Tudor style houses are houses that originated in England and belong to Medieval architecture. These houses were first seen in the period between 1500 and 1560 and then it got very popular and is seen in many parts of the world today. 

Tudor houses are easily recognizable due to their different appearance. Gable roofs are their identity, all the Tudor houses have such a roof. Big chimneys, elegant doors, and big windows are also their characteristics. 

Today, we have brought this post to make you have a detailed overview of the Tudor style houses. After reading the post, you will have a clear understanding of this house’s style and its characteristics. Now, let us move ahead and check out first the special identity of these houses which separate them from other normal houses, i.e. the Gable roof.

What a Gable Roof is? 

tudor style houses: Gable roof

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For those of you who don’t know what a gable roof is, let us inform you that it is a triangular-shaped roof that is commonly seen across the USA. There are two sections in this roof having a slope on both sides which meet to form a ridge at the top. 

These roofs have a lot of benefits, in the areas where there are heavy snowfall and rain, you will see most of the houses having this roof as it is very protective against these calamities. The cost of making such a roof is not that much as the materials used for making it are available locally. Mostly, terracotta, slate, plastics, and concrete are used for designing it. 

Where Can I See One? 

If you want to see a good example of a Tudor style home then you can see one in Maryland. It is located in the city of Montgomery County at the juncture of Chevy Chase Circle, Brookville Road and, Connecticut Avenue. It is a perfect house that has decorative chimneys, dormers, half-timbering, vergeboards, and many other things. 

Tudor Style Houses Interior and Exterior Characteristics

Tudor houses have some very good interior and exterior identities which make them special and distinct from other normal houses. Some of the characteristics of these houses are mentioned below in detail. Let us have a look at them.  


tudor style house: beam

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The ceilings of these houses look like cathedral styles. Either box beams use for the ceilings or the faux beams. Faux beams nowadays use to give a modern look to the interior. 

The notable feature of these houses is the exposed external beams too. Some houses have bricks on the lower levels and a beam for the upper level whereas in some cases, beams are there from the ground to the ceiling. 


stone flooring of tudor style house

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Earlier houses have dirt flooring but they replace by stone or wood afterward. Now, you will see stone flooring in most modern houses. Stone flooring looks really attractive and elegant. 


Tudor style house: Room Designsource: pinterest.com

The rooms of these houses in regular shape, either square or rectangular. This room also in H-shape rooms in many countries. You can make the room spacious as per your needs.


window for tudor style house

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The doors and windows of these houses are usually tall and narrow. Windows fit in wooden frames and they also call casement windows. They have a hinge and fit in such a way that the window opens outside. So, whenever people want to have fresh air inside the house, they just open the window and enjoy the cool airflow. 

The Tudor period was the first to witness glass windows. Earlier, it uses to be very expensive to manufacture big glass panels so at that time small glass panels build and they hold together in lattice patterns with lead. Many people at that time couldn’t afford glass so they used other materials for windows.

Also, it was very difficult to fit big glass panels so it was wise to manufacture small glass panels and then fit them together in diamond-shaped lattices. The era of these lattice patterns in windows started in the Tudor period and is continued. 

Dormer windows are also very popular in these houses. The gable roof often has dormer windows. For those of you who don’t know what a dormer window is, let us inform you that it is a window that is found projecting vertically from a sloping roof. 

Modern Tudor houses can have the same window structures. One can take inspiration from these windows and build the same in new houses as well.  


fireplace at tudor style house

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Fireplaces and chimneys were very common in earlier times. Most of the houses had these structures in their house. The primary reason behind the fireplaces was the intense cold at that time, it uses to give people warmness against the bitter cold. Also, it uses to cook food.  

There used to be two fireplaces, one in the living room and the other in the kitchen. House members used to sit together near the one in the living room to warm themselves while the one in the kitchen worked for preparing the food. 

Due to these fireplaces, there was a necessity for the chimneys as one needs to have a way to throw the smoke out of the house. Usually, at least one chimney was needed in the houses where there are fireplaces. The rich people have chimneys and the poor ones have small holes to get the smoke out of their house. 

These tall chimneys build with bricks and they give symmetrical patterns to make them look good. Nowadays, people have got other means of heating so you won’t find a fireplace in modern houses. But they still keep chimneys just to give an aesthetic and traditional look to the house. 

tudor style houses

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That’s it, there was a detailed overview of Tudor style houses We hope that now you have got a complete overview of it. 

If you are planning to design a new house or plan to renovate the existing one then you can think of making modern Tudor style houses as they will look beautiful and elegant. Check out some good Tudor house plans and select the best from them that you find the most appropriate as per your needs.

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