Doors are the soul of your house. When you open a door, it takes you into a whole new world. There are countless functions that a door does. From protecting our house from thieves to increase the aesthetic appeal of the home. A door is an access barrier that is provided in a wall opening to give access to the inside of a room of a building. Entry gates will play an important role in the overall appearance of the house.

The first thing anyone notices when they visit your home is your entry door. Here you are going to look at some of the varieties of the door. So, Discover different types of doors classified in materials, styles, and types and choose the best that will work for your exterior or interior places.

Here is the complete guide on doors:

Door Types

There are various types of doors are present, you can choose any of them: 

1. Flush Doors

Flush doors are the most basic type of door. It has both sides plain and simple facings. People mostly use them in premium places. They may have – solid, hollow, or stove core. In core, solid but low-density material like foam, or board is used to fill the space. Whereas in stave core, wooden slats are stacked upon each other. 

flush doors


2. Panel doors

Panel doors are trendy nowadays because of its design and stiffness. Panel doors are constructed by the vertical lengths of wood called sites and horizontal woods called rails.

panel doors


3. Frameless glass door

Glass doors are very simple looking but make your space an elegance beauty. Glass doors can be frameless or framed glass doors. In framed doors, they are framed by different materials like steel, aluminum. 

Frameless glass door


4. Vision Door

Vision doors have a small glass panel, which allows people to look through the door. They provide safety to avoid opening doors to strangers. 

Vision Door


5. Louvered door

The louvered door has parallel, or horizontal slats, which are made from wood, glass, or other material. They are designed to regulate light penetration and airflow. 

Louvered door


Door Styles:

Yes.. there are a ton of different styles of doors that you could ever imagine. Here we are giving some of them: 

1. Dutch-style Doors

Dutch-style doors, also known as double-hung or half door. It splits in half horizontally, which kind of gives a two-door look. The two halves hold together, so it operates like a regular door. Because of its practicality, dutch doors are still trendy.

Dutch-style Doors


2. French Or Hinged Doors

When you hear french doors, a beautiful image of the door with large glass panes and panels has come to your mind. French doors will be the main focal point of your house. They represent your house in an elegant way. 

French Or Hinged Doors


3. Barn Doors

Barn doors are the contemporary and rustic style doors. They are very versatile and give farmhouse vibes to your home. Their installation is easy, but they are very cumbersome. 

barn door


4. Pocket Doors

Pocket doors are sliding doors, but they got to disappear when you fully open them. They are suitable for small spaces. Pocket doors can have a single or double door. 



The material is also very important because good material increases the life of the door. Choose the right material, depending upon the location of the door. If it is an exterior door, then choose a heavy and sturdy material, and if it is a bathroom door, then you can go with the lighter materials. Here are the different types of doors that are classified on behalf of materials: 

1. Timber

Wood is a traditional material; people are using this for years. The local availability and the ease to make by the local carpenters, wood is the first thing that people prefer. Timber is the most common being used for making doors and windows.

Timber door


2. Glass

Glass doors can give an excellent appearance to your house. Homeowners that seek more privacy then they can go with frosted or stained glass doors. But sometimes, depending on the design, they can get expensive, and it is hard to keep them clean. 

Glass door


3. Steel

Steel doors are now commonly used as the main entry door. They came in beautiful designs and textures with good paint finishes. They have low maintenance and also less expensive compared to the wood doors.

Steel door


4. PVC

Pvc or polyvinyl chloride door is the right choice for your bathrooms. They are very modern looking and straightforward to install. But this isn’t an excellent choice for the exterior door because of its lightweight, so it provides less security.

PVC door


5. Fiberglass

Fiberglass doors are very modern and look very classy as well. They came in varieties of sizes, shapes, and styles. In recent years fiberglass doors have become very popular. They almost work in every weather condition.  

Fiberglass doorSource:

6. Plastic 

Plastic doors or composite doors are the doors that are made from different materials. These materials are glued together under high-pressure conditions. Each element has unique properties, and they are fused together to make the composite door. So, it is a solid and sturdy door.

Plastic doors


7. Aluminum

Aluminum doors work perfectly as exterior doors because of their durability and lightweight. You can customize the design of the aluminum door as per your requirement.

Aluminum door


8. Bamboo-Jute

If you are an environmentalist and want an eco-friendly door in your house, then bamboo doors are perfect for you. They are made from solid bamboo panels and came in various styles and designs that are suitable for both interior and exterior.

Bamboo-Jute door


Make the best first impression for anyone visiting your home by these different types of doors. You can customize the door according to your personal taste and space. The beautifully designed and decorated house doors add beauty and elegance to your house.

Every type of door has some advantages and disadvantages. Choose wisely the perfect door for your home. To get more tips and tricks browse through Homedesignnow.