“House is where our story starts.” These days people are very much inspired by the thought of giving their home a different look and making it appear to be a paradise. With so many online portals and exclusive magazines, you get the idea of decorating or turn your house into an exotic island getaway where you wish to go on a vacation. Isn’t it an amazing thought? 

Make your home so fascinating and exciting that you don’t have to go anywhere else for holidays. Create an atmosphere that is calming and relaxing so that you don’t have to find any place, especially to get rejuvenated. Sounds interesting?

Now when it comes to relaxing, most people wish to go on an island, where cool waves, blue sky, and refreshing ocean makes the day and rejuvenate the mood.

So why not live at your favorite spot for life by decorating it in that way. But how can it be possible? Well, we have shared few points that will help you in making your home look like an exotic island. 

Build the Atmosphere in Your Mind

Turn Your House into an Exotic Island Getaway

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What do you feel when you think to turn your house into an exotic island getaway? Usually, people imagine a fresh island breeze, tropical foliage, and an ocean, right? Now, this picture looks very relaxing and exciting. And if you add wild animals in the thought, then it will take you directly to the island.

You can think of a combination that includes light, charming and fresh aura; for this, you can add animal prints and natural plants at home. We will talk about it in detail, keep on reading the next point. 

Build the Surroundings

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What does it take to build the surroundings and make it look like an exotic island? It includes walls, floors, ceilings, and an outdoor pool. To create the look, let’s begin by adding light and cream-colored walls and flooring.

For the exotic island look, wood floors that have light creamy shades will work perfectly. Make sure you incorporate beach colors like caramel browns and white sand colors for the rest of the area. 

Pick Small Home Trees

Turn Your House into an Exotic Island Getaway

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You must have heard of bonsai plants; they look cute and add the freshness of the island to the house. You can opt for a few indoor trees and can survive within the home.

Make sure you don’t fill the complete house with them, choose 2 or 3 and place it in your living room next to your furniture. As it will enhance the tropical look and add an ample amount of oxygen to the room. 

Choose an Exotic wallpaper

Turn Your House into an Exotic Island Getaway

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When you want to feel the jungle at your home, then wall-to-wall is the only thing that can help you create that feel. Now you must be thinking, it will take a lot of time and must be difficult.

Not that’s not the case; nowadays, they are very easy to install and come in many variants. To turn your house into an exotic island getaway, you can add tropical palm tree wallpaper to make your house look relaxing and real. 

Decorate your living room, bedroom, and kitchen with exotic wallpapers that will make you experience your favorite island season all around the year. You can even match it with some other prints that give it more of a jungle look and vibes. 

Play with Your Tablescape

Turn Your House into an Exotic Island Getaway

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Another best thing to add to your house for that jungle aspiration is by playing with a coffee table and playful tablescape. Choose a dining set and crockeries that have different tropical prints, bright colors, and patterns. Make sure you even serve colorful drinks to take the complete experience. 

Add in Blue 

Turn Your House into an Exotic Island Getaway

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Select blue if you want to choose one color for your tropical retreat. Match it with your choice of plants, neutral interiors, and dark wood. Just make sure that the color embodies coastal jungle coolness. You can decorate your dining room by adding big leafy plants on the table as well as on the side of the chair.

Don’t make it too much, just 2 plants, and you are done. Add tropical blue color cushions, wicker placemats, and blue translucent glasses to give your house a more authentic look

Choose Architectural Accents

Turn Your House into an Exotic Island Getaway

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The understanding of dark wood combined with light space will make you create a more authentic tropical island look in the house. Ensure that you add dark wood doors that are embedded with a triangular motif to give it a style and island woody feel. 

Construct a Pool 

Turn Your House into an Exotic Island Getaway

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Without an ocean, the island is incomplete, now how can you bring, sea, lake or ocean in your house? Well, you can construct a pool in the outer area and give it a feel of the ocean. The tiles, bricks, and accessories that will be used at the time of construction must match the inside ambiance.

It must look like an exotic water parks that is built somewhere on the island to attract tourists. How interesting it will be for you and your kids to enjoy the water and take in all the feeling of living on an island. Don’t forget to add big leafy plants around the pool to give that freshness and jungle feel. 

Embrace Animals

Turn Your House into an Exotic Island Getaway

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Besides the botanical drawings of palm leaves, the other best way to add artwork of tropical decor is animals. Animal artwork is specifically suited to nurseries, as your child can grow in a jungle-influenced environment.

The point here is that when you are constructing the complete house and giving it an island feel, then why to leave your baby’s room. Add some cute baby animal artwork on the wall, and do not forget to place some plants as well for freshness. 

Final Words 

Giving your house a perfect tropical Island ambiance and feel is not very difficult; you just need to follow a few tips and ways that we have mentioned above, and you’ll be able to give your house the feel of your favorite holiday spot. It will take a little work, but you will be happy to see the results. The ambiance and feel will give you a relaxing and calming experience for sure.