A wooden house is the best way to bring nature and calmness more to us. Nowadays, people are opting for wood to construct homes because of its various benefits. If you are the owner of a wooden house and looking for wooden house interior design ideas, then you have landed in the right place. Talented and creative architecture gave you the chance to feel the warmth and beauty of wood in your life. The wooden house is itself iconic in its way as it breaks the mundane of concrete and glass. 

Today we are going to discuss some of the beautiful interior design ideas for your wooden house.

Indulge in DIY

When you make some beautiful interior decor for the wooden house, why to spend then? Indulge in DIY for a wooden planter, wall vase jar, family pictures collage, Cotton Wreath, wooden mirror, branch shelf and lots more. The ideas for DIY are beyond the limits. 

wooden DIY for interior decor

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Marble cum wooden kitchen

To incorporate the best interior design for your wooden house, go for a white marble stone counter in the kitchen. This, gives a contemporary look to your traditional styled home. Make use of simple and light fixtures along with the wooden cabinets to provide a clean appearance. 

Marble cum wooden kitchen

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Sofa choice

Give a classic look with the rustic design leather sofa choice. Here you have an option to go for the single color sofa matching with the wooden color or with the multiple colors. The sofa with various colors is itself a piece to outstand the other decor. 

leather sofa

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Chandelier for Living room

Give a larger than life look to your living room with the beautiful and aesthetic Chandelier. There are numerous choices to make in jumar selection. The crystal, royal, iron designed, antique wooden chandelier are some of the suggestions for your wooden house. 


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The porch could be the Porsche. It’s not just a place to come to go; there is so much you can do with it. You can enjoy the dawn with the coffee and cool breeze of air of the twilight. To add more life to the place, the plant is a must thing to add. You can place large pots at the corner or can for the hanging plants in case of lack of space. Add a small sofa or round chair and table to enjoy the surrounding. 


Source: thetruthyoualwaysknew.com


Set a new charm and beauty to the place with the stone fireplace in the living area. A wisely choose fireplace can give you the excellent experience of enjoying the warmth of the fire while enjoying time with the family. The fireplace itself is a style statement for the vintage decor.


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The place beneath upstairs can be well utilized for storing books and adjacent wall to stair to hang the best moments of life in pictures. Make use of a stair rug to give a vintage look to your home. 

space utilization

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The upholstery that aspires

Invest some bucks in the upholstery purchase. There are a tremendous number of alternatives available nowadays. Bright color upholstery and curtains will give a fresh look. It should go with the furniture color and style. A right choice upholstery can do magic.


Source: croatianwine.org

Some Investment on Art display

Let your wall speaks about your style and expression. Your investment in art piece never goes waste as it can create a fantastic display. If the budget is constraint, then you can go with the flea market shopping option.

Art display

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Dining corner

Metallic furniture for the dining space is a wise choice. Black never goes wrong with any color. The black chair with the leather seat and the black round table with the hanging chandelier creates a spacious space for family time. The dining table placed on the vintage style rug has its own charm and beauty.

traditional dining room

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Canopy Bedroom

When you have everything classic in your interior design ideas, then why to the left bedroom so dull. Live like a king by introducing a canopy bed in your room. The dark brown or white canopy with the white curtains covering the four sides add the romantic and classic factor in your decor ideas. Here the minimalistic can do wonders.

Canopy Bedroom

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Green is always Welcome

When you are running short of ideas about the great decor piece, go for the green. Plants not only amplifies the atmosphere but also gives an appealing appearance to your space. The plants with the white pots are unbeatable. Along with the cost affordability, it brings positive vibes and health in your home.

greenery in living room

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Try something new with the kid’s bedroom

If you lack space, then the bunk beds are the best rescuers. Kids do not like plain, go for the colorful wallpaper and furniture around. You can even paint their study tables with beautiful pictures and formulas. The theme of wall and furniture should purely be based on your kid’s choice and interests. 

kid’s bedroom

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What will you say?

Discussed above were some of the wooden house interior designs and tips for your happy home. What’s your take on the wooden house? What are your ideas and suggestions about the interior? For such home interior and decor ideas, keep checking Homedesignnow.