The existence of tv is important but can you put a tv in front of a window? Here is a read about placing tv in front of the window. Everyone owns at least one tv at their place for countless hours of entertainment. When you place a TV in a living room, it becomes the main attraction and one of the important elements in the room setup.

When you are setting the room and want to hang the tv, the question arises where to put a tv? It would help if you hang your tv at a place where you and your family can sit and even chat comfortably. So, is putting a tv in front of the window a good idea or not?

Placing a TV in front of the window is not the best option for you. However, there are few houses where they can only put tv in front of the window. Continue reading, and you will find the best tv in front of window ideas.

Tv In Front Of Window Ideas

tv in front of windows


You have to be thoughtful when you have to place the TV stand in front of the window to avoid trouble. Some secrets that will help you in putting a tv in front of the window are:

Roller Blinds

This idea is one of the easiest and fastest. If you are looking to avoid glare and poor visibility problems that happen on the TV screen, this is your call. If you have your tv in front of window curtains, use roller blinds for your window. Voila! Your work is done. Furthermore, you don’t need any roller blinds that are made with dense and thick material to solve your problem.

A translucent fabric like frost will be ok. It will be perfect for you to see the clear image on the screen. Also, at the same time, your room will not be entire without natural light. This idea is perfect when you have to put your tv stand in front of the window in your living room. It is because in your living room you can’t make it completely dark.


Here is another idea if you want to adjust your natural lighting when you have decided on placing the tv in front of the window. You have to raise or lower your blinds to any height within the window sash. It will let you adjust as much light you want into your room. Furthermore, if you lower your panel on hot days, it will help you in placing the tv in front of the windows and to protect your tv from too much heating.

As for the different types of blinds, you can choose any TV in front of the window interior design. The choice of tv in front of window interior design completely depends on the style of your interior and personal wishes. But remember to choose a design that will provide you with the necessary balance between sufficient room illumination and a high-quality image on your TV screen.

Tinting And Athermal Glazing

If you don’t want to put your tv in front of window curtains, this idea is for you. In the spaces where people have attic floors with windows extending to the ceiling, they don’t want to put curtains in front of their windows. But the problem arises when they don’t have any other place to put their tv. The only place they can only put tv in front of the window. If you are one of them, here is a solution for you. Put a special film on your window.

Adhering a special film to the glass window will help you to reduce the light intensity in your room, which will help you to see the screen. Invite a specialist who will perfectly fit the material to your glass window. Make sure there are no bubbles and creases. Also, the shade of the film depends on your wish and the intensity of natural light.

TV Lift

The tv lift is an excellent solution if you are placing the TV in front of the window. You get a thin panel with a special lift that is present in the device stand. You can use a special remote to instruct the elevator to lift the tv when you are watching your favorite show or TV series.

If you don’t need it to lift, the mechanism will allow you to lower it down into the panel.  This will leave your window open. This is the best way to make full use of your window’s potential. You don’t have to sacrifice natural lighting.

Why Isn’t It the Best Idea To Put Tv In Front Of Window?

tv in front of windows


When you create a window in your room, the first thing that pops up in your mind is the natural light that will come into your room. Natural light brings a bright, warm, cheerful, positive, and happy vibe to the room.

But when you have to place the TV in front of the window, you battle with the natural light at every instant of time while watching TV during the day. Staring into a sunny window while watching will be difficult. You won’t enjoy your favorite shows to the fullest.

When you put your tv stand in front of the window, it also covers a portion of your window. Hence, it decreases the amount of sunlight coming into your room. Therefore, you won’t be able to use your window to its full potential. Also, the movement of the window will be restricted. There is also a high possibility when your window is broken due to strong wind or storm; your tv will also be broken.

How To Avoid Damaging While Putting Tv In Front Of Window?

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There is one best way to avoid damage to your TV, and that is to make sure the window at which you have put your tv in front has no leaks or drafts. In this way, no outside weather could affect your tv or the outlet that is under that window.

Another good idea is to hang curtains or add blinds to the window. Curtains or blinds will help you to cover the windows and the light coming behind the TV. The curtains or blinds also help you to enjoy your shows by keeping the TV away from direct sunlight.

This cuts down the glare in the daytime. NO matter if it’s a hot area or a cold area, you can place your TV in front of the window curtains. Your TV will still be fine by the window. Make sure that you get perfect curtains or blinds to help protect the backside of the TV.

Overheating is not another major problem for modern TV sets when you place your TV stand in front of the window. However, you can avoid this problem. Small vents positioned at the back of some TVs generally cause overheating, and it is because there is no space.

People usually make a big mistake by putting their TV too close to a wall or window. Furthermore, too many electronics in one space cause overheating which can harm your tv.

To avoid overheating the tv, giving it time to cool off will help you. You can also have a fan or AC unit in the room to keep the space cool. Point a fan present in the room directly at the back of your television. If you think or are worried about the overheating problem. Or you can use the AC to keep your space at a cooler temperature to avoid overheating.

Where You Can Put A TV In A Room That Has Lots Of Windows?

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If your living room or other room has lots of windows and you are planning to add a TV, the best place for your TV will be on the west-facing wall. It would be best if you also considered putting up curtains or roller blinds on the other windows in your room so that it will help you to prevent glare problems while watching TV.

What Happens If I Leave A TV On For A Long Period?

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When you leave your TV on for a long period, the LED or phosphors present in TV screens will slowly dim out or get worn with the usage. It can cause different issues and your tv will not be working properly. Moreover, if you leave the TV on for too long with a static image, it can cause problems. Usually, when you choose the next channel, you will still have the previous image on your tv screen.


When there is no other space in your room to place your TV, you should feel free to put it in front of a window. Putting the TV in front of the window is not that troublesome. You must keep little things in mind while choosing the best idea to put a tv in front of the window. Choose one of the above ideas if that will work for you.  Hopefully, with this article now you will be able to get a comfortable place or idea of putting a tv in front of windows.

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