Curtains are one of the top-rated items for having luxurious, sophisticated, elegant & graceful home interior decor. For enhancing any type of interior decoration, the priority consideration would be choosing the right curtains from different types of curtains. 

According to expert interior designers, curtains set up the base for other interior assortments. If you have chosen the attractive color, texture, design & style of curtains then you can easily choose other assortments that complement your curtains choice and make your interior look stunning. 

Although many people just consider window dressing as the functional element for having maximum privacy, blocking out the outside and keeps your home dust-free. But top-quality window treatments along with offering these practical benefits also play a crucial part in beautifying the overall interior decor. 

Nowadays, several matchless window dressing designs are available in the market. You can go through the versatile range of window curtains at & check the most-suited window treatment for your home interior. You can see modern trending curtains types and also go for styling your own exceptional set of curtains. 

In this article, I’ll explain the top trending window dressings that are globally used for enhancing the number of high-tech interior decorations. 

Different Types Of Curtains To Suit Different Interior Decorations

1. Eyelet CurtainsEyelet Curtains


These curtains are the most widely used curtains around the globe. 

Due to the versatile functionality of sliding over the rod & integrating a practical yet decorative atmosphere more and more people are trying to use these curtains. These curtains are easily manageable and comfortable to use. 

Manufactured with the circular eyelets, making a way for curtain rods to pass through and hang these curtains properly. These cheap curtains Dubai make a wavy look when hung over the rod. You can have a stylish & elegant look with these simple-to-use curtains. 

You can attach these eyelets to any type of fabric, which means you get a stunning look with any fabric you want. Eyelet curtains offer a number of functional yet practical benefits like:

  • With eyelet curtains, you can have a versatile range of patterns. You can have multiple attractive patterns and create neat & sleek folds with any fabric. 
  • These curtains are designed with premium quality fabric & perfect to maintain their look in tough weather conditions and heavy use.
  • Easy to keep maintained and clean.
  • The eyelets allow the curtains to move over the rod & integrate much-needed functionality. 

2. Pinch Pleated Curtains

types of curtains: Pinch Pleated Curtains


Pinch pleated is an outclass luxurious-looking fabric. These cheap curtains Dubai are designed to add much-needed sophistication and elegance to your home decor. These curtains keep the light outside and offer an entirely calm environment for you. Creating a romantic cool atmosphere these pleated curtains look more inviting in your home decor. 

If you want to add a royal look to your home, then pinch pleat curtains are the best choice for you. With these pleated curtains you can enjoy more features like:

  • These curtains keep the irritating light out and add an aesthetic appeal to your windows. 
  • If you opt to install these curtains, then you can have an incredibly acoustic environment as it also blocks the outside noise. 
  • Pinch pleat curtains are extremely resistant to stains, color fading, and moisture. 
  • Enhance your windows’ overall look and add value to them. 
  • Highly resistant to heavy wear and tear

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3. Blackout Curtains 

Blackout Curtains 


Blackout curtains are the most attractive and inspiring advancements in window treatments. Along with adding a perfect decorative statement, these blackout curtains are perfect for offering a number of other beneficial features.

Well, before I move to let you know about these features let me make it clear that backout doesn’t actually mean curtains with only black color fabric. These curtains are available in varieties of colors but are capable of blocking every inch of light.

These window curtains are so popular among many homeowners as they are perfect for offering much-needed privacy while enhancing the overall outlook of your home’s interior. 

These curtains are manufactured from thick fabric. Durable, reliable, and long-lasting with a much-needed decorative outlook. More features that you can enjoy with these curtains are: 

  • Blackout curtains are perfectly energy-efficient curtains.
  • These curtains offer much-needed privacy.
  • Perfect for creating a strong barrier between your home and the outside environment.
  • Great at offering thermal insulation.
  • These curtains block outside noise and allow you to have a comfortable atmosphere inside. 

4. Sheer Curtains

types of curtains: Sheer Curtains


If you want to set up a lighter and a bit smoother window dressing, then sheer curtains are the best GO-TO option for you. These curtains come with light filtering functionality. 

The great quality of these curtains is that they can be paired with different kinds of window dressings to make a more luxurious and sophisticated interior decoration. If you simply install these shears to your windows, they will stain a minimum amount of light to shine inside your home. 

Moreover, with these curtains, you can allow your other interior designing accessory to twinkle with a smooth spark of light. There are several other classic features of the window dressing like:

  • The sunlight is entirely diffused by these sheer curtains.
  • Sheers Curtains offer flexible movement and soft textures.
  • You can have a huge variety in choosing the colors, textures, styles, and size
  • Practical and functional window dressings with a perfect decorative look.

5. Motorized Curtains

types of curtains: Motorized Curtains


As with the technical advancements & innovative trends in every field, there is an improved technology emerging in window treatments known as motorized curtains. These curtains are designed with high-tech technology. They can work smoothly and efficiently with the help of a motor.

You can control the movement of these curtains just with remote control, a mobile app, or with voice instruction. The motor is attached with these curtains to move up and down. You can efficiently upgrade the look of your home with these curtains. 

Motorized curtains collection provides the best quality of curtains used as the most popular window treatments for homes and offices. 

  • The motor used with these curtains is smart and noiseless.
  • You can set a timer for the automatic opening and closing of the curtains with the use of remote control.
  • You can control these motorized curtains using an app, a remote control, or a voice assistant app.
  • These curtains are installed to have easy use & Secure window treatments. 
  • Perfect for old age people to control them without moving from their place.

Final Verdict!

Choosing the best curtains in Abu dhabi for your home decor is a daunting task, but if you know your designing preferences and exactly have an idea about the latest trends in the market, then you can surely find the best curtains for your home. 

I have listed the top 5 types of curtains that are being used around the world. You can pick any of the designs that suit your needs and upgrade the entire look of your home!