also prevent pesky pests from coming back by planting strategically. There are plants that are known to drive away from everything from snakes to mosquitoes, destructive beetles, and moths.

You may want to have some of these plants in your yard to make it a safe place for you and the family: 

  • Citronella
  • Lavender
  • Marigolds
  • Bee Balm
  • Lemon Balm
  • Rosemary
  • Catnip
  • Spearmint

These pest-repelling plants will serve your lawn well. They do not just drive away pests, but they’re also pretty, fragrant (especially during the spring and summer), and even edible and medicinal. Many of the listed plants are herbal remedies and can be turned into tea, as well as used as aromatics for sauces.

6. Invest in Lawn Care Tools

Lawn Care Tools

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It’s smart to have the best performing tools in your shed to stay consistent with lawn care. This way, you can do a bit of pruning and cleaning up the moment you see your lawn growing in a way that you do not want it to.

It’s good to have your own lawnmower that all the family members can use. You will need pruners, too; these are what you use to clearly define the shape of your yard and cut away dead leaves and branches. Besides those, make sure you have a rake for sweeping away grass cuttings, fallen leaves, and branches. 

You may also want to invest in an outdoor blow torch for the weeds. And, of course, you should get a garden hose. This is a multipurpose tool; you can use it to water your turf and plants, drive away pests, and clean surfaces, especially when it comes with a power nozzle.

There’s nothing like a proven effective approach to make any overwhelming task less intimidating, according to professionals in lawn care in Waxahachie, TX. The tips shared above can get you started on a game plan for turning the messy outdoor space surrounding your fixer-upper into a visually pleasing and highly functional sanctuary for your family.