Whenever we want to build something in our house, be it any household material made up of wood or any furniture, we often get confused regarding what type of wood we must select to preserve the quality of the furniture being made. 

Today, we are going to discuss one of the most widely growing options of wood, Rubberwood. Rubberwood is an affordable piece of furniture that can suit any type of material. If you are picking a wood material, you must look for the characteristics of the wood to get a better idea of the selected wood material. Let us begin our article by discussing what is Rubberwood…

What is Rubberwood? 

what is rubberwood

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Rubberwood is nothing but a type of wood that is widely used in furniture. The wood is extracted from a tree that produces latex. Latex is a type of fluid (commonly milky) found in trees. There are ample names given to the rubberwood which are as follows. Rubber trees or Asian hardwoods are the common names other than the original one that is famous. The other names are parawood or also known as Hevea brasiliensis

These types of trees have their origin from Brazil and are popularly grown in the famous Amazon Forest. It is also grown in Asian locations where there is plenty of production during the year. The extraction of latex begins once the tree becomes mature. The maturity time may vary, but ideally, it is seen to be around nine years. 

Moreover, the latex production amount is constant throughout the lifetime of the tree, until we reach the point where the tree has grown old. This is when the latex production gradually slows down, typically when the tree is around twenty-five to thirty years old. The tree is not wasted after this period. Instead, the tree is used for other purposes such as constructing the furniture. They harvest the wood and then construct furniture which they, later on, sell to other nations. The usefulness of rubberwood other than solid wood is as a veneer or also as particleboard. 

How Does It Look to Naked Eyes?

what is rubberwood

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People often get perplexed by the name of rubberwood. They think that the rubber in the name depicts its elasticity and the wood might be rubbery. They are completely wrong. Rubberwood is used to prepare rubber but the wood is not rubbery. The wood is solid and is greatly used for the production of furniture. 

The color of the rubberwood is naturally light or medium & palish brown. It is quite light and hence can be used to construct plenty of things. Moreover, with the passage of time and exposure to sunlight, it turns slightly darker. Rubberwood has a texture that is open as well it is slightly on the coarse side having a straight grain. You can compare and verify its characteristics with the maple but rubberwood is kind of more porous than it. 

What Are the Pros and Cons of the Rubberwood?

what is rubberwood

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The durability of wood is quite good if compared to other wood materials that are used to prepare furniture. It has a Janka score of 980 lbs and hence, it can be considered as good material and has a stable profile given that the materials are seasoned properly and from time to time. 

If we have to compare it between two wood materials, let us say American Cherry and teak, we can say that it is softer than teak and harder than the American Cherry. This gives us about fifteen to twenty years of furniture wear. 

Low Cost

Generally, it is used as an alternative or an option to the conventional Medium Density Board. Moreover, it is also considered as a by-product of a process and hence, is relatively cheaper. The cost to produce 1m3 rubberwood is thirty percent less than that of constructing Dark Red Meranti wood. 

Being economical and relatively cheaper, rubberwood is widely used in places where it is not appropriate due to various conditions to use fibreboard and MDF. Another key aspect one can think of is the log price of rubberwood which constitutes only five percent of the conventional timber one. On the other hand, it is 50 to 60 percent in the case of Dark Red Meranti. 

Ease of work

It is comparatively easy to work with it no matter what item you are working with. If you are working with some of the major power tools or even if you are working with your own hands, working with rubberwood is easy. Moreover, it finishes extremely well and hence is widely used in the furniture world. 

The rubberwood material has extremely good qualities of wood during the work of sawing or turning or boring. Nailing and Gluing can also be done efficiently if one works with the rubberwood. Indoor work can be made more attractive with the usage of rubberwood.

Look of Grain

We saw that the rubberwood is generally a bit light in color but once it gets through the drying process, it becomes quite dark. Thus, the staining process can be done efficiently. The looks of walnut or cherry along with looks of oak can be done easily. 

Moreover, rubberwood grain gets an extremely well coarse outlook which makes it more attractive to the eyes. Painting the wood with colors is easy, first, you need to have an acrylic primer. This is the basic step. Secondly, you have to undercoat and at the finishing step, you need to have proper glossy fishing. Remember to have two coats of the same glossy finish to give your wood a nice and shiny look.

Fire Resistant

Generally, the rubberwood is resistive concerning fire. If someone smokes or burns a cigarette near the area of the wood, the wood will acquire a minimal amount of damage. The other wood compared to the rubberwood might get more damage than this one. Even in the worst case if the wood catches fire, you need not worry as the fumes released by the wood are not toxic. Hence, you can extinguish them without much worry about health. 



The size of the rubberwood is around 1.8m in length having a thickness of 50 mm on its side. This, when compared to other types of woods indicates to us that it has a comparatively smaller size than the other ones. 

Stain Issues

The rubberwood gets a fragile look once it has been exposed to the chemicals and has been through the seasoning process. It is advised to resist using detergents and cleaning products on the wood as they can leave stains as well as permanent damage in some of the worst cases. 

We advise you to clean the surface of the wood with only warm water along with soap. This will give you proper results and hence you will not see your wood getting damaged. Remember to quickly remove the rubberwood after the application of soap and warm water. Greece or Oils of Polish can also be used but to prevent damage and negative aspects, you have to clean it immediately. If there is a possibility of alcohol getting spilled on the wood material, then we advise you to remove that as soon as possible else it can damage the finishing of the material. 

Allergies with Latex

It is not advised for people who have natural allergic reactions from natural products such as latex. Many issues have been reported by people who have touched the latex material having allergic reactions. Generally, if you possess any kind of allergy to it then it will show on your skin once you are in contact with that material. Hence, it is advised to stay away from that material as much as we can and maintain distance and not touch it at all to avoid allergic reactions on our body. 

Slippery nature of Rubberwood

It is also seen that rubberwood is a bit slippery. If you accidentally spill some water on the wood, then it becomes very slippery. Moreover, if there is an application of grease on the wood flooring then we suggest you wipe it at the earliest to prevent any further damage as it has adverse effects on it. It is not good concerning health for children and elderly and hence, you should not keep it on the surface for a longer period. 

This was all about the rubberwood material. Rubberwood is a widely used wood material that is used in many furniture aspects. It has its advantages and disadvantages. The wood gives a nice glossy look to our furniture. It is one of the most common growing woods in the furniture world. We hope that this article has served its purpose and you came to know about what is rubberwood and what are its pros and cons! 

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