We can bet the feeling is a familiar one: You got an invitation for the house-warming party at the friend’s place, and you declare, “I have nothing to wear”, really? It seems that in your overflowing closet, you are not able to find a dress you are looking for. Please don’t blame yourself; we understand your situation as you might have limited space. So, today we are your emergency help as we are going to provide some beautiful walk-in closet ideas to give you feel, “Thank god, I have so much space.”

Are you ready for walk-in closet design ideas?

Wire Frame Shelves

 walk-in closet ideas

source: einem.co 

If you wish to transform the small space of the bedroom into a closet, then this is the idea for you. Transform the boring wall with the help of a stencil and paint. Install wire shelving and put cardboard boxes to store small accessories on it. Install a semi-flush mount light to brighten the space. You can add a small dresser and end-table to hold more things in a small space. Isn’t it an affordable solution?   

Wood Panel Ceilings

 walk-in closet ideassource: pinterest.com 

This dreamy closet design by the Love Create Celebrate is a fine example of contemporary beauty. You can see the ceiling is packed with the weathered peel and stick wood planks. The white storage units are complimentary; the white ceiling and LEDs at the cabinetries are beyond the description of the words. What do you think about small walk-in closet ideas

You can use the IKEA storage unit as they had used the same. The mirror at the opposite wall of the cabinets is giving a spacious effect. The wooden stool is completing the aroma of the room. Isn’t it a beautiful place to store handbags, makeup, jewelry, shoes, clothes, and whatnot?

Mirror on The Wall, please!

 walk-in closet ideasImage: artsparks.co

Another walk-in closet inspiration comes from Krista by The Happy Housie with very minimum or affordable cost. Here Krista had chosen inexpensive removable wallpaper and closet system from IKEA. 

She had fitted all her entirely with the help of hanger that could fit inside. Above that, you can see the basket with labels to store small accessories. The wallpaper pattern is creating its own striking impression, and the floor is covered with a runner rug. A blue color wooden stool at the corner and mirror on the wall is completing the overall look of the space.   

Cubby Boxes Can be Your Rescuer

 walk-in closet ideassource: clubhousebarberini.com

You must thank Kristi from Making it in the Mountains, her idea for the closet is very simple but beautiful also. The closet has beautiful cubical units that not only looks great but also highly functional. These cubical units come in different sizes and height to accommodate different needs. You can buy these cubical from the nearby store or why don’t you indulge in a DIY project.   

A Closet for Tall Boots and Knitted Yarn

Closet for Tall Boots and Knitted Yarn

source: physac.me

If you are a die-hard fan of tall boots and wish to protect your true love for it then this walk-in closet idea is specifically for you. The idea credit goes to Deborah Broockerd at Closet Factory, with the help of little hanger, hang the tall boots to avoid creases, otherwise without any support, the creases can spoil the boots. On the right side, you can hang knitted scarves. Do you like this closet idea?

Minimalist is the New Beauty

 walk-in closet ideas

source: thespruce.com      

If you want a clean and minimalist closet then why don’t you draw inspiration from Norwegian blogger, Nina? Here you can see three shelves accompanied with a single steel rod. The white closet is enough to store seasonal clothes, accessories. We love the way she had put shoes on display on a wall with the help of stainless steel rails. The light grey rug on the floor beautifully compliments the white closets. Are you ready for high heel shoe storage?      

Glassdoor is an Old-School Love

Glassdoor is an Old-School Love

source: dallasnews.com

This small but beautiful closet is worth all praise and applaud. Take the idea from the Emily Johnston Interiors in Dallas to maximize every inch of your closet without hammering on its overall look. The glass doors of the closet keep it away from dust and the side corner for the shoe helps to create a clean and organized result. Its Lucite boxes at the top of shelves are spreading its own charm and beauty. 

Inspire by Industrial Decor

Industrial Decor

source: thespruce.com

If you are a fan of the retro style and wish to create some magic with your closet, then you should thank Katie at Domestiphobia for the idea. Take the measurement of the wall and market the wall studs. Install galvanized steel pipe on the wall and place stained wood shelves on it and here your industrial-style closet is ready to rock the overall looks of the bedroom. 

A Jewelry Wall is a New Love

Jewelry Wall

source: hearstapps.com

If you are a big fan of jewelry and want to showcase the beautiful collection of jewelry then you must seek inspiration from this closet. Here you can see a separate wall for the jewelry, isn’t it beautiful? In this open closet, the clothes are placed aesthetically which gives a clear look. The beautiful light fixture at the top cubical shelves highlights the handbag collection. 

Deluxe Closet

Deluxe Closet

source: donpedrobrooklyn.com

If you are blessed with a large room, then here we have got the dream closet for you. This large closet is a beautiful blend of shelves, movable storage, open cabinets, and solid woods complete the luxurious looks. The bottom shelf is used for the shoe storage while the top cabinets are reserved for storage boxes. What do you think about such a setup?


We hope that your problem to store those extras will be solved now. Our aim is to inspire you to create a beautiful walk-in closet with these above ideas. Before we wrap this, here comes the last tip: Never Hesitate to Express Your Style. Make sure to keep coming to HomeDesignNow for all the beautiful inspiration and ideas.