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Write For Us: Home Design & Improvement, Interior, Exterior & Furniture Design

home design write for us

Hello there, welcome to HomeDesignNow’s ‘write for us’ page!

We are glad to know that you are interested in writing for us! We are always in search of quality content that can please our readers. However, we do have some guidelines that a writer has to follow. Before we move there, here’s a brief description of our website and its aim.

Here at Home Design Now, we provide all the necessary and important home interior design, exterior designing ideas, home improvement, furniture, gardening, kitchen design ideas, Houses & concepts to our viewers to help them. From owners to developers, and seekers everyone reads our blog to get inspiration. Thus, an extensive and qualitative blog is necessary!

Our in-house content writer team puts a lot of effort into curating content that can provide abundant information and quality with engaging content which is enough to make it an interesting read.

Once you submit your blog, it will go through the checking process and feedback will be provided to you. You will have to make changes on the basis of the feedback provided and then resubmit it to us. We will try our best to help you. Scroll down to read the guidelines.

Guest Post Policy & Guidelines 

We know better how much time a writer needs to draft content, and it doesn’t feel good when it gets rejected. So reading and going according to guidelines is the best option.

Quality Requirements:

  • The blog should be 800 or more words. The longer the article, the better will be the information provided. We aim to provide answers with no stones left unturned.
  • Make sure your blog is free from plagiarism and grammar is thoroughly checked. We only accept freshly brewed content, don’t send us spun content our editor will recognize. 
  • You can submit your blog in a .doc file format. Articles should have subheadings and bullet points, short paragraphs are more convenient. Structured content makes the article easy to navigate and understand.
  • You must provide information in a super engagement fashion. This way the reader won’t only learn but enjoy the article as well.
  • The preferred language for the content is English.

Preferred Topics & Subjects:

If it is getting hard for you to select the subject for a guest post article, go through our website’s main pages. It will show you all the types of blogs as well as categories. Here we have mentioned a list of topics for the content that we accept:

If you have any doubt regarding the topic or subject selection feel free to mail us. Let’s discuss and finalize the topic for you, we are more than happy to help you.

Link Requirements & Policies:

We don’t receive any content with spammy links in the inbox, hence we have kept strict guidelines regarding the same.

  • You can place external links in the content but that should be relevant to the subject of the article.
  • There should be at least one internal link in the blog that will take readers to one of our blogs. Make sure it also adds value to the content.
  • You can place one link that will redirect the readers to your website or webpage. 
  • We have an author bio section in the article, so you can provide us with a descriptive bio, name, image, and links to social media channels.
  • Keep in mind that we don’t accept affiliated links from the guest post author’s side. If found any it will either be removed or changed.

Post Image Requirements:

There’s one that attracts the reader’s mind. What is it? An image, a video, or any visual treat. So we make sure about the quality of the images. And yes, we accept both of them, read the below-mentioned points to know the requirements:

  • Add images or videos to your blog that you have the right for, or cite the source with them. You can pick images from free platforms like Pexels also.
  • The dimension of images should be more than 1280*853 pixels.

Editorial Policies

Note that, we have the right to edit your content for grammatical errors, plagiarism, and flow. The editors will check whether the content is up to the mark with the guidelines or not. If they find any error, you will be asked to re-write or make changes. So don’t feel offended.


You should not worry about the promotion of an article. We have in-house SEO and social media experts to do that. You should also share the article on all your accounts.

Where to Submit?

After you have drafted the article, proofread it, get it reviewed, and submit it to us at

Once we receive the article our content editors will review it and will ask for the changes (if any). However, if the content is up to date and good to go, we will upload it.  You will receive a live link and acknowledgment through the mail.

Which are Search Terms to Write For Us?

The following are the search terms that will help you in reaching us and the websites with similar niches and categories. So here’s the list of Search Term that you should know about:

  • Home design write for us
  • Home design “write for us”
  • Home design + “write for us”
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  • “write for us” + “home design”
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  • “kitchen design” + “write for us”
  • Home interior write for us
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  • Home Improvement “Write for us”

Thanks for taking an interest in posting on HomeDesignNow. We will be waiting for your article or the query in the inbox.