If you are reading this, then it proves that you need to install a new glass fireplace door or replace the existing affected one. Don’t wait to get recommendations from others. Know yourself and pick the right one for you. It will save your pocket from a wrong glass door installation. The glass comes in different types to serve different purposes. The main two options are tempered glass fireplace and ceramic glass fireplace. 

Both glasses have their own functionalities and characteristics that distinguish their use. Knowing the dissimilarities between those two will bring a huge satisfaction to your use.

Salient Features of Tempered Glass Fireplace Doors That Make It Superior Over Ceramic One

Here, you will find several features of tempered glass that make it a perfect fit to use as a fireplace door. 

Tempered Glass Fireplace

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Ensures Safety

Tempered Glass Fireplace

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The manufactures keep safety concerns in mind in the production of tempered glass. The proof is when it breaks down. If any accident happens, the glass does shatter. However, the good side is the broken pieces are too small that they cannot cause any harm.

When ordinary glass breaks down, it creates about 6,000 psi (pounds per square inch (psi). Where tempered glass breaks at about 24,000 psi in general. Thus, it ensures the safety of the family members properly. 


Tempered Glass Fireplace

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Tempered glass is much more durable than any other ordinary glass or ceramic glass.  The manufacturing process of tempered glass follows the heat process, sometimes the chemical process. That creates compression and tension in the glass.

It provides the durable feature of the glass. So that you will find it durable enough to satisfy the necessity to stand up to your fireplace heat!


Tempered Glass Fireplace

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You don’t need to think about the availability of that type of glass. You can get it in a wide variety. You can either buy it from a shop or order it online.

Make sure that the seller is authentic in both cases. This is the only factor you need to judge. Also, you will get tempered glass in your budget. It is less expensive than ceramic glass.

Burning Protection

Tempered Glass Fireplace

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Ceramic glass can handle extreme heat better than any other glass, it is a good side. However, when it comes to using it as a glass fireplace door, the popular choice is tempered glass.

This is because; your fireplace will burn away as long as the door is closed. Also, it is safe after broken.  

Easy Installation

Tempered Glass Fireplace

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For your fireplace door installation, tempered glass is very easy to handle. You do not need to hire any professional person for this setup.

If you have some simple tools, you are capable of managing this alone. The replacing process is also hassle-free as like a new installation

Low Maintenance

Tempered Glass Fireplace

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You don’t need to spend much time maintaining this glass. This type of glass requires very low maintenance. You can clean it very easily just with a wet mop and warm water or glass cleaner.

However, take some precautions and safety measures when you are cleaning the fireplace door. It can be very risky too if you overlook to be careful enough.
Considering the overall functionalities, safety benefits, and budget, tempered glass is the perfect fit for a fireplace door. 

What If Ceramic Glass Fireplace Door Break?

Tempered Glass Fireplace

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It is obvious, the glass may break down as it is a fragile material. In that case, you need to ensure safety based on the use and breakage possibilities.

A fireplace is a common place where all family members have access. So, you need to be careful about choosing glass considering this factor, Otherwise, it may create harm for kids and elderly people living at home. 

Ceramic glasses are for withstanding at extreme temperatures. That is why people often use this in their wood stoves, ovens, gas stoves, laboratories, halogen lamps, etc. For the temperature-surviving characteristic, many people think to use this glass as the door of the fireplace.

However, you must also consider safety. In any instance, if it breaks down, the glass pieces do not shatter. The pieces will crack into big shards. This may create a very risky situation.  

On the other hand, tempered glasses break into many tiny pieces when broken. It usually does not crack. That is comparatively safe in broken conditions. 

Difference in Cost

Tempered Glass Fireplace

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It is a very important factor to compare the price before buying any glass type. You need to know all about the expenses like buying cost, carrying cost, installing expense, replacing cost, maintenance cost, etc. In that case, tempered glass will save your pocket. 

  • This type of glass is economical enough that you can bear all the expenses from buying to maintenance. 
  • You can save your installation cost as well. It is because; you can set up this fireplace glass door as a DIY project. You need to just follow the guidelines from the user manual that comes with the glass sellers you buy from.
  • This is pretty durable so that you will not have to spend frequently for replacing or maintenance.

Where to Buy Quality Tempered Glass Fireplace Door?

You will find several benefits both from tempered glass and ceramic glass. Ultimately, it all depends on what is your purpose to use. However, you must not violate the warranty period and avoid potential damage to your fireplace door. Remember to maintain only the glass type that is your door designed for.

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