While we all focus on interior and exterior design of the house we literally forget about the small detailing that is not a part of the decor but without them, the house would never be the same and plumping pipes are one of them without which you cannot even think of having a good house. Pumping pipe is not an easy thing to understand rather it would confuse you a lot and rather if you are someone who suffers a lot from plumbing problem then you need to understand about the specifications of such pipes. You would be amazed to know that there are one two or three types of plumbing pipes rather the list is quite long and if you are wondering about the types of plumbing pipes then here are some of them listed below that you need to check out rather you should understand the use of these pipes:

Water pipes:

Water pipes are those pipes used in both interior as well as the exterior of the home to pass water from that so they would get your home water supply and at the same time you waste water would also be passed through these pipes and so it is really important to have the perfect kind of water pipe.
Why is it important to get the perfect pipe?

Many times it has been seen that due to lack of information people settle with the wrong type of pipe for their home though that serves the purpose for sometimes after that it would start showing you the problem and it would be trouble for you to deal with it. The last thing that you can do is get the pipe changed which would cost you good and it is like double-spending with no benefit. The worst thing that can take place is leakage of pipe and that can end up with the flooding of water and mess all around that no one ever likes.

Water pipes

Source: robinsplumbing.com

Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene:

If you stay in a hot place where plastic melts easily or if you use hot water way too much then this kind of pipe would prove to be best for you as this material would not melt easily. This material is also used for computer wire cover and for other electronic devices and this protects the wire from melting.

This would be a good idea for kitchen pipes as we often strain out hot water from our sink which damages most of the pipes so if you would install ABS pipe then this would last you for a long period of time. This would even cost you much which makes it one of the best choices for many people as well as plumbers. This is solid pipe which would not bend in anyways and it is also used for drainages as well.

Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene

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Brass is actually a compound material that is formed after mixing copper with that of zinc and so it has properties of both metals. This metal is so reliable that people often use is in different household products such as people get locks made up of this metal and there are hooks, cabinet pull on as well made up of brass. Brass pipes are reliable as they would last you for a very long period of time but at the same time, it is quite expensive which makes it difficult to use for most of us. People though avoid using brass pipes but they use brass fittings as it needs less material so it fits the budget and also strengthens the fittings at the same time.


Source: pipingmart.com

Cast iron:

This is most used in sanitary drains and if you want to get the strongest pipe ever then you can check this out. This is the one that would last you even for a lifetime as it is the most durable pipe ever and this can go through all rough weather conditions as well as temperatures so even if you would release freeze water or boiling water then also this pipe would not be affected by any of them. China is the only country where this pipe is mostly used and we should try too.

Cast Iron

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Chlorinated polyvinyl chloride:

This is the most used pipe throughout the world as it can bear the cold as well as hot temperature and would last you for a long time. this doesn’t even cost you a bomb which makes it the best choice for all but as the market value of this pipe has increased a lot so it costs a bit more than other such pipes. This can be used in your bathroom as well as kitchen fittings and it is very easy to work with such pipes.

Chlorinated poly vinyl chloride

Source: economictimes.indiatimes.com


Copper is one of the most long-lasting pipes that you can ever get and the best thing is that it is a heavy-duty product so even large factories and shops get this pipe installed and this serves the purpose well without getting damaged. Copper is for both cold as well as hot water but due to its higher price, many people have opted for other pipes despite the fact that it lasts longer than other affordable pipes.


Source: plumbernw.com

These were some of the best types of plumbing pipes that you need to check out and also for more such details you can go through Homedesignnow.