Who says small spaces are not for everyone? We came up with a list of the best small houses in the world that are for everyone. We can bet that this list of tiny houses will definitely be going to steal your heart with their amazing structure and beauty.

Who says you can’t live in a small living space? Everyone has a dream to live in a large and luxurious place but Believe us !! tiny homes will also give you the same comfort and luxury. 

Here we gathered up ten best tiny houses from the world to change your perspective towards small homes

We all know that a tiny house has less space as compared to regular ones, but things we don’t know is that it is also came with less expense, less maintenance, and of course fewer bills. 

You don’t need an ample budget to buy a tiny house. As they came in various shapes and sizes, they can fit in everyone’s pocket. They are perfect for living solo or with small families. Whether you wanna live in the countryside or in the back of beyond, we got a house for every place. 

Take a look at these incredible tiny homes in beautiful locations:   

Garden Pavilion

Garden Pavilion tiny house

Source: archdaily.com


Architect: Robert M Gurney, FAIA

Location: Bethesda, United States

Garden Pavillion house won the AIA national awards in 2013. This site is surrounded by tall mature trees, gardens and stone walls. The roof has a floating steel prism over a stone element. It also has all the luxury elements such as a swimming pool, stainless steel roof, beautiful bluestone flooring. This house is a great example of a strong set of geometric elements and designs. 

Le Nuage 

Le Nuage  tiny house

Source: travelandleisure.com


Architect: Zebra3

Location: Bordeaux, France 

Le Nuage house was firstly installed as an art piece, but now it is opened for holidaymakers. This tiny house is in the shape of the cloud, and it is painted in white to get the proper look of a fluffy cloud. And the location makes it perfect for holiday lovers. It can give shelter for up to seven people. Architects used materials like plywood, softwood, and plexiglass, which totally look fantastic. We’ll tell you in advance that this house doesn’t have water and electricity, so next time when you plan to visit this house, keep in mind these factors. 

Port- A – Bach 

Port- A - Bach  tiny house

Source: ccarchitects.co.nz


Architect: Atelier Workshop 

Port -A- Bach is a house that is made from a shipping container. First, the prototype of its structure is designed in china and the final placement is done in New Zealand. Its interior features seamless designs such as built-in cupboards, shelves and have a modern stainless steel kitchen and bathroom with an open shower. This house brings compact living to another level. It has all the modern features like foldaway elements such as a bed, walls that can open, which creates an open space. This place is a perfect destination for your holidays, so plan your next trip here. 

Exbury Egg

Exbury Egg tiny house

Source: padstudio.co.uk


Architect: PAD Studio, SPUD group & Stephen turner

Location: Beaulieu UK

The Exbury Egg house is designed to float like a boat, i.e. to rise and fall with the tide. It can be a cool place to stay and collect or study the tidal creek. This tiny home features a bed, desk, a small stove, and a wet room. This location has very extreme weather conditions like 365 days of strong winds, heavy rain, and bleaching sun rays.  

The Mountain Cabin

The Mountain Cabin tiny house

Source: archdaily.com


Architect: Marte.Marte Architects

Location: Laterns, Vorarlberg Austria

Area: 485.4 sq. meters

Year: 2011

The main attraction point of this site is its location. Covered in the white snow, this house will mesmerize you with its beauty. The steep slope and spectacular landscape supported it in a beautiful way. The combination of elegant materials like Concrete- which gives this house a rough look and fluffy snow gives a soft touch to it. This tiny house interior has Windows frames and doors that are made from solid oak wood with clear glass which gives it a luxurious look. The dense forest is the perfect background for this site. 

The Hemloft 

The Hemloft tiny house

Source: reddit.com


Architect: Joe Allen

Location: Whistler, Canda

It’s one of the cute tiny houses. Joe Allen is an innovative software developer, but he also got an imaginative side. So, he self-learned carpentry and designed this awesome tiny house in the forest. The breathtaking home has the best fact is that is it clings with a tree. The whole concept is very unique in itself as Joe wants to appreciate and embrace the beauty of nature. 

Quiet House

Quiet House tiny house

Source: archdaily.com


Architect: Artelabo Architecture

Location: Gignac, France

Area: 80 sq. meters

Year: 2015

French architects Nadine Chambon Fayard and Laurent Fayard crafted this wonderful house. The ‘Quiet House’ stands out among all the buildings because of the movement of its interior with the contrasting close exterior. The white building has a regular composition with a Vernacular material language. You’ll see remarkable roof designs with roof tiles, plaster and all this stunning geometry under a sloping roof.


ViVood tiny house

Source: humble-homes.com


Architect: Mayo Pardo

Location: Spain

Area: 130- 345 sq. ft. 

A group of Spanish architects and engineers come together to design this house. The basic concept is to make a sustainable and organic house. So they came up with this idea of creating a ‘Vivood house’. This house is energy sufficient shelter with all modern technology. This modular home consists of solar panels and a wooden base with adjustable legs. It’s completely designed in Spain using local materials like pinewood, but it also has all modern facilities like dry toilets and a system for storing water.  

Urban Kootenay

Urban Kootenay tiny house

Source: tinyhouseenvy.com


Architect: Tru Form Tiny

Tru house came up with two models in tiny house designs; Urban Kootenay and Payette. Urban Kootenay house is a little bit larget than his sibling Payette. It has more loft space, a drop-down deck, bathroom, and an outer nook. It comes in three sizes 22,24, and 28 ft. You can customize each section of this beautiful house, so why are you waiting? Order this one for you now. 

Rossell Lea 

Rossell Lea tiny house

Source: maxablespace.com


Architect: Ben Giles

Location: Sydney, Australia

Area: 645 square ft. 

Year: 2010

This beautiful tiny house located in Australia and constructed by famous architect Ben Giles. He has an experience of 20 years in various projects like medical and apartments buildings. This house only has a ground floor which includes the kitchen, dining area, and living room. This house also has a separate dwelling and a single car garage located in the rear of the existing home. To increase the landscaping area, a portion of the garden in the backyard area. 

All these tiny houses are breathtaking and an illustration of the beauty of architecture in a small space. So next time when you’re planning a trip, don’t forget about these impressive tiny houses. To get more such amazing info just browse through Homedesignnow.