There are a lot of reasons why someone wants to market their home, but there are also distinct reasons why they want to sell it fast. It could be due to a job relocation, financial reasons or the homeowner wants to have a clean slate. Regardless, tips to sell your home fast requires strategy and a system. 

Selling it as quickly as possible may not be the most glamourized processing out of all house buying procedures. The seller is required to upscale his home on a time crunch and make sure the buyer is nothing but reliable. Here are some tips on how to sell a house fast:

Tips to Sell Your Home Fast


Depersonalize the Property

When selling a home, bear in mind that this is not your own. On a time crunch, the first step to do is to declutter and make the space appealing to the buyers. Start by unpacking unnecessary things or large furnishings that can make the interior too crowded. It is best to rent out a storage unit or any disposal space nearby so that decluttering can be quick and easy. 

Details are also important in depersonalizing a home. The seller can give attention to these by organizing the remaining closets that are needed for the staging. Start minimal in your interior to leave an impression that the home is spacious and is good for work at home setting – especially that this is the work trend in 2020.

Quick Repair, Quick Sale

If time is the main priority, the seller may not do major repairs but instead focus on the easy fixes. These include faded paints, loose tiles, non-functional door handles, or leaky faucets. The repairs that can be easily questioned is the target when it comes to quick revamping. This will leave an impression to the client that the seller takes good care of the home resulting in a trustworthy connection.

Pick a Selling Strategy


When it comes to negotiation, you have two options: do it yourself or hire an agent. If the option chosen is the former, the biggest benefit the seller can have is saving the commission that is supposedly for an agent. Negotiation may not be a piece of cake but it doesn’t mean you can’t learn it. Just be prepared in setting timelines, contract paperwork, and attorney consultation in assuring the forms are filled out correctly.

Hire an Agent

If the seller opted to hire an agent, the responsibilities become easier. With the commission from the house they are paid to sell, they already know how to sell it as fast as lightning. 


Another alternative strategy may be selling the home to a house flipper. This strategy is often the fastest but does not expect to have a high market value. The intention of the house flippers is to upscale the house onto something better, that’s why they often buy homes that have a low market value. If the price is not the dilemma, this is a recommended method to use.

The seller can also auction his home. This process guarantees a quick buy but is likely to sell for a lower price than those on the local market. When it comes to picking strategies, the seller must be firm about what is the intention of selling it in order to know what audience to have.

Tips to Sell Your Home Fast


Be Available

Being able to be present at all costs makes the client more eager to buy from the seller. When it comes to selling a home, the buyer is always on-command. This is why not only the house but also the seller needs to be prepared in any circumstance. The slightest unavailability often leads to missed opportunities of having a closed deal buyer; to prevent such situations, it is best to be alert and reachable. 

These scenarios also offer such last-minute negotiations that result in good outcomes. Whether the client wants to negotiate over the house fixtures or extra space, it is commonly a phone call that changes a deal. The seller can also discuss the terms of the house price during the negotiation itself. 

When selling a home fast, these four guidelines can be a good start. Of course, pricing will definitely depend on the house condition and on other bidding homes on the market. The seller has to make sure not to over or underprice the home and give it the value it deserves. At the end of the day, bargaining and negotiation are the seller’s greatest allies.