If you are remodeling your house or your office, you should choose oak hardwood for your floors. White oak is the best hardwood for wooden floorings and you will never regret your decision by selecting this wood for your floors. We get white oak flooring from oak trees. These trees are very tall and produce sweet and edible acorns along with a great quality of wood.

The oak trees are found in many parts of the world but they are rare in Canada. White oak trees are commonly found in Minnesota, Ontario, Quebec, and southern Maine in the USA. The most popular choices for wide plank oak floorings are white oak flooring and red oak flooring. However, white oak flooring is considered to be better as compared to red oak flooring.

Difference Between White Oak Flooring And Red Oak Flooring

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The main difference between white oak hardwood flooring and red oak flooring is in their color. White Oak is a bit darker and has more beige and brownish hues. On the other hand, red oak flooring has salmon and pink muted tones of color. There are few other differences between white oak flooring and red oak flooring and that differences are mentioned  below:

  • Staining the white oak and red oak is easy but white oak is better suited.
  • Red Oak is a little softer than White Oak which means white oak is more resistant to dents and scratches than red oak.
  • White Oak grain patterns are moderate while Red Oak grain is stronger and more dramatic.
  • Red oak flooring is less expensive than white oak hardwood flooring.  

Why Choose White Oak Flooring For Your Home?

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Nowadays white wooden floors have become a trend in Europe and America. Wide plank white oak flooring is a nice option for you and some of the benefits are as below:

  • Versatile Color Palette That Gives A Modern Contemporary look: If you choose white oak hardwood flooring, it gives you a modern and trendy look. It adds a simple but unique style to your home or office with a smooth and very uniform pattern. If you add a linear mineral streak, this hardwood flooring will give a classy vintage look. It has a grey and brown undertone which makes it a lot more versatile. It fits perfectly with many interior designs.
  • Resilience: Wide plank white oak flooring is hardwood and is more durable than red oak, white ash, American cherry, and American walnut. Therefore, White oak is very durable and is resistant to dents and other gouges. This white oak hardwood flooring has wood patterns that can easily hide the drag marks very well that furniture makes whenever you move them.
  • Waterproof: White oak is not much affected by water. Water cannot go through the wood that means the white oak flooring is almost resistant to water damage. The property of closed-grain wood that does not allow water or any other liquid to go through makes it the perfect choice for the kitchen or half-bathroom. In rare cases, the white oak is also used to make boats because of its water-resistant property.
  • Affordable: We all know remodeling your home or office area can be very expensive but if you use white oak hardwood flooring, you will be able to remodel your space within your budget. These white wooden floors are very affordable and will fit in the budget.
  • Soothing Texture: White oak is a natural and comfortable material and you will not face any problems while working with it. Also, its texture is very soothing and de-stressing. Therefore, with the help of these white wooden floors, you will get a peaceful atmosphere. With its blander palette, everything along with the furniture will come together and your space will look amazing. It also takes rustic finishes very well.
  • Personality and Grain: White oak has a cleaner grain so it fits in best with contemporary decor. With the help of wide plank white oak flooring, you get a wider view of the room. The direction of the planks will determine the visual length of the room. Therefore, if you have a small area and want to make it look bigger, you should use wide plank white oak flooring.  

White Oak Color Options

You can either leave your White Oak hardwood floor natural with a clear finish or stain it with some color. As per me, it is the most challenging decision and completely depends on your aesthetic and preferences. There are three different color options for you as below and you have to select one of them:

Light Wood Floors

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Light wood floors have been trending for a long time. There is a wide range of collections available. From natural and muted tones, choose the one that gives your room a raw texture while exponentially adding beauty. It creates a more relaxed vibe. Moreover, light wood floor color options reflect light in the room and hence brightens it up. It makes your room look even more spacious.

Medium Wood Floors

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Want a perfect balance between bold and neutral colors? Here is your pick! Medium wood floors offer a perfect balance between dark wooden flooring and light wooden flooring. Moreover, you can choose this shade of floor for any color of the walls. It will flawlessly blend with both neutral paints on the wall and dark textures.

Dark Wood Floors

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Want to have some contrasting texture to add to your room decor? Choose dark wooden panels. They look amazing and will suit best to the walls that have neutral paint shades. You must choose neutral textures for the furniture to complement the floor. However, you need to clean these floors timely as it easily leaves the footprints of your pet visible. 

White Oak Flooring Decor

It gets messy when you have too much of the room furniture around. Want a solution that asks for minimum effort from you? Choose a white oak texture for perfect decor. The flooring looks amazing and frees you from the hustle-bustle of heavy carpets. Also, you don’t have strong skills for these white wooden floors.

These can be effortlessly fixed. Moreover, it is easy to clean. You can just clean it with a cleaner within minutes. You can install wide plank white oak flooring for any room of your house. It doesn’t matter if it’s your living room, bedroom, or dressing room. It suits everywhere. The benefits don’t stop here. It tremendously adds to the room decor. Here is a list of some inspiring white oak flooring.

Living Room

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Decide white oak hardwood flooring for the living room of your house and flaunt it to your guests. All you need is a bright chandelier to complement the flooring and your work is done. However, make sure you choose the color shade of the walls that suits the floor. It will make the room look even prettier. To add a personal touch, keep your favorite succulent plant in a big flower pot along with one of the sides of the room. 

Painted Hardwood

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Bring in some rich contrasts to your room by using the highlighting technique. Choose a neutral shade for the wooden floor and keep the same theme for the walls of the room. Now choose one section of the wall to be highlighted. You can use some textured wallpaper for this area. You can also border the frame of the wallpaper to gain more attention. This will bring great contrast and will add to the beauty exponentially. 

Minimalist theme

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If you love the simplicity and looking for room decor, how about blending the two shades of the floor? Choose one shade of the wooden floor for the center of the room and border it with another shade. I suggest you choose some neutral shade for the center while keeping a darker one for the edges. It will add to the room decor with minimal effort. You also choose the same neutral theme for the walls of the room to complement the floors.

Add-On Wood Texture

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For all those who love the farmhouse vibe, this is the most amazing pick. Add on some wood textures to the room that is well accompanied with white oak flooring. For example, you can add a pair of wooden well-cushioned chairs. This brings in a great farmhouse vibe while adding to the room decor exponentially.

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white oak flooring

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It is a nice idea to change the interior design of your house or commercial space time after time because it gives you sensory and visual satisfaction. It makes everything look bright, lively and also reflects your style effortlessly. While remodeling,  the floor is the most important thing that you need to take into consideration.

If the floors are nice, the area automatically elevates its surroundings. You should choose White Oak Flooring because it will compliment everything, including wall paint, room furnishings, and furniture. It is affordable. However, in the end, it is up to you to select a species of hardwood flooring that will suit the area according to your taste.

I hope you like this blog and keep coming to Homedesignnow for more interesting tips and ideas on home improvement and decoration.