Don’t know what Is a Coverlet, or do all the bedding look the same to you? Don’t worry; You’re not alone; it happens with many people. In this blog, we’re going to tell you all about the coverlets. Setting up your bed can sometimes be overwhelming and expensive. But if you select the right pieces of bedding and make thoughtful use of them, you will get a beautifully dressed bed! There are few options in bedding style, but when it comes to bedding types, there are limitless options like bedspreads, duvets, quilts, throws, comforters, coverlets, and many more. And they all sound similar, which can be a bit confusing for you. So it is essential for you to know which type of bedding you want. 

We’ve answered all the general questions like What Does a Coverlet Look Like? How Is It Different from Other Bedding? What is a coverlet made of, and how to use it? Is the Coverlet Right for You? Keep on reading to find all the answers. 

What is a Coverlet For Bed?

what is a coverlet for bed


“Coverlets are single-sided lightweight blankets that are made from a woven or quilted material. It can be used as an extra layer for bed or bedding accessory for decoration.” 

A Coverlet comes in both plain styles and patterns and has two primary uses: First, it can be used as a lightweight layer under a sheet, and second, it can be folded at the foot of the bed for an extra layer of warmth or just for decoration. 

Do you know that Coverlets were traditionally made of matelassé fabric? Yes, matelassé fabric is a weaving technique used to create texture and mimic quilting. They work well in cold climates as they act as an additional layer on your comforter or duvet. If you want, you can also use a coverlet as your main bedding option in warm climates or seasons. Comes in various materials such as cotton or linen, a coverlet is an easy way to change your bedding style.

What Are the Different Types of Bedding?

There are literally a thousand types of bedding options available in the market, such as comforters, duvets, and duvet covers, throw blankets, quilts, and coverlets. Many people do get confused between them. Due to confusion, you may also buy the wrong type of bedding for your bedroom. So what is the real difference between Bedspreads, Quilt, and coverlets? Here’s the answer: 




“A bedspread is a bed covering that design to oversize so that it will cover the entire bed, and often it hangs down to the floor.” 

It is a common name given to all pre-filled bed covers intended for use as the top layer on a bed. Bedspreads can be both decorative and warming, thick or lighter weight, and in a variety of fabrics.

Bedspreads are more old-fashioned, and they have a Victorian feel. You may have already seen bedspreads with prints, designs, and in neutral colors of flowery patterns. They are usually used alone or with only a sheet, but if you wish, you can also layer them with pillows or throw blankets for decorative purposes. If your bedspread is not long enough, you can enhance it with a bed-skirt. 




“A quilt is a type of traditional bed covering or bedspread that make by combining three layers of various types of fabric fabrics: Two layers of woven fabric and a layer of batting in between them.” 

They also have a similar woven or matelasse stitching just like the quilted blankets, but quilts mainly use to add warmth to the bed. Nowadays, there are two types of quilts available: a piece-work quilt or a single piece of fabric quilt. A piece-work quilt consists of three layers – a decorative top layer, a padded, lightweight middle layer, and a solid bottom Layer. In comparison, a single piece of fabric has only one kind of fabric.  

Apart from bedding, People also use modern quilts in numerous ways like throws, table runners, decorative wall hangings, or tablecloths or just put them on top of the bed as decoration.


what is a coverlet


“A coverlet is not quite a quilt and not quite a bedspread because it does not have several insulation layers like the quilt, or they are not as long as the bedspread.”

They have a thin layer of prefilled batting, which provides little insulation. When it comes to the design and size, the coverlet also does come in different sizes and styles. Do you know what size coverlet is best for you? See the image below:

Size of coverlet:

What is a Coverlet Used For? 

Use of a coverlet


When we talk about the uses of coverlets, there are many. From decorative to practical, you can use them in several ways. For example, instead of a duvet, you can use a coverlet or as a lightweight blanket in the warm summer months. While in winters, use it as a bedspread or just paired it with a blanket.

Apart from this, they can also use for decorative purposes, like you can use them to decorate beds, sofas, chairs, and other soft furnishings. Add an accent or pop to a boring bedroom with coverlets as decorative pieces or a themed piece. 

How Should I Style a Coverlet? 

style a coverlet


Now you’re wondering how to Style a Coverlet? So let us tell you that it is completely up to you! Yes, because coverlets make to add texture, complexity, and depth to bedding sets and make them luxury-looking. They often use to help subdue the fluffiness of a down duvet. 

In a few different ways, you can customize your bedding set with a coverlet and easily enhance your bedroom design. An elegant bedding setup can make by placing a coverlet on top of your flat sheet tucked into the mattress. Another popular question is: Does the coverlet need to match with duvet covers? It is not necessary at all! You can match your coverlet with shams or complementary colors for a modern, casual look or use coverlets with an unexpected color or material. 

How Should You Wash a Coverlet?

wash a coverlet


The best thing about coverlets is that they’re very easy to maintain as compared to a thick quilt or fluffy comforter. Since they are thin and light, you can easily wash them. Here are some of the washing tips for you:

  • If you usually fold your coverlet at the end of the bed as a throw, it will not get dirty easily, and you can wash it once a season! 
  • If you regularly use your coverlet as a blanket with bedding sheets, try to wash it once a month. 
  • All of them come with specific washing instructions (written on their tags) such as machine-wash, hand-wash, or dry-clean only. 
  • If you own a matelasse coverlet, you have to give it to professional cleaners to avoid shrinkage. 
  • If you want to air-dry your coverlet, just stretch it out and put it flat in the sun to dry. It will take only a day to dry outside in the sun, but indoors, it may take 1-2 days. 

The Bottom Line

In this blog, we try to tell you what is a coverlet, what it makes of, and the difference between coverlets, bedspreads, and quilts. Also, we’ve explained how you can use coverlets for various decoration purposes. 

A bedroom is one of the most important rooms in our homes, right? So, carefully choose the type of coverings and linens. If you are looking for something that is easy to take care of, stylish, and comfortable, then we highly recommend coverlets for you! They knew for their versatility and can easily use in various ways in any room. The overall style of your room, colors, and budget will play a significant role while selecting the coverlet.

So, that is all about the coverlets; We hope that you liked this blog. And if you do like it, please share it with your friends and family. Keep coming to Homedesignnow for the latest trends and decoration ideas.