Do you recall describing spaces based on their colour palette? This is often true because of the psychological and emotional influence colours can have on us. Colours are a strong visual aid in observing and remembering a place. Let’s explore two colour combination for bedroom walls further.

Choosing a colour combination for your house can be tricky. You might wish to maintain a tone of formality in your common areas or a monochrome scheme to harmonize spaces. But if you want to play around with shades, what better place than your bedroom!

Bedrooms are our private relaxing sanctuaries. Overlook descriptions that only define it as a place where you sleep, it is much more! Your bedroom walls are a canvas for your thoughts. Its ambiance reflects your personality. So let’s spin around the colour wheel and explore the best two colour combination for bedroom walls!

Tranquil Blue

The blue colour is believed to impart vibes of calmness, order, and serenity. In the blue two colour combination for bedroom walls, the blue represents hues ranging from Pure Blue to Bluish-Green colour zone like Teal. No clue how to find and match your perfect blue, here are some designs for your review!

1. Royal Blue and White

two colour combination for bedroom walls


A perfect balance of bold and elegant, this is a widely popular choice among two colour combinations for bedroom walls. There is no limitation to how much a wall can get a touch of either, nevertheless with such combinations, the effect is best generated by creating accent walls. This would preferably take your blue shade and should preferably be the focal point of your bedroom.

2. Navy Blue and Gray

two colour combination for bedroom walls


If you are a fan of gray, but couldn’t find the perfect colour to accent it with, navy blue should be your absolute choice! Navy blue and gray form the two-colour combinations for bedroom walls, which impart a very chic and mature feel to your bedroom. If you are a decor enthusiast, you can always accessorize it with complementing hues of Mauve or Beige.

3. Warm Blue and Jolly Yellow

two colour combination for bedroom walls


Who said bedrooms can’t be fun? 

No one! So, why not get playful and add a little summer sunshine warmth to our bedroom interior! Up for the game? Then check out this uplifting and amusing two-colour combination of bedroom walls – Light Blue and Burnt Yellow. You can place your combination in any style of accent walls, colour stripes, abstract or more. If you are vibing it, it’s time for your bedroom makeover.

4. Agean Blue & Brown Colour Combination For Bedroom Walls

two colour combination for bedroom walls


Looking for a blue two-colour combination for bedroom walls that connects you to nature? Then what better than adapting from the tonality of sky and forest! With this warm combination, you can have a pleasant and inspiring private space for any of your favorite activities. If you love the combination but are worried if it might get too dark for you, you can always tone it down with some pastel shade accessories.

5. Teal & Salmon

two colour combination for bedroom walls


If you are an active social media user, it wouldn’t be surprising to discover how gaga designers have gone over this stunning shade of teal. This colour is refreshing, appealing, and available in a wide collection of paints and textures. 

Softer palette shades like Blush or Salomon bring a perfect balance to its dominance. For a bedroom makeover desired in Shabby Chic or Eclectic blend, this colour combination uplifted with some crafty lighting can give any bedroom a luxurious look.

Mystic Purple

The colour theory attributes purple colour symbolic to grandeur, creativity, and mystery. Want to know how you can feature these characteristics in your interior? Get inspired by the following purple two colour combination for bedroom walls.

1. Eggplant Purple and Pearl White

two colour combination for bedroom walls


We all love purple, then why not bring it into our bedroom interior! Highlight your bedside walls or any special nook of your room, like a reading corner with this gorgeous, deep colour, and tone it down with the balance of pearl or chiffon white. Go ahead and reimagine your bedroom interior to make this private space more conversational.

2. Duo of Rasin & Heather Purple

purple two colour combination for bedroom wallsSource:

Who said we can only use a single shade of purple if purple is the colour of our dreams! Choose a purple two-colour combination for bedroom walls, with an ombre of heather and raisin purple. Be creative, go purple!

3. Lavender And Pearl River Gray

purple two colour combination for bedroom walls


If your design statement is Chic & Classy and you are seeking a purple two colour combination for bedroom walls, explore this compelling combination of Lavender and Pearl River Gray. Doesn’t this combination remind you of those lavender farms? We can feel the vibe too!

Zesty Orange

The psychology of colour suggests that orange signifies shelter, warmth, expression, and high energy. If living to the fullest is your life mantra and staying high-spirited is your end-game, get ready to be stimulated with these trending orange two colour combinations for bedroom walls.

1. Sandstone Orange and Porcelain White

orange two colour combination for bedroom wallsFeeling relaxed with this attractive and pleasing shade of orange, blend it with white for absolute earthy touch to your bedroom walls. The best feel of the colour combination is ideally attained if you keep the orange as a highlight, getting it enhanced and focal by the humble white. This combination in a single word is simply-Aspirational!

2. Burnt Orange and Sand

orange two colour combination for bedroom walls


After a long day of work, if you are looking for an ambiance to relax and recharge then what better than this dreamy orange two-colour combination for bedroom walls. You can always accessorize this setting with suspended lights and planters.

3. Peach & White

pink two colour combination for bedroom walls


If you are not looking only at the options of highlight walls but are willing to use them in the overalls, then the subtle and somber look of peach can be easily utilized in your bedroom space. To maintain overall neutrality in the shades you can pair them with white wall sections and let’s just so for someone not so experimental, neutrals are simply timeless.

4. Honey and Ivory

blue two colour combination for bedroom walls


Are you a monochromatic fan seeking inspiration for some edge? Then find you Hygge in the warmth of Honey and Ivory colour combination. After all, it is all about good energy. Can you feel it in this gorgeous ombre?

Love Struck Pink

Are you one of those who are caught up in the stereotype of boys don’t use Pink? Well, while it does have a popular attribute of femininity, pink is also a colour of kindness and love. 

Despite whatever it symbolizes, it’s a fabulous shade, and dare anyone stop you from using it. Well, it didn’t stop the creatives at least because here we have some trending pink two colour combination for bedroom walls.

1. Crepe & Peach

two colour combination for bedroom walls


In the pink two colour combination for bedroom walls, these harmonious hues of crepe and peach are a designer’s delight. It is sure to elevate your interior and give it a minimalistic yet artistic touch.

2. Rose Gold & Smoke Gray

two colour combination for bedroom walls


If you are someone looking for a gender-neutral tag in a pink shade, Rose Gold can be your pick. This soft hue is an emblem of romantic, composed, and exquisite ambiance. Pair it with colour neutrals like gray and cherish the luxurious interior that your bedroom deserves.

3. Blush Pink and Jasmine White

pink two colour combination for bedroom walls


Tailored and layered, this would be the definition of Blush Pink and Jasmine White. This soft hue combination need not be limited to separate highlight walls but can be utilized along the length of the whole room for a unified and exciting bedroom visual. So don’t blush anymore with the idea of using Pink instead glam up your bedroom with Blush Pink.

6 Tips To Choose Your Colour Schemes

1. If you are looking for something other than paints for your accent wall, you can opt for soft cladding mediums like fabric headboards or embossed tiles as well. These can impart a luxurious feel to your overall interior with little investment. If you still want a high-end look and want to use paints, try for some textures.

2. The conventional sizes of the bedroom aren’t too large to allow the combination of more than two colours for your bedroom walls. If you are looking for something eclectic, you need to ensure that the overall look isn’t hard on the eyes and blends well for your desired impact. This is why from a designer’s perspective, a two-colour combination for bedroom walls might be an ideal balancing and uplifting factor.

3. If you are desirous of adding more colour to your room, you can maintain the wall blend to two combinations and further accentuate the space using accessories or decor in your bedroom space.

4. If your space is dark and dingy and you want to bring in more light to the space, opt for colour neutrals like white, beige, blush, river gray, and alike. These reflect light better and will elevate the mood naturally.

5. Colours can also affect how big or small your rooms look. Dark colours on all sides can make it appear smaller while colour neutrals can make it appear bigger. Continuation of the same colour merges boundaries so adding an accent wall helps build visual volume and makes it easier for the eye to interpret the vastness of space.

6. If you wish for understated elegance, monochromatic schemes can be your ideal choice. Add bling here and there with a desk or chandelier and attain a classic and sophisticated look.

Are You Combining The Right Colours?

two colour combination for bedroom walls


Interior designers have an in-depth knowledge of how colours can be paired together. You might have come across some very bold and bright styles or some very subtle design styles. There is no such rule as to right or wrong pairing for personal spaces because we all have a unique perception and emotional interpretation of colours. 

However, if you are not hiring a professional and are looking for a guide to have some sense of assurance for your colour combinations, refer to the colour wheel.

The colour wheel and colour theory are crafted post deep research, neurological response study, and psychological understanding of humans. It’s a basic guide for all designers to measure some aptness and accuracy of their colour combinations. You can get a basic understanding of warm and cool colours, complementary and split-complementary schemes. But again, in art, there is no right or wrong, it’s always a unique lens and personal liking.

So experiment, get inspired, don’t be limited with what exists or is trending, go crazy, go wild. Enliven your spirits with colours in your spaces. Paint the town not only red but blue, black and white!

I hope you like this blog and keep coming to Homedesignnow for more interesting tips and ideas on home improvement and decoration.