Are you planning to spice up the relationship between your place and ceiling? What we meant to say is, are you looking for ceiling transformation? Or maybe you are just thinking about it and here to know about the perfect tray ceiling ideas for your place? There are many of us who at first neglected the power of an attractive ceiling.

Usually, when we are renovating or innovating for the first time, the plain ceiling is the thing that we go for! But let us tell you, plain is boring (not always, but mostly) and ceilings have a significant influence on your room, be it spaciousness or lightings. And believe us, the tray ceiling is one of a kind if you want to have the best ceiling to charm the visitors.

Here in this blog, we will enlighten you with the meaning and benefits of tray ceilings. And with that, you will also find a few grand, beautiful, and elegant tray ceiling ideas.

What is a Tray Ceiling?

A ceiling, also known as an inverted or recessed ceiling that has the appearance of an inverted tray. The feature of the tray ceiling includes a center section that is higher than the surrounding ceiling panels in the room, creating a hollow space for lights and accessories.

What are the benefits of a tray ceiling?

– It can separate the large room into a different section with its mind-blowing features. 

– It can give a heightened look to your small room.

– Adds a focal point to the area.

– It will provide a suspiciously brightening effect without the placement of many light bulbs.

– They can be installed in any room, be it a bedroom, living room, kitchen, or even a hallway.

– It is easy to install and the cost of a tray ceiling is on average between $500 to $1,500 per ceiling depending on detail work and size. 

So these were the benefits and now, here are a few tray ceiling ideas that you should look at or consider for the decorative ceilings.

1. Keeping it Real Tray Ceiling

tray ceiling ideas


You can go for the simple and basic tray ceiling. Make sure it matches the shape of your room. Get a chandelier that enhances the look of your room like the one in the image. The color palette of the tray ceiling in the dining room matches with the entire room and the chandelier gives the eclectic vibes. 

2. Play with the Shapes of Tray

Shapes of Tray


It isn’t necessary that you should only have a rectangular or squared tray ceiling. You can opt for the shape of your room if it is circular and get the circular tray ceiling installed. You can even think out of the box and get the round ceiling installed in a rectangle room. 

Like the one in the picture, but for that to blend in the features, there should be a connecting point. Here in this image, the shape of the dining and ceiling is the same and hence they both are enhancing each other’s existence.

3. Accentuate it with Wood



Have a farmhouse look? Or want to add warmth to your room? Then go for the wood paneling in the recessed part of the ceiling. Add the LED lights to accentuate the view. The wooden incorporation looks best in the kitchen.

4. Play with Moldings in the Tray

tray ceiling ideas


A Tray ceiling with crown molding is in trend. The crown molding gives a royal look. Like the one in an image, the decorative crown molding is giving the room an antique outlook. Undoubtedly everyone is going to ask you for inspiration. The color should be blending and in contrast with the room.

5. Blend it with Elements of the Room

Elements of the Room


What does it mean to blend with the elements of the room? For instance, your bedroom has a vintage theme, you have arranged everything according to the idea. So it gets evident that the ceiling should be in the same style too. This is what blending with elements means! For that, you can use wallpaper, lights, decoratives, colors, and whatnot. 

6. Industrial Tray Ceiling


An industrial room needs an industrial tray ceiling, let the beams be exposed, give the raw effect to the tray ceiling and look at how it complements the room. Look at the picture, a basement living room with an industrial theme is looking spacious and attractive with the pipes and beams exposed in the tray ceiling.

7. Tray Ceiling with Rope Lights

tray ceiling ideas


The best way to accessorize the tray ceiling is with the lights. LED light strip on the borders gives a heavenly look to the area. Most of the designers prefer this type of inverted roof with lights in master bedrooms or living rooms. 

8. Tray Ceiling with Beams

tray ceiling ideas


Why go with the typical tray ceiling? Let beam be the focal point, create the boxes using the beans as a base and the final look will want you to play imaginary tic-tac-toe. This one will go for an industrial look house also.

9. Paint Tray Ceiling

tray ceiling ideas


Painting a ceiling is an important, crucial, and confusing thing to do. A single mistake and everything is ruined. Make sure the color palette matches and blends well with the room. You can go with the two-tone color selection too. There are a few options while painting the tray ceiling, such as:

– Go for the two colors, one for vertical walls, and one for horizontal.

– Walls and tray in single color and ceiling in a different color. (This one will make the ceiling stand out.)

– Three different colors for walls, tray, and ceiling. (This one will create a dramatic effect.)

Other than this, you can also go for wallpaper to attract the eyes of guests. Use wallpaper for the ceiling or even the tray, and both will have a definite look at the room.

Tray Ceiling to Serve the Eyes of Guests:

These were the few tray ceiling ideas that you should go for! Analyze the room and your personality and let the ceiling reflect it. Tell your guests about the idea of the ceiling, like you are a pro at it. We have your secret safe with us! For more information on decorating or renovating your home, visit Homedesignnow.