Curtains are one of the essential elements while designing a home. They are not only important to add beauty to the home but also essential to provide better privacy. 

When it comes to outdoor curtains, you cannot go with any curtains. They should be made of a material, which is perfect for external use. Therefore, picking an outdoor curtain is a crucial task, and you need to be very careful about it. 

Several types of outdoor curtains are available out there. You should be aware of the use before you buy curtains for your backyard or porch. Curtains play a highly important role in providing privacy for the homes with a backyard, patio area, or porch. 

Therefore, make sure to choose the right material which will provide privacy while you get to enjoy breezy Sunday morning. 

Best Fabric for Outdoor Curtains

There are several options when it comes to screen enclosure curtains. To ensure better privacy, you can choose between the following fabric types. 

Polyester Blends

Types of Outdoor Curtains


It is one of the most commonly used curtains for outdoor spaces. One of the biggest benefits of adding these curtains is that they are easy to install and require low maintenance. Besides, these curtains are more affordable than the high-end curtains. If you do not mind keeping curtains for a long time or you are short on budget, polyester blends are perfect for you.


Types of Outdoor Curtains


Acrylic is one of the best curtain types that can perform well in outdoor spaces. Several colors and styles are available when it comes to acrylic curtains. You can get it from any lanai company Tampa at reasonable prices. They provide maximum privacy while you are enjoying in your backyard with your friends and family.


Types of Outdoor Curtains


Olefin is considered the most popular choice among most homeowners. It is the best curtain-type which can work best in the outdoor spaces. They are light, soft, and provide maximum privacy. 

Besides, olefin is highly durable, fade-resistant, and lasts longer than other curtain types. You have several options when it comes to adding beauty to the home. With olefin curtains, you can customize it the way you want. It is affordable and eco-friendly as well. 

Cotton Canvas

Types of Outdoor Curtains


Canvas curtains are popular due to durability. However, these curtains are available in limited designs. Besides, it requires high maintenance, and the installation could also be messy and time-consuming. 

If you change the curtains more often, these are the right choice for you. However, cotton is not going to resistant rain showers. 

Lively Wall

Types of Outdoor Curtains


A living wall is a great option for a romantic and beautiful view. It is not only effective in giving you the required privacy, but it also makes your patio feel really cool and beautiful. 

Plants and flowers in the surroundings will fill your eyes with colors and make your time romantic and memorable.

Sheer Net

Types of Outdoor Curtains


Sheer net curtains are the best type to provide beauty and elegance to the outdoor space. If you are not bothered by your noisy neighbors and sunlight, this curtain type is perfect for you. 

Besides, it is perfect if you are tight on budget. Also, if you like to change more often, sheer net curtains are for you. You can change it after every one or two months. 

Important Things to Consider

Types of Outdoor Curtains


When you are picking curtains for your outdoor spaces, you need to be very specific about it. You cannot simply go with any curtains, you see. Here is what you need to consider while choosing the outdoor curtains. 


Water-resistance is one of the most important factors you need to consider while looking for curtains for outdoor spaces. 

The material you choose should easily dry after rain. However, the material which is not water-resistant absorbs excessive moisture and grows mold and mildew. 

Provide Privacy

Another factor to consider while picking the best outdoor curtain type is privacy. The most important thing why we get curtains is to provide privacy. If the curtains you are buying do not provide privacy, they are useful. 

Therefore, ensure that you pick a denser and darker material to provide maximum privacy, and you get to enjoy the time with your friends and family. 

Aesthetically Appealing

The curtains you choose not only provide you with privacy, but they should also be aesthetically appealing and eye-catching. Your outdoor space could be used for several reasons. 

A well-chosen curtain type for outdoor space will add beauty and value to your home. Make sure to choose an attractive type for outdoor curtains. 

Having a backyard or patio can help you enjoy your time at home. No matter how comfortable the furniture is or how green the grass is, you cannot feel comfortable without privacy. To increase the level of privacy, you can add one or more privacy screens.

I hope this article would help you out in choosing the best outdoor curtains for better privacy. If you find this article helpful, don’t forget to share it with the community around you.