The tankless water heater is completely different from storage or tank-based water heaters. It is capable of offering a regular flow of warm water whenever there is a demand. It works on a relatively simple concept. The heater works along with a modulating burner and high-efficiency heat exchanger. Because of their exceptional efficiency, a tankless water heater is an effective option for energy consumption. With tankless water heater installation Columbus OH the end-users can save about 40% in yearly energy expenses when compared to the tank-type water heater models. Thus, due to these benefits, it remains attractive for budget-conscious and eco-minded customers. 

Also, these are the two strong factors that make this model famous with consumers. When it is installed with the right strategy by the contractors, the customers can easily enjoy the benefits, be it they are doing a retrofit upgrade or new tankless water heater installation Columbus, Ohio

Ensure to be easy with the product:

We have shared four exclusive tips that may assist contractors while servicing and installing tankless water heaters.

1. Utilize Troubleshooting Best Practices:

tankless water heater installation Columbus OH


Before searching for a gas water heater service near me Columbus, Ohio, we suggest you get familiar with the manufacturer’s installation manual. It is simple to follow and take action, especially when servicing and troubleshooting.

When you do not follow the manual’s base knowledge and recommended servicing flowcharts, there are chances to opt for part replacement without determining the real culprit. It can result in a serious issue again in a quick time and you may have to dial for service again. 

Moreover, the latest high-efficiency products do not mandatorily come with the same indicators that were present in your old parts. They alternatively display an error code like the car that comes with a check engine light when connected with the diagnostic unit. 

By just learning the fault code, it is not possible to close the issue or complete the diagnosis. The functionality problem would result as a consequence of the issue in the plumbing, venting, or gas. If you are noticing this, ensure to get in touch with the water heater manufacturer. Nowadays, most manufacturers have a customer care center and are also willing to help customers who have purchased their products. 

When speaking with the customer support team, you need to have your troubleshooting guide close by. The majority of the customer support experts would ask whether you have followed the instructions as specified in the instruction manual. They also enquire about the steps you have taken apart from the instruction manual. 

The technician would start to give solutions only after noting down your serial number and model number of the unit. Though the call takes a long time, it is completely worth interacting with them, as they are manufacturers of the product and know exactly how to repair it.

Also, it is recommended to resolve the issue quickly and easily by approaching certified professionals. 

2. Schedule Regular Maintenance and Tune-Ups: 

tankless water heater installation Columbus OH


If you wish to have a long service life and a high-performance water heater, you should perform routine maintenance. The conventional water heater needs replacement once in seven to ten years. The tankless models last for about twenty years if you have followed all the mentioned annual maintenance checkups. 

The contractor performs annual maintenance by evaluating the combustion chamber, venting system, condensate trap, water filter, pressure relief, and burner. In most cases, the maintenance suggestions by the manufacturer include cleaning the heat exchanger’s fin coils and scraping the heat exchanger once a year.

Check the water heater as well as its associated components for fatigue or wear and ensure to repair the entire vaults to eliminate system damage. 

By performing routine maintenance to the tankless water heaters, repair issues can be addressed early and it also aids in extending the unit’s life. When performing maintenance and troubleshooting, create a routine and follow as per the routine. When you perform according to the planned routine, you will start to double-check and review every part better. 

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