It’s not always easy to move home from one place to another. Most people find the process relatively tricky and downright stressful. But if you hire a professional moving company like Two Men and a Truck, everything becomes much easier! We have written this article to help you know more about them before hiring them for your next move. Read on!

Two Men and a Truck is the leading provider of moving services for people looking to move across state lines. They’ve been in operation for over 50 years, so you can be assured that they have the experience needed to get your belongings from Point A to Point B with minimal damage.

1. Different Prices Are Offered at All of the Two Men and the Truck Offices

Every Two Men and a Truck location is different. It sets its prices. The price depends on your location and the length of your move.

If you are wondering how much does two men and a truck cost, in that case, it offers various moving services for all sorts of different needs and budgets, from apartment moves to international relocations.

Of course, you can also hire NYC commercial movers once you’ve arrived at Point B for any unpacking or other post-move tasks that need doing!

One thing to take note of is the weight limit per individual item (150 pounds) which will affect how many items can be moved in one truckload, so it’s important to play around with their website tools if you’re unsure about what size shipment would best suit your needs before finalizing anything.

In addition, they offer storage solutions in case there isn’t enough room in either location for your belongings. Finally, they’ll maintain proper storage conditions and keep them safe in their warehouses.

Lastly, Two Men and a Truck also offers packing services for those who need help getting everything organizing before the move day rolls around!  But all these prices depend on where you are moving from and which team you will be working with.

2. Some Homes Need an Estimate

Two Men and a Truck


For some moves, Two Men and a Truck may visit your home for inspection and give you an estimate of your move.

They will need an accurate estimation of the size of your home and how much you have in terms of household goods.

This starts with determining what is considered “household items.” Some people may think that this only includes furniture, but there are other things like clothes, dining room tables, toys for kids’ rooms, etc., which also fall under these guidelines. The movers should help you determine if anything needs special packing materials or boxes based on their experience making moves similar to yours.

Lastly, it’s important to note that Two Men and a Truck has no hidden fees! For example, some moving companies charge extra charges when scheduling holidays because demand tends to be higher.

3. There Is a Budget Option for Small Long-Distance Moves

Two Men and a Truck offers a moving service for small moves. It is called the Value Flex service. This service is affordable, but It only works in certain places. For example, the Value Flex service is only available in certain cities and states. It also does not include packing services or pet transportation.

The company offers a day of free storage for all completed moves by an agent who has been hired with its Moving & Storage options. In addition, customers can store their belongings at Two Men’s warehouse until they need them again, which means you don’t have to worry about renting a truck or locker yet!

4. The Online Form Is Long

Two Men and a Truck


Two men and a truck give you a long online form. The online form is long, which means that it takes some time to fill out. But you will save a lot of time before the day of moving by filling out this form in advance. If you have any questions about what they include, then contact their customer care team.

The company offers moving services for around twenty-six different types of homes like apartments and condos and many industries such as schools, government offices, and commercial enterprises. Two Men also has a flat pricing system, so there are no surprises on moving day!

If these benefits sound appealing, then get starts with the Online Form now! You won’t regret your decision if you hire them for your upcoming relocation service needs

5. You Can Use a Credit Card to Pay for Things

Two Men and a Truck accept all major credit cards. You can pay with a credit card through their website or in person before your move with a check.

You can use a credit card to pay for things, or you might decide to pay the end of the job by Two Men and a Truck when they complete loading up everything into trucks and then delivering it to its new destination. If this is not something that sounds right for you, contact customer service about other ways of getting compensated for your work!

6. Truck Size Used by Two Men and a Truck

Two Men and a Truck


Two Men and a Truck uses trucks that are either 14 feet or 26 feet long. This is not the only size of truck you will able to use when you decide on hiring this company. But it gives an idea about the small amount of space for your items during transportation.

If they happen to have any other sizes available, you will need to make sure that these trucks fit in with what type of work Two Men and a Truck can do. So, if there’s anything else going wrong while moving house at different times throughout the year, remember that Two Men And A Truck has got your back!

7. Best Time to Schedule a Move with Two Men and a Truck?

The best time to schedule a move with Two Men and a Truck is up to you. They do not have any specific times better than others, so it’s always best for them to choose their convenience.

Two Men and a Truck can make your moving process much easier by doing all the hard work for you!